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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
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Progress and a Quick Character Creation Preview


As I mentioned in the last Update, there was good news in that John's tests showed no cancer, but they wanted him to go back in if the pain and swelling in his neck didn't ease down. As of today, it has not and John's in a bit of pain, so it is pretty likely that he'll have to get more testing done- with the added joy and time-wasting of arranging and waiting for said tests. Although progress has been made (see below), it is fair to say that this whole ordeal has slowed that progress more than any of us hoped. Right now, with the uncertainty of what the next steps will be for John, I'm not comfortable with providing another guesstimate that circumstances will cause us to miss until we get more solid news from John's doctors. Except to say that we'll keep providing you all with progress Updates and previews. 

Everyone is soldiering on, but I know that's not very satisfying for all of you folks who have contributed so much to this effort- please bear with us as we move forward as quickly as we can.

Here's a look at how the EX3 text is progressing: 

From Holden: 

"We're moving along nicely on EX3. Melee's down (aside from one Charm we keep returning to poke at-- Blazing Solar Bolt) and John's pushing through Archery. We did some future-forecasting with the combat engine and figured out how to implement maiming (unimportant if the core stood alone, but somewhere in the future there's an Abyssals hardback, and a dismembering attack which was one of their most memorable Charms in the last two editions-- so had to figure that out now), which was another one of those niggling details that took ages to nail down. Most of my time this week has been spent redlining (primarily the Panoply chapter) and prepping Traits to go to editing.

Antagonists have started to arrive, more continue to roll in. The revised Threshold chapter came in-- we've been weeding through it, selecting what material to keep for the core and what to leave out or use later (it was over the proposed wordcount)-- I'd estimate map notes Tuesday. We're now doing revisions to Martial Arts." 

The EX3 Novels are in the pitch/outline phases, and Jim Zub has sent his first pass at a script for the EX3 Comic. Both the cover sketch and the script have been returned with notes from the Devs and myself. Composer James Semple (he created the music we used in the KS video) is starting to piece together ideas for the EX3 Music Suites and expects to start composing next week. 

The Quick Character Creation Preview (which is too long for me to post in the body of this Update) can be found here:

As a couple of caveats: this is the version that has gone to editing, so there may be a few errors, and it's one small part of the overall book and may mention or assume aspects of the current design that you haven't yet seen. Enjoy!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Harrison Salzman on

      Any chance we'll be seeing some updates to the "Shards of the Exalted Dream" material? I'd love to see more of Heaven's Reach!

    2. Naz on

      Gang: Thank you for the PDF files (DTRPG checkout went fine) and for continuing to provide preview material. Kudos.

    3. Dayton Johnson on

      I notice that you only reference one table for calculating exalted essence pools. Is that exclusive to quick characters or will all exalted be using the same formula to calculate their essence pools in third edition?

    4. Preston L. Bobo on

      @Holden I do have an actual criticism about this preview (and I hope that you want these.)

      Attack (Daiklave): 9 dice (Damage 15L) (+3 for 3m) is ambiguous.

      Does that mean +3 damage for 3 motes or is it +3 attack dice for 3 motes?

      Also does the Dragon Blooded HAVE to spend 3 motes to gain +3, or can they spend 1 or 2 motes?

      I am sorry if this reads as me being contrary, I am honestly trying to help.

    5. Preston L. Bobo on

      When looking for page XX should we look in the old Clanbook Malkavian, or will EX3 feature a new page XX?

    6. Simon Taylor on

      Yay! A rules preview! As someone who's been running an Exalted game for many years, quick npc generation is definitely something I appreciate. How easy will it be to run actual exalts using just the corebook?

      I'm intrigued by the combat movement stat; does that imply an abstract positioning system?

      Thanks for the update, and I hope John gets better soon.

    7. Sethreich Ardestahdt on

      I am in little rush for the game over John feeling better and recovering. You guys make things that I enjoy and have enjoyed for years. I understand that you would like to see things processed in a timely manner, but you guys are the gears that keep it moving, and it's best to have to gears maintained!

    8. Missing avatar

      Warren Nelson

      Lunars FTW but i can settle for solars until we get to them. Glad to see this game is progressing in a good fashion.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Comer on

      I just wanted to thank you guys for this mechanical spoiler to keep me going for awhile longer.

    10. Jeremy Kostiew on

      This was an aspect of Ex3 I was most concerned about. Having an official shorthand for NPCs is boss! Totally dig it. Love the results.

      Any chance we can see a few more example NPCs? An Exalt, maybe?

    11. Holden Lee Shearer on

      We have Sidereals pretty much figured out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Samuel Stadem on

      Good to hear about the test results.

      Interesting to read about projecting how the system will function for future splats. Are there any concerns going forward for Sidereals (my personal favorite splat)?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Coleman on

      There are a looot of implications from that QC preview. Soak seems to be folded into one value, same with DVs, though there still seem to be two "MDV"-esque numbers in Resolve and Guile. Pools and defensive values mostly seem to be lower, but Damage is up, as is Hardness (generally), and simplifying Soak and adding Stamina directly to it will mean that it'll be up for characters with decent Stamina.

      A bit of that might be simplification for Quick Characters' sake (the single Defense value, for instance), but presumably the numbers can't be far off from fully detailed characters (and Soak can't be handled much differently) or else they wouldn't play well together.

    14. SamuraiMujuru on

      Hmm. Interesting. Onslaught penalties still exist in some fashion, but they primarily got rid of multiple actions. Wonder how it'll play out. Affect a person's momentum? DV?

    15. Holden Lee Shearer on

      Thanks, Granite. But getting the book done would be the biggest relief and the best accomplishment for us, so we're pushing hard.

    16. Granite26 on

      Take care of your people. This stuff will wait