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One Hundred 12" Vinyls. Side A: Goldmansacksdotcom. Side B: Hiep Hiep Hoera. Side A: Un-listenable. Side B: Listenable. Born in Baltimore. Cheap.
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We Are Doing It?

Posted by Adam Holofcener (Creator)

We are humbled. We are gracious. We aren't there yet?

As we have been promulgating on the net, this is awesome, this is amazing, but we still need your help!

You ask, "Why do you still need our help?" You think, "You shams have reached your 'goal.'" You loathe, "Us."

Those assertions and sentiments are certainly on the up and up; however, here are some things to ponder:

a) We still have records left, so you can still buy them.
b) We kind of low balled the goal because we did not realize the magnitude of the totality of the human situation involved.
c) Kickstarter is awesome, but they take a cut of what we raise. Amazon, while helping, also takes a cut. And, the USPS, involuntarily, takes a cut when we ship you your record.
d) We are making no profit on this record (Breaking even is the maxxx). Any extra money that we raise will go towards record number 2 (K002). We do not want to have to bother you good people again anytime soon. We really, really do not want to beg for money again. Please.

That explains "it."

Thanks again; You all are really something else.

-AGH (speaking FOR The Kunst Krew, without speaking TO the Kunst Krew)


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