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We'd like to make more episodes of Retronauts, and it seems that you wouldn't mind listening. Let's make this happen!
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The Retronauts

1,229 backers pledged $56,728 to help bring this project to life.

The Home Stretch

Well, it looks like we're definitely going to hit our $52,000 stretch goal before our Kickstarter ends Sunday, April 21st at 7:50pm EDT; odds are, we may be seeing a lot of you in person over the coming months -- please be kind. We'll try to do the same. 

Just a few updates you may have missed if you haven't been paying attention to Retronauts' ever-growing number of social networks: 

We put together a brief, unprofessional podcast over Skype about the progress of our Kickstarter thus far. You can take a listen over at our SoundCloud page, then immediately start counting down the days until we get recording equipment that doesn't make it sound like we're communicating with walkie-talkies underwater (soon!). 

Jeremy also spelled out our upcoming video plans in a lengthy blog post. Head on over to and check it out! And in the spirit of "but wait... there's more!" we've also added a few reward tiers based entirely around books. 

Donating $140 will get you a brand-new, Kickstarter-exclusive, full-color 50-page Retronauts book, featuring the commissioned pieces donated by our talented artists, as well as some original written content from Bob, Ray, and Jeremy. 

Donating $400 will let you take home three volumes of Jeremy Parish's Anatomy of a Game series in stunning 10x8, full-color, paperback format -- and we'll even throw in the original Retronauts book from the tier described above. And, of course, anyone who chooses either of these tiers will get to bring home everything from the Retronauts prize pack (sticker/button, DVD, t-shirt) as well. Also, only a handful of our commissioned art pieces (the $250 tier) remain available, so you may want to get while the getting's good!

 As always, thanks again for your support. We can't wait to make stuff that will delight your eyes, ears, and possibly other senses.