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Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
Contribute to help us give the Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition a leather bound, embossed+, metallic-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
4,368 backers pledged $684,755 to help bring this project to life.

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EX3 Backer PDF Errata Closing on Weds the 11th.



RichT here. Just a quick note to let everyone know that we'll be closing down the errata collecting on Weds the 11th. At this point the notes are slowing down quite a bit, and we're only getting repeats of earlier catches, so it looks like a good time to get started with compiling and fixing.

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who contributed notes. They have been incredibly helpful!

EX3 PDFs Have All Been Sent!


I have finished sending out the messages containing links for the Exalted 3rd Edition Wallpaper files and/or the PDF for EX3 itself!

Please check the message threads from Kickstarter, and your spam folders before messaging me about not getting the links, but if you do have problems, we'll figure it out.

Likewise, if you get the messages with the link(s) but for some reason the download isn't working, please contact DTRPG customer service before contacting me as I have no ability to engage on that aspect of getting you your reward(s). Either way, we will figure out any problems so you get your files. No worries!

As I mentioned in the message with the links for the EX3 PDF, we encourage all backers to use the "Contact Me" button next to my picture to send notes on any technical mistakes you might find, or any errors including missing names in the Backers Credits section. Please be sure to read through carefully to make sure your name is missing and not just in a different section.

For those of you who are not interested in seeing or participating in this method to tune up and finalize EX3, and I understand completely that the visibility of this part of the process may not be to some folks' tastes, you can download the PDF now and wait for the changes to be made and the file in your DTRPG Library will be automatically updated and you can re-download the tweaked version. I will let folks know when the errata changes to the backer PDFs are done, and we are using the finished files for the PoD and Deluxe printers' files, so if you prefer you can choose to download the PDF then.

Several Kickstarters ago, we began to use the inherent "fixability" of PDFs as a step to get another pass at the project before committing to the printed versions, as well as to allowing backers to be those additional hundreds or thousands of eyes on the almost finished project. It has really been both fun for those backers who enjoy such things, and great for the physical books themselves. I've never been on or seen a project with no mistakes in it at all, but with this method we really narrow them down.

For those of you who have already submitted errata: Thank You! We really appreciate you taking the time to get back to us on both the big and the small errors in the book. With that in mind, here are some of the bigger issues we are already aware of and dealing with that have been brought to our attention already:

1- There's an extra page at the end of Chapter 5. Yes there is, and it throws off the two page spreads for the rest of the book. That popped in on this proof after the chapters were gathered into a book in InDesign. We only can figure that it was a slip of the designer's finger during the book creation process and she added one extra pg. Easy to delete as it did not affect the page numbering.

2- Also programmatic as far as we can tell are the odd ways letters are dropping out of words. There is a disconnect between font and program and those drop outs were not there in the previous proofs, so we're trying to see if it is a compression fighting with font thing as well. (I also wonder if some spaces and letters that disappeared are also tied to this, but I'm not absolutely sure about that). You've identified a lot of them, so please keep going as we may need to fix them by hand.

3- There are two sections of the text covered by illustrations: Under the two page spread of The South, and under Fog Shark. Maria is already reviewing how that happened and fixing those.

4- One more thing that occurred during the part of the process where the separate chapters are combined and the usable PDF is made was that the art first on pg 12 of the PDF featuring a whole lot of Solars went from a pretty full range of skin colors to a much flatter range that doesn't accurately depict characters that we've known since first edition. That was not the range in the art I saw originally, so something happened with the layout- we'll fix that. It is very important to us that our characters represent the panoply of races in Exalted.

5- We are missing the "Exalted" header for the Backer Credits, which is certainly a big one. That section of names starts on Pg643 starting with "A. Nonynous". Obviously, we'll get that in there but with this note you should be able to tell better if your name is in there.

6- A far more problematic situation has been brought up by our eagle-eyed posters, in that the full page piece of Chejop contains imagery derived from other people's art. The artist is redoing that piece as well as others where he did not spend enough time on moving past his reference material, like the "cakes" sequel piece, and we will replace them and be done with that particular artist. (If I sound like I am downplaying what a breach of trust and professionalism this is, that's just my "let's solve the problem" voice. I'm absolutely livid with rage about this and both Maria and the artist have had earfulls making that point.)

That particular piece does highlight the value of the errata compilation part of our projects as it was clear that at least one set of the 8,000 potential eyes looking at this Backer PDF immediately recognized the sections of art from other games whereas neither I nor Maria had ever seen that art before. This situation would have been a hundred times worse if we had gone to press for the Deluxe Edition with that piece of art as is.

So, to all of the backers who wanted to dive in and get rolling on their games and/or help with the final errata stages, thanks again!

The response to this new edition has been overwhelmingly awesome and thanks again for your support!

EX3 PDF Being Readied To Send To Backers!


RichT here:

At last, all the corrections and PageXXs are input and approved, so Maria will be pulling together the backer PDF and then I'll send you the links for it.

This PDF will include the complete text, 2pg character sheet, and your backer credits. For those of you not familiar with how we handle things at this stage, we encourage our Kickstarter backers to review the text and your backer credits, and if you want to contact us with errata or name issues please send them via the "Contact Me" link next to my picture on the KS page. Because of the size of this project, we will only be compiling messages sent via that method.

Also, if you think your name is missing, please check your Survey response for which name you put there and review the names again. There are a lot of them, and they are in small type, so they are easy to miss. Generally the credits go in order from the smallest Reward Tier pledge amount to the largest.

This PDF will not include the Index or hyperlinks or bookmarks as we want to put them in once we've input any errata and not try to fix them afterwards. We hope that this first backer PDF will also have the finished PDF/PoD cover on it when we send it this week, but if not, rest assured that we are not waiting for the final cover art in order to send this to you.

Once we assemble and implement fixes, we will re-upload the EX3 PDF and you should be able to easily re-download it from DriveThruRPG via your Library there. Then we'll create the PoD and both Deluxe versions of EX3.

Of course, all this is just preparatory info which I will repeat with the actual link message, which we intend to be later this week.

Thank you for your support and patience!

EX3 Layout Proof PDF Sent To CCP For Review


Hello Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Backers-

RichT here. We have handed in the PDF layout proof to CCP for review (and we are hoping approvals). CCP is the owner of the White Wolf properties and the folks who have graciously allowed Onyx Path the rights to create tabletop RPGs for those game lines.

I don't know how long their review will take, nor what their comments back will be. I expect that there will be some comments that require corrections in the book, but we'll have to see how extensive they wind up being.

Once we have those corrections from them, and we should expect some, and have fixed what they want, we will pull together the chapters into one PDF and get that out to you folks, our awesome backers.

That will be a PDF without an Index or a few of our usual PDF usability extras, as we're expecting to gather up your comments on the PDF and fix that errata before adding in those things which could change depending on the fixes. Your backer PDFs will be automatically updated with the fixes in your DTRPG libraries, so you don't have to do anything but grab the updated PDF from your library.

Below you will find some status updates on the EX3 projects currently being worked on - some will be projects from this Kickstarter and others are our regularly scheduled books. This list is from our weekly Monday Meeting Notes blog that I do on the Onyx Path website: If you want weekly updates on these and other projects’ progress, this is the place. Also, as I mentioned in a few Backer Updates last year, you can sign up on the website to join our Onyx Path Mailing List and get the Monday blog emailed right to you:

First Draft (The first phase of a project that is about the work being done by writers, not dev prep)

•Exalted 3rd Novel by Matt Forbeck (Exalted 3rd Edition)

Second Draft

•Arms of the Chosen (Exalted 3rd Edition)
•The Realm (Exalted 3rd Edition)
•Dragon-Blooded (Exalted 3rd Edition)


•Exalted Anthology (Exalted 3rd Edition) - Awaiting updated text file.
•Ex 3 core book – RichT here: Maria is sending me the proofs tonight so I can get them sent over to CCP for approval. Again, no idea how long they will take, but we’ll get the backer PDF links sent out as soon as we confirm that they are OK with the proofs (there might be a round of changes, but we won’t know until it happens).

Some Example EX3 Pages


RichT here:

We've just completed sending back notes to Maria on the 5th iteration of the layout proofs, and we are moving into the phase of layout where we're looking to fine-tune such things as, but not limited to, color and how the text is set within side-bar boxes, and whether that illustration would work better full bleed or set at the bottom of the page.

It's more painstaking, and takes time, but we can at last show some example 2-page spreads so you can see where we're going with the layout. If you don't want anything spoiled until you get the backer PDF, don't look any further. (I'll put them at the bottom).

The Devs are assembling the info needed for the character sheet, giving back comments on the proofs, and working on Arms of the Chosen, the Dragon Blooded book and the Realm book, and further projects. We need the character sheet created for the backer PDF, and we intend to include the backer credits with that as well, but we'll hold off on the Index until after we send you that PDF. 

Here then, are some examples of the pages direct from the PDF proof so they are in lower res than you'll see them in your Backer PDF and, as always, things can still change as we tweak the design:

Pp 70-71
Pp 70-71
Pp 94-95
Pp 94-95
Pp 104-105
Pp 104-105
Pp 212-213
Pp 212-213
Pp 350-351
Pp 350-351
Pp 504-505
Pp 504-505
Pp 512-513
Pp 512-513

Thanks, as always, for your support!