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A brand new PATHFINDER setting book that puts a twist on the "classic" fantasy races from the award-winning designer John Wick.
1,097 backers pledged $46,679 to help bring this project to life.

Adventure unlocked! Wicked Fate is up next!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

Hey folks!

Mark Diaz Truman here. John's in Poland, and he's had a bit more trouble making it to a computer than he thought. He's totally psyched that we've made so much progress ($38,000!!!!) and he asked me to drop you all a note to answer any last minute questions that might come up.

Wicked Fantasy Adventure Unlocked

We've unlocked the Wicked Fantasy adventure ($37,500) from Jill and John! That's going to be sent out as a PDF to all backers and included in the physical companion book with all the other wonderful conversions, short stories, and GM advice. Yay!

Dungeon World in the Companion Book

Speaking of companion books, I'm also happy to announce the the Dungeon World crew has agreed to put the Dungeon World conversion into the printed companion book. Everyone was already getting the DW conversion as a PDF, but now it's going to be in the physical Wicked Fantasy Companion for anyone who wants to add that on by pledging an additional $25. Double yay!

Wicked Fate at $40K

Our next goal is Wicked Fate. At $40,000, John's going to have me (Mark Diaz Truman) write a standalone Wicked Fantasy Fate Conversion. That means that everything you need to play Wicked Fantasy will be in the book, including all of John's awesome setting, with specialized Fate mechanics. I love Fate Core, and I'm so excited to put this book together for you all. And given that we are less than $2,000 from the goal... I think we can do it!

Wicked Fantasy Add Ons

Finally, here's a list of the add ons for the project:

$20 - Extra set of dice

$20 - GM Screen (unsigned)

$20 - Full Color Wicked Fantasy Map

$25 - 8.5''x11'' softcover Wicked Fantasy Companion, featuring the Savage World Conversion, Dungeon World Conversion, short stories by Mike Stackpole and Matt Forbeck, John and Jill's Wicked Fantasy starter Adventurer, and... GM Advice.

$50/$60 - Additional Hardcover Book ($50 Domestic / $60 International)

Adding stuff on is easy. If you're backing at the $60 level and you want to add on the Companion ($25), change your pledge to $85 and leave your reward the same. At the end of the campaign, we'll confirm what you ordered and make sure you get it. If you add a map, the dice or GM screen to a PDF only order only, and you are ordering from overseas, please add $5 for shipping. Otherwise, shipping on the additional stuff is free.

In summary...

Whew. Lots going on! Woohoo! Let's see if we can get across that $40,000 line!


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