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Funding the production of a full 28mm miniature army to fit VSF and Steampunk themed games.
Funding the production of a full 28mm miniature army to fit VSF and Steampunk themed games.
148 backers pledged £10,661 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      You're welcome!

    2. Andrew Tuttle on

      I'm enjoying working with the minis. The castings are very clean with hardly any mold lines. If this hasn't been suggested already I'd like to see, perhaps as a future Kickstarter, a frock coat variant. Thanks again for the great figures!

    3. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Great, I'll be looking forward to getting some photos of painted figures soon.

    4. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      My last bits arrived on the weekend, brilliant casts! Started working on them last night!

    5. Phil Bagnall on

      .... and have duly arrived safely. And they are also outstanding as in very good (and thanks for the extra heads too)
      Will send a pic or 2 once the first few come off the painting table

    6. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Just packing everything tonight, sorry for the slight delay.

    7. Phil Bagnall on

      Hi Andrew - any news on the outstanding greatcoat figures yet?

    8. Andrew May 5-time creator on


    9. Missing avatar

      Simon Hutchinson on

      Parcel arrived today, only had chance for a quick look but from what I saw they look fantastic, and barely a mold line in sight. Good job

    10. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      @James, of course, that'd be ace!
      Glad they're pouring in and glad someone appreciated the tape! ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      James Evans on

      *people have painted (stupid phone)

    12. Missing avatar

      James Evans on

      Just wondering if you wanted pictures of some of the models have painted?

    13. Michael Pennell

      Hi Andrew. I received my figures a week or so ago, so sorry for the late reply. Fantastic figures with lots of crisp detail in the castings. Loving the world you're building on the blog too. Cheers, Michael

    14. Matthew Leahy on

      I received my package yesterday, the castings look great. Now I need to try and remember how I planned to organize my squads based off the quantities I ordered...

      The mailroom workers enjoyed the packing tape :)

    15. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Many "lols"
      You should have yours soon, Simon.

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Hutchinson on

      Still waiting here down under.

    17. Kieran Billings on

      Freaky. Mine arrived in New Zealand and we have extremely similar last names. How does that twilight zone music go, lol

    18. David Billinghurst on

      My figures arrived in sunny New Zealand today, many thanks Andrew, they look fantastic.

    19. Missing avatar

      Glen Fitzpatrick on

      You gotta love postal service, my wife goes outside for random thingy and finds a package. I've been home all day sitting 5 meter from the front door.
      The models look very good. I think I got an extra set in my package, the head count was correct. I would send them back but the shipping cost would be kinda high.

    20. Undave on

      So a twenty mile round trip to the collection office only to find out that it wasn't my Meridian stuff at all but a Compare the blinkin' Meerkat toy I got free when I changed my car insurance! Thankfully while I was out with my "while you were out" slip, Unwife was in so she could take delivery of the real Meridian package when it turned up. Now I'm the proud owner of a company of beturbaned and greatcoated Ottomaniacs (as well as a plush meerkat) and I'm looking forward to trying them out on the battlefield. Good job Mr. May, count me in if you ever do another Kickstarter.


    21. Andrew May 5-time creator on


    22. Undave on

      Well at least the postie didn't leave it in the rain. In fact he didn't leave it at all, or even bother to knock to see if anyone was in (which there was.) I just noticed the corner of a "while you were out" slip scrunched up in the letterbox. It says 12:00 on it but there's no date so it could conceivably have been there since yesterday. I'll go and pick it up tomorrow I suppose, just to be on the safe side. Of course this is all assuming that it's my Meridian stuff but I'm not expecting anything else so it's a good bet. Roll on tomorrow...

    23. Phil Bagnall on

      Andrew, have PM'd you about a couple of heads but wanted to say the figures are very nice indeed. Great proportions on the sculpting, barely any flash to be cleaned and the animation of the general with the coat off the shoulder is particularly spot on. Thank you again for a great little range & good luck for launching them "officially" to sale when the time comes

    24. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Sheppard on

      Thanks a lot Andrew I really appreciate it, I'll be ordering more figures when these are painted up!
      Regards Geoff

    25. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Whoops, no need to send anything back, it's my fault. I'll get the heads in the post asap.

    26. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Sheppard on

      Hi Andrew, my parcel was waiting for me when I arrived home today. brilliant figures looking forward to painting them and getting them on the table. One minor issue you have sent an extra set of at ease figures and heads 3 but I am short one head 19 set. let me know which address you want the extras sending back to. Thanks Geoff

    27. Andrew May 5-time creator on


    28. Jim Lemaster on

      My package came in on Saturday and they're outstanding. I'm incredibly impressed both with your artistry and administrative abilities as this is one of the best Kickstarters I've been part of. Keep this up and you will go a very long way! Kudos Andrew.

    29. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      Great to see the models are starting to arrive looking forward to seeing them, glad I've got some pretty bases all ready and waiting. :)

    30. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Great news, be sure to paint the ones that you have in the meantime! if you need more just message me until I have an online store.

    31. Funkychef on

      Models arrived this morning and I ahve to say they are glorious, a superbly run KS and may I wish you much luck and success in the future with them :)

      Now get an online store sorted for them so I can buy more :)

    32. Adamski Letanovich on

      Brilliant thanks! Look forward to getting hold of them :)

    33. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      @Adam yes, your reward is on it's way. :D
      @Quendil, your reward went out today also, you have one "at ease" set to follow as per update.

    34. Missing avatar

      Quendil on

      Has everything shipped now, just so I can keep an eye out for the postman

    35. Adamski Letanovich on

      I went for the diving head set and was wondering if those were sorted out yet?

    36. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      @Xindi. wow that was fast to New Zealand! :D

    37. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Hi Glenn, yours is is just being addressed and will go out with the next batch on Tuesday.

    38. Missing avatar

      Glen Fitzpatrick on

      Hi Andrew, quick question, is my package somewhere in the post? It is just that my postman something has weird ideas of "safe" locations.
      If I'm on the todo list, no prob. Thanx

    39. Missing avatar

      Xindi Wang on

      Hi Andrew. Just got the package today, felt like Christmas! Thanks very much

    40. Undave on

      Not a problem. I just splurged on Warlord's half price sprues so I've more than enough (soggy) miniatures to be going on with.

    41. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Whoops, I just checked and yours is still waiting on some bits, Undave. Next lot comes in on Tuesday so you won't be waiting long!

    42. Undave on

      Nope, haven't got anything yet but I bet it's pouring with rain when they do get here. They have some funny ideas these postmen.

    43. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      You got them ok though? The best one was when the postie decided that the recycling bin was a good place to leave a parcel for me!

    44. Undave on

      My postie has a nasty habit of leaving things on the doorstep even if I'm in. Many's the time I've stepped out of the front door to find a soggy parcel. It's a good thing white metal doesn't rust.

    45. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Thanks Colin. :)

    46. Colin Hagreen on

      Just opened the package... they re lovely. Size and bulk fit perfectly with my EotD kickstarter figures, and there's a bonus general in there that I wasn't expecting :)

      Thanks for a great KS, and good luck with the business in future.

    47. Andrew May 5-time creator on

      Great stuff!

    48. Colin Hagreen on

      I just got in to find a little parcel waiting for me. I'm going to wait for the morning before I open it...

    49. Missing avatar

      James Evans on

      *I've not received

    50. Missing avatar

      James Evans on

      I've got received a notification and can't see where it would be. Thanks for letting me know they're sent though, have next week off so looking forward to spending some time with these when they arrive.

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