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Show up early. Build your hand. Manage your pantry. Fill delicious pastries. Become Star Baker. By Jonathan Chaffer for 1-6 bakers.
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Rulebook Preview

Posted by Jonathan Chaffer (Collaborator)

Good afternoon, bakers!

Jason's away for a couple of days, but in his absence I wanted to gather some feedback as soon as we could. Claire has been busy putting together finalized files for the printer, and among these is the rulebook.

Check out the rulebook here

Board game design is a unique form of creative expression. With movies, books, sculpture, painting, or video games, the creator can be sure that the audience will see what you created. They might not like it, but at least they will have a chance. Board games rely on understanding of the rules as a first step, and if that fails, then the players might not even be playing the actual game! So the rulebook is one of the most important pieces of the package.

If you have the time, please read through the linked rulebook and do let us know (via comments here or in Dropbox comments) if any of it is unclear or confusing. We want this game to be the best it can be. Thanks!


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    1. Nate on

      My main concern is with spacing -- it feels like everything is crammed together.

      On page 3, the subsections "Supply the chefs", "Create the Recipe Deck", "Create the Recipe Book" have no spacing between them, and almost appear as one large block of text.

      On page 4, the large Icons heading appears to extend even to the previous line where the picture is. Likewise the picture under Victory Points appears exactly touching the previous line (compare with the i from "special abilities")

      On page 5, the F from the large "Fill" heading is practically touching the "p" in play (not even the tallest character on the line).

      Compare the spacing from the previous sections with how the sections are spread out on page 8.

      I just glanced through the rulebook and this seemed very apparent,

    2. Vicki Maxfield

      dropbox lost my comment when it didn't want to log me in...
      Anyhow, the picture example under how to fill an order is actually more confusing rather than helpful. I thought the words were pretty clear though.

      I also agree with the comment about what a double dollar sign means. The example of 9 points says it must count for 2 points by itself, but does it also count as 2 icons for the set collection part of scoring?

    3. Sebastian Blanco

      A little nit-picky, but I'd slightly change this line in the Special Abilities section: "Instead, this ability [changes] the time on [another] card. In the turn order phase, a player may select [and play] this card in addition to their time card to subtract one hour from the card's time."

    4. Incognitoeffect on

      Looks pretty good but the scoring example may be a bit confusing if one is not paying close attention to the icons. The double dollar sign icon should be explained so players know to look for it. It seems intuitive to me but some may not see it.

    5. Daniel Chou on

      I notice you are using a non-monospaced font meaning your bulleted lists are not aligned at the start of their word sentances. Example on page 2, the list of components. The 1. and 2. have varying spacing. A little kerning could even that out.
      Some Headers are closer to their proceeding paragraph text than others. On page 5 the Header FILL is very close to it's paragraph where the 'F' cuts into the line of the text below it. Turn Order above it is much farther above than other headers, leaving more space between it and the paragraph proceeding it. On Page 12, Scoring has a similar issue of being to close to it's proceeding paragraph.

    6. Jonathan Chaffer Collaborator on

      @Alex: You're totally right. That could be a much better example.

    7. Alex Tufano

      It's great! The one comment I thought I was going to have was that on page 4, the example of a recipe card doesn't have any ingredients on it, so it's not the best example. But, later in the rules, cards were shown that made that very clear. So if you want to swap it out for another recipe card that has everything on it, that wouldn't hurt, but I do think it's clear!