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Cavaliers of Mars is now available for purchase!
Cavaliers of Mars is now available for purchase!
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    1. James Bell Collaborator on

      Awesome job, gang! We’ve taken all of that notes and passed them on to the team. Now they’re working on finalizing and indexing the book before sending it off to the printer. Once they have an updated PDF version, they’ll upload the latest version to drivethrurpg and you’ll get a notice that the updated version is available for download.

    2. Navigator on

      68 Paragraph 3 Change "Like the Red and Pales, the Zaius" to Like the Reds and Pales, the Zaius".
      5 Religions Change "Zaius Ancestor Worship" to "Zaiu Ancestor Worship" or "Zaius' Ancestor Worship".
      73 Zaius Ancestor Worship Change "Zaius Ancestor Worship" to "Zaiu Ancestor Worship" or "Zaius' Ancestor Worship".
      73 Zaius Ancestor Worship Change "Most Zaius caravans" to "Most Zaiu caravans" or Most Zaius' caravans".
      80 Characters Danese, Silane & Dax don't have their ancestry noted like other characters.
      81 Characters 4 Change Ansile's "Gift of Gab" trait to "The Gift of the Gab".
      92 Coronal Paragraph 4. Change "Uprisings ae common" to "Uprisings are common"
      93 Xeta Geyser Paragraph 4. Change "attempt to clear the clog system." to "attempt to clear the clogged system."
      96 Hazard 1 Change "Colony of feral spiders who build webbed bridges." to "A colony of feral spiders who build webbed bridges."
      98 Foresight Paragraph 4. Change "Zaius priests frequently" to Zaiu priests frequently".
      98 Foresight Paragraph 4. Capitalise "library of memory".
      99 Character 2 Ozge needs an umlaut on the first letter of her name (Özge) as per Hook 3 on Pg. 98.
      132 Character 1 Change "Niurt, Roundhead harried Yellow Silk priest" to "Niurt, harried Roundhead Yellow Silk priest"
      94-101, 107-111 Characters The characters' adjectives and job titles etc. are fully capitalised. The other characters in Chapter 3 have these uncapitalised except for proper nouns.

    3. Navigator on

      Apologies again for the formatting, I'm pasting from an Excel spreadsheet.

      76 Character 1 Fully capitalise "Makeshift weapons".
      77 Hook 6 Change "the metal rings continues to vibrate softly." to "the metals rings continue to vibrate softly."
      78 Character 2 Hoth, an underdog in the arena, only has a combat pool of 1 Parry. Is this correct?
      78 Hazard 3 Change "After being ridiculed for a particular bad loss" to "After being ridiculed for a particularly bad loss".
      79 Hooks 2 Change "as the orb is as high as two Pale Martians." to "as the orb is as tall as two Pale Martians." OR " high up as…"
      88 Locations "Locations" is in a smaller font than the other cities' descriptions.
      90-92 All Points The first line in each point is slightly less indented than the lines beneath it. This differs from the established pattern.
      91 Hazards Points 4 & 6 have a grey background instead of Points 3 & 5.
      94 Characters The Characters table heading in rendered in plain text without a background.
      108 Himk Characters 3,4,5 & 6 don't have proper "dX" ratings for any of their traits.
      112 Character 6 Anbat has "Swift Fingers 5". This needs a proper "dX" rating.
      122 Character 2 See also Pg. 25 NPCs Point 3. Add "Their" to "Would Do Anything To See Child's Face Again". Unless the character in question is called "Child".
      132 Characters 1 Change Niurt's "Poise" trait to "Resolve".
      132 Characters 2 Change Obasya's "Poise" trait to "Resolve".
      132 Character 4 Change Shemaaz' combat pools of "S1/P1/M1" to "1 Strike/1 Parry/1 Stunt"
      133 Character 5 Change Turns' combat pools of "S1/P0/M0" to "1 Strike".
      137 Character 4 Nasreen's Moneylender should be rated "d8" not "8".
      138 Character 1 Azimuth's Cheerful Soliloquy should be rated "d6" not "6".
      138 Character 3 Tiefa's Fine Breads For Sale should be rated "d6" not"6".
      138 Hazards 5 Change "and any other targets of opportunity that strike the fancy." to "...strike their fancy."

    4. Lofwyr on

      Some errata I've found:

      pg. 27 - "When a strike lands... it inflicts Strain... based on your character’s weapon’s damage." There's no reference to how much damage each weapon does in the table on pg. 217 (unless it's the "Close" column, in which case it needs to be renamed to something less misleading).

      pg. 57 - The Pistoleer talent for Soldiers states that "You spend one fewer Stunt die to reload a firearm than normal for the rest of the scene." There's no mention of Stunt dice being able to do this anywhere else, and it contradicts the ranged weapon rules on pg. 29 which states that reloading happens during the Break phase.

    5. Penguin King Games Inc. on

      Errata-wise, this is me putting my technical writer hat on, so these may be quite nitpicky, but:

      p. 28, second column, first paragraph: the way this is worded implies that basic Strikes and Parries are subject to the one-maneuver-per-round rule, which I'm reasonably sure is not intended.

      p. 28-29: are maneuvers and talents that modify the face value of a Strike or Stunt die intended to alter the timing of the action, or merely its priority for determining what beats what? The text as it stands can be read either way; additionally, if modifiers do alter action timing, it's not clear how this interacts with the general rule that specific actions need not be declared until the die's count comes up.

      p. 28, "Disarm" boxed text: are disarms intended to by Parryable? p. 27 states that Stunts can't be Parried as a general rule, but if this also applies to Disarms it's unclear under what circumstances the Disarm maneuver's Mastery benefit would come into play.

    6. Navigator on

      Seeing as the errata thread is already locked down I'll leave these here. I've been busy, so I'm only a quarter of the way through the PDF :(

      Page No. Type Type Detail

      9 Subheading Change "Chapter 5: Game Master Resources" to "Chapter 5: Game Master Tools" to match Contents.
      17 Header Change "Warefare/Medicine/Lost Places" to "Warfare/Medicine/The Lost Places" to match other headers and correct spelling.
      49 Header Change "Talents" to "Careers". Talents don't start until Pg. 51.
      20/21 Lasting Consequences The 1st & 2nd paragraphs are in a smaller font.
      25 Non-Player Characters Point 2 is in a smaller font.
      25 Non-Player Characters Point 2, line 1 has a large justifying gap. This could be reduced by dropping "An", then referring to plural characters.
      25 Non-Player Characters Point 3, line 1 is misaligned.
      24 Character Creation Points 10 & 11 are misaligned to the other points.
      25 Non-Player Characters Point 3. Add "Their" to "Would Do Anything To See Child's Face Again". Unless the character in question is called "Child".
      30 The Map The image uses the UK spelling of theatre, but the the US spelling is used on line 5. No other instances of either spelling are in the book.
      30 The Map Change "Here’s an example map:" to "An example is given below." The way it is written makes it look like the image was supposed to be directly below the example map text. Alternatively, delete "Here’s an example map:" and add "(see below diagram)" to "For example, in a theater,"
      30 Range "In the above example" should read "In the below example" as the referred map is at the bottom of the page.
      30 Range "and that field of fire isn't" should read "and that their field of fire isn't".
      35 Chiaro Recheck "People of all ilk". Does ilk have a irregular plural like sheep?
      38 Siren Change "was" to "were" in "Your family was either farmers, guards or criminals."
      38 Siren Point 4. Fully capitalise "labyrinth of Himk".
      Various Query Recheck Stonemason is entered as two words in the book
      52 Forceful Talents "In Demand" should be above "Offer They Can't Refuse" not below.
      Career Talents Some of these talents have a trait. Why? Typo?
      58 Evasive Footwork Change "gains additional Parry dice for every enemy attacking him past the first." to "gains an additional Parry die…"
      58 Path of the Coward Delete "(Maximum once per session)". It's redundant as each trigger only gives a reward once per session as per Improvement and Change Pg. 23.

    7. Matthew Shaw on

      On p.37, the entry for Foresight only has 5 options. Not sure if that's an error but all the others have 6.

    8. Matthew Shaw on

      On p.35, option 4 for Battlehymn should have a white background but it's grey.

    9. Missing avatar

      EmeraldSpear on

      Loving the game! A couple little things: In the Cavalier section on page 43 it mentions a 'Terro' and a 'Zomek'. The only other mention of a Terro (and it's cousin the Ostoros) is on page 17, but nowhere does it give a description and/or stats. The Zomek are similarly mentioned only briefly with no clear description of what they are (p.46). I'm assuming they were accidentally left out of the beastiary.

    10. Matthew Shaw on

      In the example character creation for Valentine, it says the trait "Clockwork Heart" is stepped up to D8 but in the stats below, it says D10. Also, I'd like to change how I'm listed as well :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Don Bisdorf on

      On page 8 and page 20, the action rules state that you roll a pool of dice and "pick the highest", which I would have assumed meant "pick the single highest die", except that some of the other rules later mention keeping two dice. Shouldn't the basic action descriptions on page 8 and 20 explicitly say "pick the two highest and add them"?

    12. James Bell Collaborator on

      @Ted P.: I can solve that for you. I’ll send you an email later today.

    13. Ted P. on

      How would I go about changing the name that I am listed under in the backer list? My last name got shortened to an initial and a period, and I'd prefer my full name be in the book, if possible. I dug around on BackerKit but didn't find any way to change it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!