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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
4,368 backers pledged $684,755 to help bring this project to life.

YOU Are The Exalted!

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WOW. Just wow!

On behalf of the entire Creative Team: John, Holden, Geoff, Maria, Ian, all the writers and artists, and myself, please let me tender our most awestruck and exhausted THANKS! We had the most stressed-out and exhilarating and fantastic time and we hope all of you did too!

From here on in, each and every one of you can represent for the most dedicated, opinionated, fanatical, expressive, and just plain awesome fans in the world. Exalted Fans! If anybody ever questions it- you just point them right here to this Kickstarter! 

So What's Next?

For the Deluxe EX3 Kickstarter project, the next couple of weeks will be spent waiting for word from Amazon Payments that the amounts have cleared. Once you are cleared, that opens up contact info so we can put together our Kickstarter Survey. We won't necessarily get that out to you immediately after the OK from Amazon is given, but we will as soon as we can. We will however, start providing regular Updates as to the progress of everything once those couple of weeks pass, so you will be made aware of each stage of the KS's progress.

For the team- I think a few weeks of the regular backbreaking work we normally do will actually feel like light dusting after this month. So...maybe...a few days off wouldn't be out of order. :)

And now, for the last time and as a list of the astounding things YOU did, the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter...


  • We passed our Project Goal in 18 Minutes...fully funded in 18 minutes
  • We have raised over 1100% of that Project Goal. 
  • The Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter IS the #1 highest backed tabletop RPG KS and Onyx Path's highest funded KS evah! 
  • 4368 wonderful Backers- thanks to all of you folks for supporting us! 
  • 282 crazed Backers for the Orichalcum Ultra-Deluxe EX3 Edition:we ARE going to print this gorgeous thing! 
  • Your pledges have passed 27 Stretch Goals, which give you as backers the the EX3 Comic with special Full Page art, Anathema Character Toolkit, a new EX3 Novel written by Jess Hartley and featuring our sig character Novia, a new EX3 Novel written by Matt Forbeck, a set of 5 Chibi-style Bookmarks by Mel Uran, a recording of John and Holden expounding on their plans and dreams for the future of Exalted, an EX3 Retrospective PDF book, a Ready Made Characters PDF, EX3 Quickstart, the EX3 Music Suite- parts 1 and 2, the EX3 Fiction Anthology, an Infernals and an Abyssals Preview, a set of Charm Cards, and the option to pledge for both the EX3 Storytellers' Screen and the Ex3 Cloth Map. You have increased the book's art budget, Sorcery and Martial Arts sections, and added three silk ribbon bookmarks and gold foil lettering on the spine so it'll look even sweeter, made sure that the next two books are in glorious color, and you gave the creative team two much appreciated pay bumps, and have enabled us to bring John and Holden to GenCon to represent for Exalted. 
  • Previews: the Dragon-Blooded, Infernal, Abyssal and the Liminal Exalted preview PDFs and the Developer Recording are all live and the feedback has been greatly appreciated by the Devs.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Wolfi on

      How is the promised Kickstarter Survey coming along? *poke poke* Seems the payments should be cleared by now ... (at least mine was).

    2. Ben Baughman on

      Yeah, apparently they got ripped up one side and down the other for talking out of their ass about an RPG one of them knew nothing about. Strange how that can happen.

    3. SamuraiMujuru on

      Hmm. The SA article seems to have been pulled.
      That aside, RAGLFRAGLBLARGHHONK! I got daily updates for the duration of the KS and now nothing, I'm jonesin'! Gimme the quickstart, an update, something!

    4. Kenny Bailey on

      If the Something Awful people are this disturbed by Exalted, wait til they fall into the wrong side of the Internet... *shakes head*

    5. Andy Geoghegan on

      Wow, that something awful review was something awful. I like how the 14 page April Fools is an "official product". I also like how willing they are to jump on Lillian who was 12 when she came to Hell... like ten years ago (not that I endorse the raping of 22 year olds with mental deficiency, I'd just prefer a little more understanding of the setting before the muck throwing the "p-word" around - it's HELL it's not supposed to be nice). The main thing I take away from that is a kind of gypped feeling over all the female characters who don't get their tits out in the artwork. I mean, if you're going to get this kind of press when the majority of your female characters dress normally, why not go the whole hog and give me that sweet Roseblack on Mnemon action I've been craving since 1st Ed?

      The maturity level of Exalted is pretty much perfect (if anything it could stand to be more explicit - I'd pay for a full sized ExXxalted supplement). You guys could consider stripping back all the sexual elements and releasing them in pdf-add ons. And you could do the same for all the violence and murder too - I'm loving how "rape ghosts" gets shat on when everyone is perfectly comfortable with KILLING PEOPLE to make the ghosts in the first place.

      Sexual content provides setting fodder. No-one wants to sit around with their buddies on a Friday night and describe what happens to the Cynis monks in the Wyld Hunt when the Lover's former-Tyra servant summons mercury ants. But background on how Dynasts, Deathlords, Westerners and elementals VIEW sex is extremely useful. What is the first thing you think of when you think of Victorian London? It's probably not how Robert Peel invented modern policing, it's more likely to be Victorian attitudes towards sex (or the Victorian mode of dress which is basically the same thing). I don't NEED to know that most houses in Coral are whitewashed, but cultural background brings a gaming world to life.

      I'm not saying that people don't have the right to complain about things they don't like, or that Holden isn't awesome for addressing complaints and showing sensitivity in matters like this. Just that Exalted is a great product and adult content has a place in entertainment for adults (and if that place in your games is between the pages of your books, never to see the light of Ignis Divine at your gaming table then that's fine and dandy too).

      Exalted is a great game. Onyx are a great bunch. I'm proud to back a great product like this (and if I wasn't buying a house, I'd have pledged a damn sight more).

    6. Ben Baughman on

      Man, that was a WILD ride! Now that it's all over but the crying, I cannot wait to see some previews of that mammoth of an orichalcum edition I paid for!

      Plus, of course, getting the still super-cool Deluxe Edition shipped out to Xellos.

    7. Missing avatar

      orphen on

      I'm one of the late backers, only choosing to back the project well after the possibility of the Orichalcum edition was assured. I've been a fan of Exalted since the very beginning and have every piece of published material in my personal library. I'd like to say something in regards to the "rape ghosts" everyone complained about and that sparked an article like this "". I for one, do not have an issue with the maturity level of any of your products and, in fact, been one of the only reasons I've continued to pursue collection of the material. I like (and everyone else I know that loves the game) that you don't hold your punches on material. You leave the world you create fully envisioned, with all its details, in full view of a reader. The good and heroic just as much as the vile and repulsive and that is why you're material is for a mature audience. I feel it makes your worlds very real. D&D and many other pen and paper games are just too goody two-shoe. The good always win and evil is stopped before it can do the truly horrible things. I think it leaves the world they portray seem fake and too much modern fairy tales. They can be fun to play in from time to time but I want to invest in a world that feels truly real. I want one that's like the true fairy tales, dark and gritty lessons given to children by their parents in a time before "politically correct". I know everyone has their own feelings on the subject but just because it is in the game, does not mean that a group that does not approve of it has to use the material as written. The golden rule of role-playing is that the storyteller can change ANYTHING in the game he doesn't agree with or the group disapproves of. I think it enriches the world and makes it a real place you show the beautiful and ugly face of human nature. Yes, people find some things abhorrent and repulsive to enact or see but a great story can still have them as a motivator to act. When used by the villain they make player feel more heroic for stopping them. So my final word is, I hope you don't change the way you write the material. It would definitely put me off of the 3rd edition works and I would feel like my pledge was a complete waste of money.

    8. Flimflamberge on

      Hooray! My money should now be yours!

    9. Volkan Eke on

      It took me half a day after the KS' closure to sort out the payment issue I had to wait til Sunday but now it's done. Amazon said they're having a blast with my soul. I hope it gets delivered safely to the jade vaults deep within the Onyx Path compound.

    10. Welverin on

      Now I really resent the Character PDF being the 630,000 goal instead of the comic one, I would have much rather seen that.

    11. Holden Lee Shearer on

      You guys are AWESOME

    12. David Higgins on

      Wow. This is amazing to witness and to be a part of. =)

    13. Naz on

      Yes! Take that, Half Life 3!

    14. Charles S. Morrill on

      Naz. Relax. Your hundred will produce a book sometime around Christmas 2014

    15. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      Ouch they took $17.85 more than I expected, but I'll survive.

    16. Amy Robson on

      It's been a sincerely fantastic experience. Thank you. =)

    17. Drew Blackmore on

      This was so awesome and so much fun to be a part of! Exalted fans and Exalted Devs rock alike, and for all of us to be brought together like this... it's just fantastic!

      Thanks to everyone for being so amazing and putting everything you've got into this project!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tara Urbanek on

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this kickstarter so very worth the money we've all contributed. You guys are truly wonderful, and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on the new book!!

    19. Naz on

      But it's worth it!

    20. Naz on

      Amazon already cleared and taken my hundreds of dollars.

      My feelings are so mixed. o_o

    21. Flimflamberge on

      Just a heads up, my payment didn't go through, presumably because of currency shenanigans, but I will get it fixed up.

    22. Jeni Bolotovski on

      Just to be clear- who gets the chibies?

    23. Cory Bonifay

      Awesome! Can't wait for this fantastic book! Great job everyone!

      ...So, when and where can we see this Previews and the recording? :D

    24. Nallenon on

      Looking forward to the new updates, I wasn't sure you'd be doing that! :D

    25. Blackwood on

      Scary moment then. My payment didnt authorize.... Fixed it though :-p

    26. Missing avatar

      Scott O'Hara on

      Congrats everyone!!!

    27. Jason Childs

      Second one here (and will reign if MPTH is unable to perform his duties). Congrats team!

    28. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      First one here. Congrats everybody!!!!!