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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
4,368 backers pledged $684,755 to help bring this project to life.

One Day of Glory Left!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)
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How could this month have flown past so fast?

One day left for this amazing, record-breaking, KS-busting, crazy fun-house of a Kickstarter! We'll be saying this again, but its never too early: we are awed by the support and devotion to Exalted from all our backersthat this KS has demonstrated.

In the last 24 hours, here's what we're doing:

  • I added a Custom Charms Compilation PDF and a Chibi-style Bookmarks Set to the Add-ons section. 
  • The description for the Retailer Reward Tiers has had the Screen and the Map added to the rewards. If you know a store owner who needed some incentive to get Deluxe EX3s into their store, let them know that these extras were added.
  • I'm going to add US and nonUS Reward Tiers for a Reward that combines the EX3 physical book, the Screen, and the Map. And I'm adding similar US and nonUS Reward Tiers for an "Everything Reward" that has all those and the complete set of classic Exalted PDFs.
  • At 12noon EDT we'll make live 2 more limited Reward Tiers: 10 more Custom Charm opportunities, and the chance to have your character be described and illustrated as the Example of Character Creation that typically shows up in Chapter 3.
  • For Stretch Goals, we are going to push for the +5% Pay Bump to the creative team next, and then either the Ready Made Characters or the addition to the EX3 Comic of multiple pages Full-Page Art from famous comic book artists.

And like I mentioned last time: PLEASE check your pledges as the hours tick down to be sure you have all the details the way you want them. We want everybody to look back on this last month as an absolute blast- and don't want sad faces because the wrong button was clicked on your KS page.


  • We passed our Project Goal in 18 Minutes...fully funded in 18 minutes
  •  We have raised over 1000% of that Project Goal so far. 
  • The Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter is now the #1 highest backed tabletop RPG KS and Onyx Path's highest funded KS evah! 
  • 3991 wonderful Backers- thanks to all of you folks for supporting us! 
  • 264 crazed Backers for the Orichalcum Ultra-Deluxe EX3 Edition: looks like we're going to print this gorgeous thing! 
  • Your pledges have passed 23 Stretch Goals, which give you as backers the Anathema Character Toolkit, a new EX3 Novel written by Jess Hartley and featuring our sig character Novia, a new EX3 Novel written by Matt Forbeck, a set of 5 Chibi-style Bookmarks by Mel Uran, a recording of John and Holden expounding on their plans and dreams for the future of Exalted, an EX3 Retrospective PDF book, EX3 Quickstart, the EX3 Music Suite, the EX3 Fiction Anthology, an Infernals and an Abyssals Preview, a set of Charm Cards, and the option to pledge for both the EX3 Storytellers' Screen and the Ex3 Cloth Map. You have increased the book's art budget, Sorcery and Martial Arts sections, and added three silk ribbon bookmarks and gold foil lettering on the spine so it'll look even sweeter, made sure that the next two books are in glorious color, and you gave the creative team a much appreciated pay bump, and have enabled us to bring John and Holden to GenCon to represent for Exalted. 
  • Previews: the Dragon-Blooded, Infernal, Abyssal and the Liminal Exalted preview PDFs and the Developer Recording are all live and the feedback has been greatly appreciated by the Devs. 
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    1. Marco Brigo on

      @Benjamin Thanks man! That killed the doubt!

    2. Blackwood on


      Thanks Mate.

      $205 is my bid then....Book, Map, Screen and Charms PDF

    3. Benjamin White on

      I just received a message from Richard after I sent him one asking if the bookmarks were necessary to add-on or not. His response:

      "From the Stretch Goal description:

      At *$435,000* of contributions, every backer who has *pledged a Reward
      containing a printed book will receive* five different printed physical *
      Bookmarks* depicting each of the five new signature characters
      lavishly illustrated "Chibi-style" by Mel Uran.

      Short version- no need to Add-on."

      So no, if you already have a a physical book reward you do NOT need to add on to get the bookmarks, only if you want extras.

    4. Naz on

      Although I think it is clear if we look back in the Stretch Goal information

      At $435,000 of contributions, every backer who has pledged a Reward containing a printed book will receive five different printed physical Bookmarks depicting each of the five new signature characters lavishly illustrated "Chibi-style" by Mel Uran.

    5. Naz on

      I emailed Rich via Contact Us pointing out people are not clear on the bookmarks. Hopefully an answer will appear in the FAQ soon

    6. Michael Patrick Thomas Hartwell on

      As well putting $145 towards a Deluxe 3rd Edition Exalted Core rule book with it's own PDF, the electronic wallpaper featuring and three panelled Storyteller Screen both featuring the Five Directions illustrations.

      I have.....

      Added $55 for the Cloth World Map.

      Added $15 for the six classic Exalted novel PDFs.

      Added $20 for the four classic Exalted supplement PDFs.

      Added $30 for the five classic Exalted Caste Book PDFs.

      Added $5 for the Custom Charms Compilation PDF.

      Added $25 for each Chibi-style EX3 Bookmark set (5 bookmarks per set) That would be five sets of Bookmarks I believe.

      Please correct me if I am wrong.

    7. Blackwood on

      Send Rich a message asking if we are going to get the Bookmarks then post it here. I don't want to swamp him with emails asking and im sure he doesn't have any time to find our questions

    8. Marco Brigo on

      I would like to know as well if the 5 dollars for the chibi bookmarks are indeed for an extra set and a set is included already with the physical books pledges.

      I know that judging from the stretch goal description it should be already clear it's like that (1 set included already and add-on for extra sets), but, you know, better be safe than sorry. I would be sad to miss them for just 5 dollars in case!

    9. Blackwood on

      Correct thanks Gregg. I just altered my pledge to include both the screen and the map. If im correct in adding an extra 5 dollars I will be able to select the charms pdf in the addon survey that Rich sends out at the end. No extra book marks for me thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Gregg Parrott on

      (Which clashes with what Cassian has said below me: I calculate that it will be $205, not $200.)

    11. Missing avatar

      Gregg Parrott on

      So just to make sure I've got this right: anyone with a physical book will already be receiving one set of chibi book marks, but can now add-on more. Noone will receive the charm compilation by default except those who have actually pledged in a tier to submit a charm for it.

      Is that correct?

    12. Blackwood on

      This is what I want....

      The Book
      The Map
      The ST Screen
      The Custom Charms PDF

      Can't wait till you update. By my Calculations I will be out 200 for this.

      I'm happy in the pants if I get all this

    13. Joe McGinnis on

      If we add-on extra bookmarks, that will be on top of the set we already receive for being at a certain Reward Tier or higher? (if I add-on 2 sets, I'd be receiving 3 sets, etc.)

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      I'm wondering if the "have your character be described and illustrated as the Example of Character Creation" came after my suggestion or if the devs had already thought of that. I'm happy with great minds thinking alike but I am curious as to whether I get smug points for it. ;-)

    15. Jay Iles on

      Do any of the pledge levels come with the Custom Charm PDF?