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Cavaliers of Mars is now available for purchase!
Cavaliers of Mars is now available for purchase!
885 backers pledged $38,388 to help bring this project to life.

February 2019 Update

Posted by James Bell (Collaborator)

Hello Cavaliers,

It's been a while, but I didn't want you to think you'd been forgotten! Even as the game is out in the world and being enjoyed, there are still a few projects still working their way slowly toward you.

If you have any friends who are interested in the game, you can send them to:

You can also get a PDF or PoD version (or combo!) for a set of Cavaliers of Mars Talent and Path Cards from DrivethruRPG.

REWARD TRACKING - Completed Rewards (Sent to Backers)  

  • Redbubble discounted KS T-shirt link (Update #27, 11/20/17) 
  • 6 PDF mini-games (Update #29, 12/04/17) 
  • Digital Postcard - Illium (Update #34, 04/24/18) 
  • Cavaliers of Mars PDF (Update #35, 05/23/18) 
  • Digital Postcard - Vance (Update #36, 06/01/18) 
  • Digital Wallpaper (Sent 06/11/18) 
  • Digital Postcard - Zodiac (update #38, 07/25/18)
  • Digital Postcard - Chiaro (update #39, 08/17/18)
  • Digital Postcard - Surtur (update #41, 09/12/18)
  • Cavaliers of Mars Hardcover Core Book (update #42, 09/26/18)
  • GM Screen  (update #42, 09/26/18)
  • Signed Book Plate (update #42, 09/26/18)
  • Digital Postcard - Ziggur (update #43, 11/02/18) 


  • Witch-Queen of the Shadowed Citadel PDF - in Second Draft stage
  • City of Towered Tombs 1-3 PDF - in First Draft stage

If you want to keep up on Rose's latest projects and throw a little support her way, here is Rose’s Patreon link: <>     

And, you can can sometimes find new information when you check out the Cavaliers of Mars section of the official Onyx Path forums here: <CAVALIERS OF MARS FORUM LINK>

I'll post our list of delivered and pending rewards with each monthly update, so that we can track everything that's needed and keep on the same page. Also, feel free to check out Onyx Path's Monday Meeting Notes posts that I mentioned (linked here) which will give you a weekly status report on ALL of the projects Onyx Path has on the go (you may see spoilers for my monthly updates, or see what other kickstarter campaigns are currently running).

Check out the latest Kickstarter project from Onyx Path
Check out the latest Kickstarter project from Onyx Path


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    1. Matias B on

      My story with Cavaliers of Mars

      I backed the game for a physical copy. I was excited with the setting and given the experience of Rose Bailey I was confident to get a good swashbuckler game in Mars.

      I received the book and when I was ready to test the game with friends a week ago I started to read the rules with more detail.

      I liked the ideas of the combat when I read the jumpstart but I was expecting some tweaks in the corebook. Having three Motivations and three Methods, I felt the combat was a game of chance and the only attribute valid was Speed beside some talents.

      I decided to give it a chance and see how it works but when I was reading the talent Pistoleer I trigger a chain-reaction of frustration. Let me explain:

      The talent give you the change of reducing the Reload cost in Stunt dice. Sounds interesting but the problem is the Ranged Weapon section says reloading is automatic in the Break phase (the end of the round). So why I need stunt dice? May I be losing something?

      Let's the see the Weapons... searching in the index: Weapons is an appendix. And Weapons is a table with ~8 weapons. The text surrounding the table doesn't say nothing useful and you end with more questions like: what are those columns? why the box does 3 damage at distance but no other weapon, neither flintlaser do so much?

      Then I found there's a section with ordinary weapons like Spider Rifle or something like that. Great! But nooo... its a description of the weapon with Benefits and Drawback but no Damage information and is not even present in the table.
      At this point my frustration level was high. I posted two questions on Onyx forum and look for a community online to ask more questions. No one answer.

      I continue reading the book with the idea of trying to fix the missing parts so I read the martian races and reading through Skarruts, this frog-like guys, I see the text talks about how good they're using slings and how the elite use pole slings. And I made the mistake of checking the table again to see if slings was there. It wasn’t.

      My last try was to use the index by words. I was desperate and then I found the index is hell. It has two level of indendation but no one edited it so its all mess. And if you try to follow it alphabetically as expected you found its all scrambled.

      The final chapter of this is me: frustrated, desperate and anger I went to every place I could think to ask questions. In the forum, the blog of Rose Bailey (, kickstarter comments ( and facebook (
      I found out more things in the game in just a couple pages more before I stop reading it like: the cavaliers (the career that provides the name of the game) has a talent named Footwork that provide an advantage if you're standing. Every career has only 3 talents and one is about footwork when the career is about riding animals. The following problem is the text provides names about the possible mounts but I couldn't find a clear reference of how this animals are. The same for sky ships, another theme item of the game.

      Finally, I drop out the idea of gamemastering this game.

      Today I went back to the forum to see if I was lucky and get answers I found my posts were removed. That's why I decided to go to every place and share this story.

      Cavaliers of Mars is an incomplete game, not tested enough (or at all). The rules are inconsistent and contradictory. And OP and Rose Bailey cheated the backers with a game. There's not a even a community to try to figure out the game and so something with the good parts (I guess they're but I loose the hope and patience to find them).