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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
4,368 backers pledged $684,755 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


EU/Intl Shipping & an Excerpt!


Hello EX3 Backers!

RichT here:

Just wanted to let you know that today, Friday the 21st, the final EU and International packages are going out. This means that if you don't get your package or at least a tracking message by May 1st, you should use the "Contact Creator" link near my photo on the EX3 Kickstarter page.

Sorry that a bunch of your packages took the longest to get sent to you, our EU shipper faced a few more challenges, with checking addresses in particular, than our other fulfillment companies. Hopefully, that means fewer mis-sent packages, but I guess we'll see.

Here's an Arms of the Chosen Excerpt!

A tidbit from our new Devs, Eric Minton and Robert Vance, detailing one particular artifact we hope you enjoy from the upcoming Arms of the Chosen book. Please note that this excerpt still needs a final dev pass and then editing. Thanks!

More Ex3 Shipping News!


Hello Ex3 Backers!

RichT here:

I've been informed by our shippers that Canadian and US packages have all gone out, and most but not all of our EU and other International packages have also gone BUT a bunch are going today and into next week (because of the holiday).

So, if your shipping address was in Canada or the US, and you did not receive your package of rewards, please contact me using that Contact Creator link near my photo on the right side of the KS page, and please include your current shipping address with your message.

If you try and contact me any other way, then I don't have access to your KS data, and will just ask you to use the Contact Creator message link. If you don't include your shipping address, I'll ask you to resend with the address included. In both cases, things will take longer, which nobody wants at this point.

I'll give our EU and International backers a similar message once I get confirmation that all your shipments are sent.


Links for EX3 Jumpstart: Tomb of Dreams Sent Out!


Hello EX3 KS backers!

RichT here:

I just sent out the links for the Exalted 3rd Edition Jumpstart: Tomb of Dreams backer PDF to all backers who pledged for a Reward Tier from Scholar of Lore ($25) or higher. This is a combined book made up of two Stretch Goal rewards (the Quickstart and the Ready Made Characters goals) that all of you unlocked with your pledges, so thank you so much for enabling us to create it!

If you have not received the links message, please first check to be sure you backed for a Reward Tier that is Scholar of Lore ($25) or higher. Then please check that the email you are checking is the one you gave Kickstarter, and whether the message containing the EX3 Jumpstart backer PDF link is not stacked in an email thread where you can't see it. Then please check your Spam filters, particularly, but not limited to, if you have a HotMail email address.

If you still can't find it, send me a message through that Contact Creator link near or under my photo, and we'll sort things out.

As per the link message, we have created an errata thread on the Onyx Path forums for any slips you might notice.

We will take those comments, review and incorporate the valid ones into the files, and create a final PDF and physical copy PoD version for sale on

As backers, those changes will automatically be part of the next download you do of the PDF, so that's all you need to do.


A Note for Ultra-Deluxe EX3 Backers


RichT here:

Hi- I've been off social media this weekend and I was just messaged by an Ultra-Deluxe backer about his copy of the book.

I let him know, and now you, that signed and numbered certificates are sitting here ready to be sent out. We had a few problems with the send-out of the W20 Ultras a couple of years ago, so I wanted to avoid those by sending certificates after we have verified addresses.

Sorry I did not go into how we were handling this on the shipping Updates; I was ultra-focused on getting everyone their packages and in constant communications with the shippers as we got lost and damaged packages resolved, and wasn't thinking about the next step.

But since the Ultra-Deluxes are arriving, if any of you who got your book already want me to mail your certificate out now, go ahead and send me your current address through Kickstarter by clicking on my name up on the right of the KS site, and then clicking on the "Contact Me" link. That way I can confirm your account and address using the KS database.

If you didn't get your Ultra-Deluxe yet, please wait until I do the mass mailings in a couples of weeks as we confirm addresses with the shippers. If you don't want your certificate for any reason and let me know, I'll drop you from the list.


Added info about shipping


Hello EX3 backers!

RichT here:

Just want to clarify: shipping is happening all this week, and I'm told that will be almost all of the rewards sent out. THEN we will be dealing with those packages that the shippers have found to have problems, like incomplete addresses, etc.

The term "stragglers" was not used in any way intended to make anyone feel bad whose reward is one of these packages that will be dealt with after this week.