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A Deluxe version of the V20 Hunters Hunted II hardcover designed to look like a hunter's journal or field manual.
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      ravenstormchaser on

      So am I the only one hoping that in that gear section we see some rules for some of the basic things that I feel as a ST are missing from the system? Like vehicles...there is nothing at all there for them as of yet. Or the oft mentioned grenade or heavy weapons? Yes the vehicles don't need a 40 brand name list but simple some generic rules for creating vehicle soak ranges or such would be good after all I had a heck of a time coming up with the damage for a player trying to stop a car with his face.

      Little things like that would be awesome even if its only from extrapolating off a vehicle example from specialist gear. Though grenades...yes those would be really nice...

    2. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Breeding on

      Emma, I did indeed say 'no kickstarters were planned for it,' referring, of course, back to Onyx Path not having the license to make MET products. Therefore, my intent was to convery that Onyx Path was not planning to launch any kickstarters to make MET products. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to clarify that. As for By Night Entertainment becoming licensed and planning to put out kickstarters for MET products, that is awesome.

    3. Vonigner on

      Jarrod, you said "no kickstarters are planned for it", which is why I said you didn't do your homework : there is a KS planned for it, but indeed, Onyx Path doesn't have the rights and as such, it won't be THEIR KS. Anyway, still going to happen :p

    4. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Breeding on

      @ Emma: Is By Night Entertainment part of Onyx Path Publishing? If not, then I guess Onyx Path does not have the rights to publish MET products and, therefore, Onyx Path would not be planning to launch kickstarters. If BNE is a subsidiary, that is pretty awesome of them.

    5. Joseph Coyle on

      Also, happy to hear that the Stretch Goals will be placed into the added Chapter 6. This is going to be one fantastic book.

    6. Vonigner on

      Oh, Jarrod, someone didn't do their homework !! "After a lot of hard work from many different people, we're excited to announce an official licensing partnership between CCP Games and By Night Entertainment to produce new MET products. In the coming weeks and months, By Night Studios will have lots of announcements about new products. Mark your calendars! We are planning to launch our Kickstarter for our first Mind's Eye Theatre product, based on Vampire: The Masquerade, in April."

    7. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Breeding on

      @ Gail: Onyx Path does not have the rights to publish MET products so, unfortunately, no kickstarters are planned for it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gail Cooke on

      I'm more of a LARP player than a table top player. To be honest, chances are I won't read the stories anyway (not that I wouldn't want them in there). I'm just happy that I can have the book as it is going to be super cool.

      Hope to see some Vampire: Mind's Eye Theatre Kickstarters soon!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Karrie White on

      Never mind my last comment. I was looking at the wrong date. It has been taken out. Lesson learned., don't look at bank account after drinking several cocktails.

    10. Missing avatar

      Karrie White on

      If Amazon had OK'ed payment, I wonder why I haven't been charged yet. Nothing has been taken out of my account from what I can see.

    11. Ana Silva on

      I really don't care that much about the stories themselves, but more about the book. I'm sorry about the loss of high rollers, but as long as the book itself is healthy, I'm happy to get it.

      While I was too one of those not entirely happy with V20 Companion (come ON, 1 cm taller than the V20 book? I twitch while looking at them standing side by side), that was another game and campaign altogether, and I'm entirely happy how things are being handled now. The book itself is what matters -- as is having it with as much quality as possible.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Breeding on

      @ Emma: As I have mentioned before elsewhere, Rich does not owe us anything aside from what we pledged for the V20 Companion kickstarter. Because we nearly doubled the amount requested to fund that project, Onyx Path has adjusted how they handle kickstarter projects, introducing new and more frequent stretch goals. Perhaps it would help if you looked at it this way: due to the success of the V20 Companion kickstarter, and the level of discontent from the backers, Rick and his team are striving to prevent such discontent in subsequent projects that you, Emma, myself, and many, many others continue to support.

    13. Joseph Coyle on

      Ouch! You said "several" and I was expecting more stories to go bye bye. I'm still EXTREMELY happy with 6. This is my most anticipated 'anything' in years. Justin did some awesome work with this! Can't wait...

    14. Billy Barnes on

      You losing a couple short stories sucks but not tragic, as long as the core info remains I think everything still sounfs good.

    15. RDP

      The main book was more my concern, it sucks on the lost of funds. Do what you must, 6 novels is still awesome to me.

    16. Vonigner on

      Rich, we nearly DOUBLED Companion and didn't get anything from it, and we didn't know it was going to be so small and so empty, without the cover art that you advertised with, and with lots of "what we didn't put in" instead of putting it, and without us getting the Annotated copy.

      I think you guys can afford the extra novel or so, considering it's the same bank account. Make the extra effort, please, we deserve it.

    17. Anita Twitchell on

      Sorry to hear about the payment issue. :( But I'm still psyched about the book coming out. :) Thanks for all your hard work on this!

    18. Paul Baxter on

      The news of non-payment is a bummer, but it does nothing to tarnish my enthusiasm for this project. I'm glad to hear that things are coming together well, and I'm sure this book shall be just as wonderful as the other Onyx Path titles I've supported on Kickstarter!

    19. Alonso Rubio on

      I'm ok with this. We want the main book so we can make our own stories. ^_^