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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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Richard Thomas

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A Comic Teaser


Here's a look at how the EX3 text is progressing:  

From Holden: "Bureaucracy Charms are down, Crunch Team Prime is now banging away on Craft. Objective: Lightweight, easy rules that make playing a crafting Solar fun. The social engine, larceny rules, investigation rules, and leadership rules, along with Charms dealing with all of the above, have now been sent out to playtesters, officially kicking off Phase 2 of the playtest."

He wants to be sure that we stress that only 3 Abilities remain to have their Charms done (Occult, Lore, Craft), and playtesting has entered Phase 2 (complete social mechanics and associated Charms, plus Investigation and Larceny).  

The EX3 Novels remain in the pitch/outline phases but we are talking to the authors this week, and the EX3 Comic is more than 3/4s finished. Check out below for some page samples in progress. Composer James Semple (he created the music we used in the KS video) is composing for the EX3 Music Suites. He and I have been exchanging music concepts for the Dragon Blooded and we're really close to having that theme finished- which means he can apply the lessons learned with DB to the other Exalted.  

Here are some excepts from Jim Zub and Hanzo's work in progress on the EX3 Comic- these are unapproved by CCP, so they could still change. As a fun note: several backer characters appear on these pages:

EX3 full pg sample work in progress through lettering
EX3 full pg sample work in progress through lettering
EX3 sample page section w/cameos, work in progress
EX3 sample page section w/cameos, work in progress
EX3 sample panel work in progress pre-ink/color
EX3 sample panel work in progress pre-ink/color
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    1. Creator Paul Gibbon on March 16, 2014

      Lineart doesn't make the details as plain as they will be in the final version. Took me a few glances to realise she had extra arms.

    2. Creator Tab on March 15, 2014

      I'm looking at the lady in the third picture and wondering if her head will tumble off in the next panel, because the blur lines on that guy's daiklave seem to pass through her neck. Well, probably not, but it kinda looks that way.

      The comic looks very nice, and it's good to see a lot of non-signature characters, unlike the last official Exalted comic. There was only one original character among the protagonists in that one. When it came time for one of the characters to die, guess which one it was.

    3. Creator Tiresias on March 15, 2014

      Sidereal shenanigans are best shenanigans.

    4. Creator Christian on March 15, 2014

      @Gregory, if I understood your reward correctly, your character will appear in a later book of the RPG-line, while here we are seeing characters in the comics. My guess would be, that you will be contacted later, when the art direction for the other books are starting, as these books will appear later than the comics. Just my guess.

    5. Creator Gregory Allan Rolfe on March 15, 2014

      "several backer characters appear on these pages:" wait were people contacted about Kickstarter rewards? I was one of the luck eight to back at the Exalted Depicted Forever in the Ranks of the Transcendent level and have heard nothing. Maybe I'm just tired and missing something.

    6. Creator Geoff Stugard on March 15, 2014


    7. Creator Paul Gibbon on March 15, 2014

      Thanks for the update. It's really good to have a sense of how things are progressing.

    8. Creator Jason Tack on March 15, 2014

      Great update, loving the panels, were getting closer!!!

    9. Creator J. Marcus Elkins on March 15, 2014

      If just to spark a glimmer of hope in these dark uncertain times.

    10. Creator J. Marcus Elkins on March 15, 2014

      I like the updates and am super easy going, but I may deploy this fall and would like to know if you could ballpark us an ETC?

    11. Creator nathan cornall on March 15, 2014

      simply put...nice!