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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
4,368 backers pledged $684,755 to help bring this project to life.

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A Look At the Final Map Stage


Since I had to finalize the EX3 map for the phase of layout Maria is in now, I thought I'd include a jpg of it for all of you. I honestly expect that you or the developers will find yet another thing here that needs fixing, but this is supposed to be final as we have after the devs have pored over it and compared it to the text as it stands. It's as big as I could include in this update, so the resolution isn't awesome, but I can read all the type when I zoom in and hope you can too.

Maria's layout efforts continue to weave her chapter visuals with the text and illustrations. I'm expecting another zip file with pretty much the whole book brought up to a level the devs can comment on very soon and hopefully this week. At that point we will tighten it up based on their comments, create an actual layout proof for them to pore through again, and add in anything we missed from them the first time. And we'll add in the backer names from the Surveys at the end there.

Then we just need approval from CCP on the PDF, and we'll send out your backer PDFs. Which will start a whole 'nother round of comments, but I'll provide more details on that process in another Update.


EX3 Layout Continues-


Hello EX3 Backers!

As I write this, Maria is configuring the text, illustrations, and design elements of individual chapters of EX3 so that each chapter has a distinctive visual look and feel. While I think Maria prefers this approach to her books anyway, it will also serve to help differentiate chapters for easier use of the book- which will be important for a book this size!

While some designers may layout a book from pg1 and work through to the end completely integrating all the text and elements page to page, Maria is working more organically from chapter to chapter and building up the design across the book. So, none of the chapters are done, but all of them are in the process of getting done. Every chapter's text is in but being tweaked as she integrates the art and design elements, with some art having borders, some fading, some bleeding off the page. 

Once we have the proof ready for the devs to go through, I will check with them as to their willingness to preview a few spreads from various chapters here. 

While this is happening, the Exalted Fiction Anthology editors are making changes to the stories based on your feedback here and on our Onyx Path forums, and I am still talking with our music composer. Also, as we prepare for the last stages of creating EX3, Mel Uran sent in these illustrations for the Chibi Bookmarks which we hope you enjoy:

Prince Diamond
Prince Diamond
Perfect Soul
Perfect Soul
Bonus Catbalklaive
Bonus Catbalklaive

These will be used on the Stretch Goal bookmarks and will be shipped with the Deluxe book. Thanks!

Layout and Anathema Update


Hello EX3 backers!

TLDR version: Right now the text, after a thorough review by the Devs, is with Maria as she works her magic with the layout. 

The longer version: To clarify this whole preliminary layout process, the first thing to remember is that Maria is creating a new overall visual design for EX3. There will no doubt be some connections to the previous editions, but because she is coming to this fresh, with her own years of experience in visual design, I am trying to give her a lot of room to create something that is both right for Exalted and new. 

The first step was the rough "word count" layout pass that was just completed. Basically, what Maria did last time with the layout was to make a very basic format and then insert the text into that to give a basic idea of chapters and word count. She modified that basic format a bit based on that document and we sent the text back to the Devs so that they could tighten up parts and my understanding from Holden is that they took the opportunity to really review how they wrote certain sections and tighten those up. And no, I do not know what was cut and if any of those chunks were significant enough to use elsewhere later.  

Once the Devs sent the text back, we needed to go back and forth with a new rough layout in order to be sure that the text she was using was absolutely the last version. She does not want to be midway through 600+ (and +) pages and find out she needs to rip out part and redo it. Now that that is confirmed, she is doing the actual first real layout phase as everything she decides to do will be using the actual text that should show up in the PDF and books. This is the hardest phase as the real design decisions are made here. 

And like I mentioned above: Maria is designing this new EX3 layout format differently than any before it, but it is still using the two column format on an 81/2 x 11 page as a base, so while she has the freedom to bring her own design sensibilities in, she's not going to be presenting a layout that is alien to Exalted or RPGs. It should have a fresh look, and in parts present some surprises, but not cure the common cold.

And because some backers were concerned about how our Stretch Goal collaboration with the Anathema online dice roller team was going, here's the word direct from them:

This is Urs from Anathema.  

There was some discontent over the lack of news lately, way over in another thread. In this post, I'll try to remedy the situation and give you some insight into our collaboration with Onyx Path as well as our progress. Please understand that I can't go into details; I am NDAed and can only speak about the general outline.  

Our main contact in the writing team is Holden. We are in close contact with him, meaning: unmoderated, direct, private messages. Some weeks ago, he sent us a pre-release version of the rules, more than enough to build Anathema with. He answers any questions we have clearly and quickly, and generally does his best to keep us in the loop.

Just to make it clear, Onyx Path is not responsible for our doings, errors or lapses, as we are not beholden to them. We did not ask for money, and will receive none. In fact, we - as a team - explictly decided not to make this a paid project, so we never had to discuss this with OP.  

Rules in hand, we obviously have a lot of work to do, reading as well as coding. Generally speaking, work is progressing orderly. We are working in a hidden repository, that's why even the tech-savvy among you didn't see any updates on GitHub for ages. Progress could be better, though, since our time and energy are not as plenty as they were back in 2013, when we first signed up for this.  

I have seen speculation that we only need to update the Charms - this is decidedly not the case, the changes required are much more extensive: There are assumptions in Anathema that just don't hold any longer, and we still need to figure out how to deal with major points.

However, all of the minor changes and additions are done by now. With a version I have running on my desktop this very moment, I could probably adopt more than eighty percent of the Exalts I or my group have played in the past; dealing with some rough edges manually.  

All of this said, we can't promise to have a fully-fledged version the moment the PDF goes live - just as I said back in September. Also, OP and the Anathema team have yet to speak about content inclusion beyond the usual - we have left this issue open so far, because it is the least of our concerns.  

Finally, please bear in mind that Rich knows exactly as much about our work as you do, so he just couldn't give you more details. I hope this clears matters up somewhat.

Thanks for your patience, we're getting so close now!

EX3 Fiction Anthology PDF Links Are Sent!


Hi backers! 

RichT here: 

I just finished sending out messages with links for the EX3 Fiction Anthology: Tales From the Age of Sorrows PDF you enabled us to create via the Stretch Goals. Thanks so much!

Here's a couple of steps to follow if you are having trouble with the message containing the EX3 Fiction Anthology PDF links: 

1) Only backers who pledged to Reward Tiers that contain a copy of the EX3 PDF also get the EX3 Fiction Anthology PDF as a stretch goal reward.   

2) If you can't find the link message, look through all your KS messages in the thread for the link message and determine that no such messages are in any threads from Kickstarter, or DriveThruRPG, or Onyx Path. Please check your Spam filters. Please make sure you are looking at the email account on record with Kickstarter, and that you have checked your KS backer page on their website for a message. Please do all these things before messaging me, because I'm going to ask you to check those things first anyway. 

3) Also, if you have technical issues with the link that are problems with downloading from the DriveThruRPG site, please contact their customer service before you message me. Most of the time, they are the only ones who can solve download issues, and they are experienced and great at it. 

But if those things don't help, please contact me by clicking that link under my picture and we'll get things sorted out!

And here are some thoughts from Holden on how the EX3 Fiction Anthology is very much inspired by EX3

"EX3 isn't about adherence to minutiae, but rather about new ideas and following sources of inspiration to tell exciting and interesting stories. This is a book of stories inspired by a fresh beginning for Exalted. Don't sweat little details. Details always tighten as an edition progresses, anyway, for better or worse. Right now, enjoy the talented and evocative writing these authors have produced at the launch of the edition, when the horizon is wide open to explore and investigate, and see where it leads your creativity for your own games. Seeing Exalted through lots of eyes is awesome and a lock-step vision kinda defeats the point of this anthology anyway."

Also, along the same lines, the visual design of the book is squarely in both previous editions and inspired by the current visual design of EX3. But it is not the actual visual design.

The text for EX3 is with the Devs right now and they continue to tweak it in preparation for layout. Art Director Maria Cabardo is getting in the last of the art we requested be fixed for various reasons, and no, we are not going to hold up the backer PDF for any late art. She had one artist started with creating designs for chapter borders, but at the last minute they quit the project, so she is working with a new artist.

Both EX3 Novels are being worked on, and the EX3 Music Suites continue to be composed. Once the EX3 text is back in layout we expect the Dev team to be able to get back to the Quickstart and other associated KS projects.

Also, as I've mentioned before, we now have an Onyx Path Mailing List that you can sign up for on the Onyx Path website. A lot of backers have asked us for this so they can be alerted to our new Kickstarters, or because they want to keep an eye on Exalted 3rd's progress on a weekly basis. By signing up we will email you alerts for upcoming and running Kickstarters, PDF and PoD releases, and other news and announcements. Each week we'll email you the Monday Meeting Notes blog that contains our weekly project updates so you can see how your favorite games including EX3 are progressing. Sign up and start getting those little email gifts of knowledge and love! 


A Grab-Bag of Exalted Goodness


RichT here:

The edited text for EX3 is now completely in layout. Art Director Maria Cabardo did her "bulk layout" phase, "dropping in the edited text into a very simple layout format in order to see if the fonts and the font sizes that she wants to use work for the text, and very importantly, just how many pages this tome actually is", and she and I fiddled with the font size a bit and made another proof. 

That reduced the page count dramatically, but not enough to get the book to the size it can be printed and shipped within the range of pricing we planned for. And beyond this Kickstarter, we also have to look at all the folks who just couldn't be backers for one reason or another and who will pick up the book as a PoD physical book from DTRPG. We need that version to have reasonable costs as well.

That second bulk layout proof is currently in the hands of the Devs who are looking at alterations to the text to further reduce the page count. Once they pare it down, Maria and I will do another layout pass and move ahead towards our first real layout proof. That'll be where art will be positioned and sidebars made, and should be very close to what the actual book will look like. It's the most labor-intensive of the proofing stages for the layout designer.

Here are some more sneak peaks of illustrations from EX3:

Dreaming Pearl Courtesan
Dreaming Pearl Courtesan
Magma Kraken
Magma Kraken
Flashing Quill Atemi
Flashing Quill Atemi

Now, here's a message from Holden about a part of the book not affected by this whole proofing process:

Hello, everyone. The final pieces of art are showing up, layout is happening, and Exalted’s PDF release to you backers draws nigh. As we gear up to push this book out the door, I want to revisit one of the things we talked about during the Kickstarter: Martial Arts, and some of the changes they’ve undergone during development.

When we started developing Third Edition, we wanted to simplify the idea behind Martial Arts and use a holistic approach that emphasized that Martial Arts styles were rooted in schools and traditions across Creation. Thus, a mortal practitioner of Snake Style who Exalted as a Solar would find that his kung fu was suddenly as awesome as all his other aptitudes, as opposed to the old way of doing things where most of the styles in the setting were invented and practiced by a pool of 700 guys spread across the world yet somehow had schools and traditions anyway. This goal we accomplished to our satisfaction.

We also wanted to give Martial Arts styles additional depth with the inclusion of “techniques” – special maneuvers in each style that anyone could use, even mortal heroes. This excited a lot of people, including us—it sounded like an obviously good idea.

As it turns out… well, there’s a reason why all the backer previews start with “this is a preview of a work in progress and may not match the final product.” Unfortunately, techniques won’t be appearing in Exalted Third Edition. The more we iterated them, the more we realized that they sounded like a great idea, with only the small problem that they didn’t actually work. This was a result of several factors. First, in practice they were basically Charms, but Charms which couldn’t be balanced with mote costs, and instead had to rely on timing restrictions, secondary resource costs, and the like. This was easy to deal with at first, but got progressively harder and harder with each additional style. By the time all the corebook styles were done, we were dreading the thought of trying to pile in another 100+ of the things over the course of the edition.

Second, once they were in place, we discovered that they made the old styles like Snake and Tiger and Dreaming Pearl Courtesan look archaic, since their Charms had been constructed without techniques in mind. If Snake (for example) had some fancy technique attached to it, why didn’t it have Charms to enhance and work around that technique? We tried a new round of drafts that wove Charms around the new design space of the techniques, and while this was interesting, the resulting styles felt very complicated and bloated.

Third, martial arts styles have always been an easy content booster for Exalted because they add a lot of value with a relatively small wordcount footprint (historically, a Martial Arts style can be done, and done well, in one to two thousand words). The new styles not only gobbled up far more wordcount, they were much more difficult to write. Fourth, we realized that gambits (which you’ll get to see soon), which were invented halfway into the iterating of the core rules, accomplished much of what techniques were supposed to do but in a more flexible and easily-balanced package.

Finally, other balance issues that cropped up during playtesting, combined with getting more and more distance from working on previous editions, convinced us to adopt a Martial Arts model that was more straight-forward and intuitive for new players, rather than a complex solution based around problems from prior editions (many of which no longer applied because of underlying system changes). At that point, we realized that not only did we not need techniques, but that they had become a problem rather than an asset for the game. 

So we cut them. Everyone had something cool in their imagination when they heard about techniques—including us—but imagining a thing working is, sadly, not the same as actually making it work. 

We apologize for any disappointment this may create, but we’d rather lay this design shift out for you now, rather than waiting until the book drops. The good news is, sans techniques, Third Edition does have martial arts that are stylish, available to all characters, effective (a Solar martial artist is not giving up power for coolness any more), affordable, well-rooted in the setting, and fun to use. This was our ultimate goal at the end of the day, not reaching that point by any one particular road.

As always, thanks so much for your support and patience!