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Some Example EX3 Pages

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

RichT here:

We've just completed sending back notes to Maria on the 5th iteration of the layout proofs, and we are moving into the phase of layout where we're looking to fine-tune such things as, but not limited to, color and how the text is set within side-bar boxes, and whether that illustration would work better full bleed or set at the bottom of the page.

It's more painstaking, and takes time, but we can at last show some example 2-page spreads so you can see where we're going with the layout. If you don't want anything spoiled until you get the backer PDF, don't look any further. (I'll put them at the bottom).

The Devs are assembling the info needed for the character sheet, giving back comments on the proofs, and working on Arms of the Chosen, the Dragon Blooded book and the Realm book, and further projects. We need the character sheet created for the backer PDF, and we intend to include the backer credits with that as well, but we'll hold off on the Index until after we send you that PDF. 

Here then, are some examples of the pages direct from the PDF proof so they are in lower res than you'll see them in your Backer PDF and, as always, things can still change as we tweak the design:

Pp 70-71
Pp 70-71
Pp 94-95
Pp 94-95
Pp 104-105
Pp 104-105
Pp 212-213
Pp 212-213
Pp 350-351
Pp 350-351
Pp 504-505
Pp 504-505
Pp 512-513
Pp 512-513

Thanks, as always, for your support!

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    1. Michael Holland

      Looks great Rich! Itching to get my hands on it. :)

    2. Andrew Hows on

      @Tab: yeah, who'd have thought there'd be negativity attached to a project running 24 months late, and who's explicit policy is one of a lack of communication.

    3. Andy Geoghegan on

      Looks kinda neat.

      But page numbers really should be where you can see them when flicking through the book. You know. So you can find the page you need. In a giant, hardback, rulebook.

    4. Nocturnal Pulse on

      Best update in years!

    5. Justin Lewis on

      I have a question why is there a single red serpent dragon and not 5 unless the pages refer to fire aspected dragonblooded? Or is it Ignas if so why isn't he black with hundreds of arms?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tab on

      I should have learned by now not to read the comments here. The comments are not only negative, but pointlessly so.

    7. Missing avatar

      Keegan Clefisch on

      That's a 100% fair assessment.

    8. Blackwood on

      So this.... is what's been taking so long? You basically copy Alderac Entertainments L5R 4th Ed layout and then dumb it down and make it worse... *slow clap*

    9. Coyotekin

      I like the style, and am happy for the previews. I am, however, a little disappointed with no being able to read the text clearly, and concerned about the art disappearing into the binding.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nigel Murphy on

      Richard, you delivered EXACTLY what I wanted. I am once again filled with optimism for this project and am genuinely excited about it being released. I'm still cranky about the long delay, but seeing this says "hey, we take what you're saying seriously, we want to keep our backers happy and reward their faith in us."

    11. Ryan Riojas on

      Looks fantastic!
      Love how the borders change for each section of the book. Very helpful and usually overlooked by most games. And it still all flows together.
      Like the realistic anime / wushu style.

      Been a long road but glad to see the wait in my opinion is going to pay off.
      Looking forward to the backer PDF to get the game going.

    12. Gonzo Ramírez on

      Sorry phone laged. I was trying to post this in the general comment section. Ignore me here.

    13. Gonzo Ramírez on

      At this stage anything they do (or don't) for Ex3 will be, at one time or another, considered not worthy of the time it took to come out. I can't blame anyone for thinking like that really.

      It's been funny, almost tragic, how a lot of the previews OPP has released have recieved such negative reactions. I have been disappointed by some of those (more than I thought now that I remember). They have also recieved positive comments, but boy do I am starting to feel bad for them. It feels like they're trying so hard an still they give old maps, standard layouts that a lot of people limited to compare with L5R, a bunch of not so good art previews, etc.

    14. Nix on

      That Ahlat looks very... Baphomet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      There's a reason most layouts have the page numbers in the outer corners instead of in the middle of the page. Being different for the sake of being different is not revolutionary, especially when it compromises your functionality.

    16. Jason Tack on

      Amazing. Loving the differences from format from page to page, the different faded background and border images, textures etc. Loving the art too; I'm not the biggest fan of Mel Uran, but overall the art does look great, especially the desert fight showing (I believe) a Lunar?

      Impressed - like others have said it's at the same tier as L5R 4ED etc. Thankfully not as "busy" as Eclipse Phase/Cthulhutech which I also love, but I think Exalted benefits from being more refined, certainly evokes a specific feel.

      LOVE IT! :)

    17. Paul Gibbon on

      It looks nice. Very clean and classy, and the art seems more consistent than 1e or 2e. I admit, I'm not really seeing what's "revolutionary" about this layout, but that was never something I was terribly fussed about, so long as it got out the way and made finding things easy,

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael David Stein on

      Beautiful spreads, the layout alone immediately evokes the mindset for the setting. Maria's daring gambit has played out nicely it seems.

    19. Tyler Schuster on

      The wife says to ask that the character sheet not have a colored background so it prints better :)

    20. WuseMajor on

      It all looks very pretty, but I'm a little concerned about the text box on 212-213. Because of the texture it looks like not all of the white text is going to be clearly legible. Getting eyestrain from trying to read text boxes has been a problem for me on several of the 2e Exalted (I have no idea how gray text on gray backgrounds in the Sidereals book was possibly ever considered a good idea) books so I'd really, really appreciate very sharp contrasts between the text and whatever the text is sitting on top of and finding a way to do textures that won't mess that up.

      But that's my only honest complaint/worry. Everything else looks lovely.

    21. Isaac Carr

      Very pretty, ala Weapons of the Gods and L5R. Personally I am a fan of the hyper-realistic art over the anime style so cudos to that! High levels of anticipation for the pdf so we can flood you with even more needed corrections for the final printing! Amazed at how much spacing you guies have in your copy so far with a book this big. Will make for easy reading and give you lots of room to work with correcting further bugs.

      Amazing work!

    22. Natalie Fraese on

      It IS real! After two long years, an actual preview of the finished project! Amazing! Wow! Fantastic! Great job! Such fast delivery!

    23. Tyler Schuster on

      Holy balls those are beautiful!

      Also looks like some VERY good readability! now all i can do is drool...

    24. Thomas Slaughter on

      Looks great! Has there been any experimentation on fading the edges of the picture blocks so there is not a hard edge/contrast? I like how the paragraphs have been separated into info blocks, and the art at the edges in the different sections

    25. Gonzo Ramírez on

      It looks good. Just, maybe, not as good as I was imagining. Good enough I think?

      I see the art direction is clearly different from previous editions. I was very critical about bad manga fanart in Ex1 and Ex2. It seems like MelUran is the only surviving artist (at least from what we've seen so far), and while many people would consider this a good thing, I mourn for the other great artists that gave Exalted a recognizable face among all the "angsty mature characters roaring at the camera with orcs or orclike creatures in the background" which fill the RPG book industry in general.

      These "more realistic" imagery may have its own magic, but I feel like something has been lost. None of these pages made think "WOW". To clarify, there's a difference between well done art and great memorable art. Sometimes one isn't both. I recognize there's quality in these pages. However, this particular style and vision of Exalted is not what catched my attention back in the day. I'm not sure if I'd read this book if it was presented to me all of a sudden with no previous love for the game.

      I'll hold my final veridict for when I get to see the whole thing.

    26. Josh Kroger

      @ David Commer
      Yeah, I notice those aesthetic similarity to 4th ed L5R, too.
      @ Richard Thomas
      You know, Richard, I had allowed myself to get apathetic about this project, until you went and dropped an update like this on us. :P

    27. Scaenicus on

      Additionally to all what was said below:
      I like the good contrast. This will be great for an eReader.

    28. Roy Havens on

      The art looks great. The pieces shown off here are beautiful. The layout looks very pretty as well, but very simple from a layout design perspective, so i'm still not sure why this has taken so long if given the proper tools. Even with a part time commitment and the back and forth...

    29. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      Doble spread is standard for print file pdfs.

      Almost garantued that the PDB book will be single spread standard.

    30. Owen on

      Very pretty... but they do raise a question. Are you aiming to have the PDF have double-wide pages to display the art better or single width pages that cut the page-spanning art in half?

      In the past I've encountered game books that did the former, and found that it results in them being highly annoying to impossible to read on a portable device or even on most PC pdf viewers. On the other hand, do the latter means the art isn't well displayed.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Coleman on

      More subdued than I was expecting, but very tasteful. Between that and the shift in overall artistic style, it gives a whole different impression of the game than previous editions. That's... honestly probably for the best. (I have some nostalgia for the "anime fanart" aesthetic, but only some.)

    32. Melody Haren Anderson on

      They look really excellent. I've been waiting a bit impatiently, but I am feeling more patient seeing these.

      Which isn't to say I'm not looking forward to getting my hands on the pdf/physical book when ready!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Very nice. Hopefully the binding crease won't mess the art up too badly in the printed copies. Same for the page split when viewing PDFs in "facing" mode (also, here's hoping the page count is such that they line up properly.)

      Any chance that we might get the art files at some point, so we can see them in full, the way they are here? I'm imagining that the wrist and hand of the woman in the p.94-95 image will vanish in the crease, for example.

    34. Matthew Tridento on

      I agree that it reminds me heavily of L5R 4th, but that's FAR from a bad thing. Looks amazing, can't wait to see my copies! (Gonna have to buy one or two extra when it's available for the table anyway XD )

    35. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      It looks good--there was never any doubt that it would--but it's hardly anything new or exceptional. Certainly not worth delaying publication by half a year for when templates that looked just as good and were equally functional already existed.

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephane Poulet on

      Really beautiful layout, I now understand why this part was taking so long. Good job !

    37. Missing avatar

      David Comer on

      It looks nice but I thought it was supposed to be revolutionary or something. This just looks a little bit less pretty than the L5R 4E books.
      I'm still not sure how the pretty pictures are so required for a decent reading of the rules set.

    38. Ellen Schousboe on

      SO CLOSE

      Those look great. I think I recognie Ahlat and Spirit-Cutting Attack.

    39. Missing avatar

      Yannick Dietrich on

      Okay, no lie, those look really good. :D

    40. Michael Yesenofski on

      I agree with Rain and Aidenn, reminiscent of L5R 4e, which is a good thing. Excellent use of faded/watermark images in the background. It is really looking beautiful. I hope to see more done with the borders of the artwork to avoid the bland square framing.

    41. Paul Baxter on

      Wow! If I'd had any notion of how lovely this book would be, I would'a ponied up money for a physical copy... But me from three-years-ago wasn't that interested, so it wouldn't have likely changed his mind. He was kinda short-sighted. o_O

      Regardless, *I* think it's gonna be worth the wait! Thanks for the previews.

    42. Brennen Willer on

      *Cries GLORIOUS TEARS!!!!!!!!!*

    43. Jordan Windham on

      That is breathtaking. Great work.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dawngreeter on

      Love it, so gorgeous. Especially page 212-213.

    45. Rain and Aidenn

      Really strongly makes me think of Legend of the Five Rings 4th edition RPG layouts. Which is great as those are some of my favorites for all the games other issues the page design is wonderful.