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Even if you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order Dark Eras 2 here:
Even if you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order Dark Eras 2 here:
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October Dark Eras2 Update!

Posted by Richard Thomas (Creator)

Hello Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 backers!

RichT here:

Normally I'd wait to send our Updates on Halloween at the end of the month, as it just seems appropriate, but with the Surveys having gone out, I wanted to let backers know:

Hey, the Dark Eras 2 Backer Surveys went out from BackerKit! If you haven't received the email, check your spam folders before contacting BK or me. Thanks!

Then today, I received this for you from Dark Eras 2 developer Monica Valentinelli:

Hello backers!

Today, we’re pleased to share the full Table of Contents for Dark Eras 2. We reviewed several backer choices to add a new era, resurrect a former era, and add a third gameline for the final version of the TOC; we also filled in the blanks by ensuring the gamelines were appropriate and balanced.

All of us are excited to start digging in and move the project along. We hope you’re thrilled with how this book will shape up — we certainly are! The next step is to figure out who’s developing which era, reorder the chapters in chronological order, then start brainstorming and outlining. Now that the TOC has been decided, it’s time to get cranking on Dark Eras 2!

Dark Eras 2: Table of Contents

French Revolution – Vampire The Requiem /Demon The Descent /Mummy The Curse

Great War/Western Front – Geist The Sin-Eaters /Werewolf The Forsaken /Promethean The Created

Light of the Sun – Deviant The Renegade /Mage The Awakening /Demon

Seven Wonders – Changeling The Lost /Promethean

Last Imperials – Mummy /Hunter The Vigil

One Thousand and One Nights – Beast The Primordial /Vampire

Golden Age of Piracy – Mage /Geist

King Arthur’s Britannia – Hunter/Changeling /Vampire

Necropolis of Hawara – Promethean /Beast /Werewolf

Golden Age of Sci Fi – Deviant /Werewolf

Scandinavian Witch Trials (1450-1750) – Mummy /Geist

Wild West – Changeling/Mage

Empire of Mali – Hunter/Demon

Finally, I wanted to let you all know that we are down to the last 24 hours for Rose Bailey's Cavaliers of Mars Kickstarter! Rose has been instrumental in building the Chronicles of Darkness lines into something that could even have Dark Eras, and Cavs has been her baby for many years, so if you have a chance to show your support, that would be awesome!

Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red death and strange mystery, a world of savagery and romance. Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A planet of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities.


Remember: Mars has canals... therefore, Mars must have Venice!


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    1. Nikola Zduńczyk on

      I know I'm a little late to the party but oh damn, King Srthur's Britannia and Wild West sound like a must-play to me.

    2. Gordon Arata

      Will we have to wait on the pdf add ons or will they be sent once the backer kit is paid?

    3. Christopher Shaffer on

      (Okay, I'm an idiot, I forgot Light of the Sun was described on the main campaign page, I had a brainfart, nothing to see here)

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Handforth on

      @Matt Yes, Brittania had Vampire added to it and Hawara had Werewolf added to it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Rees on

      For the first three expanded Eras, the third game line listed is the one which was added by the Expander of Darkness. Is that also the case for he two expanded stretch goals (i.e. Britannia and Hawara? In any case, Demon sounds like a good choice for an Age of Enlightenment game. And I hope the Mummy part of the French Revolution chapter will touch on the French occupation of Egypt during the Napoleonic Wars.

      Also, I'm intrigued by what "Scandinavian Witch Trails" entails. Would the backer who came up with that Era care to give us the elevator pitch? (I just last weekend watched The Last King, which is set a few centuries earlier than the listed period, but it means that Scandinavian history is fresh on my mind.)

    6. Christopher Shaffer on

      Admittedly I haven't kept up on the updates as closely as I could, so I'm a bit lost on what 'Light of the Sun' and 'Golden Age of Sci-Fi' entail.

    7. feralw01f on

      I too am sad at no Steamboats, but everything else is looking so awesome I think I'll manage to survive somehow :P

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert D on

      Incredibly excited!!! :) Will the eras be placed in chronological order as in the first Dark Eras?

    9. Ron on

      I'm still a bit curious to what "Golden Age of Sci-fi" exactly entails.

    10. James Cartwright on

      Sad as well at there being no Steamboats.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin "Wolf" Patti

      Sad as well about no steamboats. But I didn't know how much I needed Deviant/Werewolf in the Golden Age of Sci-Fi until reading that line there.

      This is going to be awesome.

    12. Missing avatar

      Aaron Woodside

      No steamboats. So very sad