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We're turning our first full-length album into a complete multimedia experience by collaborating with talented visual artists.
We're turning our first full-length album into a complete multimedia experience by collaborating with talented visual artists.
53 backers pledged $7,086 to help bring this project to life.

Kingdom Crumbs x Ori Toor: Evoking Spirits... [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Hi friends!

This is one of those special updates to let you know that all of your funding efforts are paying off :)

If you recall, we promised to collaborate with the extremely talented Ori Toor to create an animated music video for our first song off of the album, "Evoking Spirits". Well, we did just that, and the video is complete and was released this morning!

Please feel free to comment and share the video with your friends. Thank you again for all of your help in making this possible!


Exclusive-to-Kickstarter T-Shirt Designs!

38 days left and YOU have already helped us reach 35% of our funding goal! We are overjoyed by your generous contributions and your participation in making this dream come to life :)

Here is the design for the exclusive-to-Kickstarter t-shirts that will be rewarded to those who have gotten involved at the $50+ level. The t-shirt is also available as part of the deluxe packaging of our album which is available at the $100+ level.

The design features the Dogon stilt dancers of Mali, a people who are known for their advanced knowledge of the cosmos. The Dogon dancers are depicted putting the stars in the sky. The back of the shirt features the Cloud Nice saturn logo near the collar.

The t-shirts are high-quality American Apparel 50/50 tees with minimal shrinkage. Red print on heather plum cloth.

Coming Soon: Exclusive-to-kickstarter T-shirt Design

Hey all!

Within the week we will be posting the exclusive-to-kickstarter t-shirt design available at the $50 level or above! Check back soon!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful wonderful support! Here is a little silly video we put together as an alternate to our official kickstarter video:

49 Days Left: 20% There!


49 days left on our campaign and we are already one-fifth of the way to our goal! Ultimate appreciation goes out to all those who have supported! Remember, even if you don't have much to spare, you can help out in a HUGE way just by spreading the word!


KINGDOM CRUMBS is offering the actual autographed Yamaha Motif 6 keyboard/workstation we used to create our album (and many others) as an incentive for participating in our fundraiser! The Motif was previously owned by Seattle's own Macklemore. Watch this video to find out how we got it from Mack! And remember, there is only one of these things in the world so first come, first serve!

Day One Wrap-up: AMAZING!

We are all just blown away by your support!

It has been just over a day and YOU have already raised $645 of our $7000 goal! Our project is also featured on the front page of Kickstarter's music section as a Staff Pick! These are things that YOU made possible by believing in the power of music and art! Truly amazing :)

Right now and throughout the rest of April, I (@taysean) am on tour with Shabazz Palaces as their driver. I thought it might be cool to update what's happening on the road along with Kingdom Crumbs stuff. Cool? Cool.

We've been out here since April 2nd, so here's a quick overview of what's happened so far:

Apr 2 - Flew in to Minneapolis from Seattle.

Apr 3 - Shabazz rocked at The Whole at University of Minnesota, along with some other heads from the town: Malitia Malimob (cool, cool cats who actual DROVE out from Seattle), and King Otto (formerly DJ of Silent Lambs Project).

Apr 4 - Drove from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. Roadkill included several deer and a small bear :( Shabazz rocked at a cool lil dive bar called Mad Planet.

Apr 5 - On the way to Chicago we accidentally fueled our van with diesel. We had to get a tow and get the tank flushed and the injectors cleaned. Malitia Malimob was cool enough to swing through the service shop near the Illinois/Wisconsin border and hang with us while the vehicle was getting serviced. Finally made it to Lincoln Hall in the Chi, which CRACKED. Hands down my favorite experience thus far.

Apr 6 - North to Detroit. Yo the D is kinda sad… Homes and businesses are just boarded up, and the streets are like… Empty. On the upside Ish's homegirl @dreamhampton had some food delivered from Slows Bar BQ, which was SLAPPIN. I recommend the Yardbird sandwich (no bacon). We also stopped by the Motown Museum, and stood on some sacred ground where so many legends stood before. The energy at that place was so energizing.

Apr 7 - From Detroit to Gambier, OH for a show at Kenyon College. Students' t-shirts read, "Kenyon College is not near anywhere." 100% true.

Apr 8 - To Pittsburgh through rural Ohio. Ignorance is rampant in these parts. Check out these signs we saw on the side of the road in some guys field. The social climate was pretty unsettling for a van full of brown people.

Apr 9 - Got stopped at the Canadian border on the way to Toronto. Canada is not messin with me! They had to send me back and of course we were subject to more invasive search and frisking at the US border before the fellas could drop me off in Buffalo and proceed on their tour. So I'm chillin in Buffalo for a few days on the solo tip and will reconnect with the tour in North Hampton, MA.

The rest of the fellas are back in Seattle holding it down for Kingdom Crumbs and the Cloud Nice x Moor Gang family. Much love!

Thanks once again for all of your kind support! We'll keep you posted on Kingdom Crumbs news!