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The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs.  Your beverage has never looked so good.
The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs. Your beverage has never looked so good.
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We have not forgotten about you!

Posted by Marsh Gooding (Creator)


We’re long overdue for sending you an update on what’s happening here at Holdster. We’ve got a lot to fill you in on so we’ll start with the important stuff: 

1) Lifetime discount for Backers: We’re in business because of you. If you ever buy anything from us at, you get 20% off. Just plug in the discount code ‘backerforlife’ when checking out on our website. 

2) Holdster Model 05 Release (FINALLY!): 1.5X the size of our standard models, the Model 05 fits a standard ‘Pint and a Half’ Ball Jar. Time to drink… more. Available HERE (A few of you were instrumental in developing this product and we thank you for your feedback!) 

3) Ambassador Program: We’re starting a Holdster Ambassador Program to get Holdsters into the hands of people who are out there doing cool shit. We’re looking for applicants and are asking you, our Backers, first. If you have any interest in applying, please see the guidelines below. We hope that some of you will! 

4) What’s Next: We’re getting to work developing new products that really fit the Holdster lifestyle. We’d love to have any input from YOU: Get in touch- hit us up on Facebook, email us (, give us a call, whatever you want, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! As the early adopters of our product, your advice is not taken lightly. (Let us know what you want to see next!) 

5) Holdster Mantra: Take life neat. Don’t water it down, add any B.S, or try to consume it quickly. Instead, enjoy everything like a scotch served neat: unadulterated, pure, meant to be sipped slowly one drop at a time. 

6) Other Neat Stuff: See Below… 

Holdster Update: 

-Things have been going well for us here at Holdster. We recently purchased our own sewing machine (yes, this is a big deal for us…). This means that we no longer have to rent machinery to work on developing products and can prototype much faster. 

-We’ve also fallen into what we think is a great routine of having Wednesday night strategy meetings. These meetings consist of Bobby and I meeting up at The Skinny Pancake, a local restaurant, to have some fancy-ass hot dogs and Heady Toppers. After a couple of refreshing 8%ABV libations, the ideas start to flow. These meetings have become the cornerstone of our business planning and we’ve developed a new policy at Holdster as a result: 

No big decisions shall ever be made unless we’ve had at least 2-3 drinks. 

No, we don’t have a drinking problem… we just have found that a few beers lead to fun and fun=creativity=great ideas=success. If we wake up the morning after a meeting and say ‘what the hell were we thinking’, we throw the idea out. So far, all of our best decisions have been made over beers and we’d like to keep it that way. 

-Holdster Bombing (#messageinabottle) is an idea that Hannah, our Brand Manager, came up with that we love. There have been a number of people out there that have been doing positive bombing like chair bombing. We decided that it would be great to go drop a bomb of awesomeness on unsuspecting strangers out there in the wide world. Our thought was that if we hid some Holdsters in cool places, cool people would find them and be psyched. They’d get to witness, firsthand, what we mean when we say that we make a quality product. So far, we’ve heard back from one happy-every-day-explorer. We’re looking for places to drop more so let us know if you have any ideas for locations.

Thank you all again, so much, for your continued support! And don't forget...


Marsh and Bobby

Ambassador Program Criteria: (Please send submissions to

1) Write 1 Paragraph about the coolest thing you know about (could be on the properties of titanium, the greatest bike mechanic of all time, coffee production, or anything else)

2) Write 1 Paragraph that tells us who you are. 

3) Name, DOB, Gender, Age, Occupation, Hobbies, Address, Current life project (2-3 sentences only!- can be work, fun, etc. but has to be a project that is cool and you’ll make progress on this year) 

4) Picture of you doing something awesome

*We will give you all the details upon applying

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