Revive Retronauts - Your Favorite Classic Gaming Podcast!

by The Retronauts

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    1. Chase on

      Yeah, I'm a happy boy today!

      It's totally fine if not, just happy to have the series back but for the higher-tier rewards:
      Have we passed the point for suggesting topics?

    2. Conrad Yonosenada

      Just please keep those podcasts coming! This is the one kickstarer I backed that I have no regrets at all!

    3. The Retronauts Creator on

      Chase -- if you paid for the topic tier, but haven't suggested one yet, please e-mail one of us, or send us a message via Kickstarter!

    4. VidjaGamer on

      Has anyone received physical rewards yet? It's fine if they haven't shipped, but I want to make sure mine isn't hanging out there somewhere.

    5. Billy Daves II on

      Has anyone received their shirt yet?

    6. Brian Clark on

      I haven't received mine yet, so I'd imagine they haven't been shipped yet.