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The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs.  Your beverage has never looked so good.
The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs.  Your beverage has never looked so good.
The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs. Your beverage has never looked so good.
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    1. Marnix van der Lijn on

      Received the Holdster last week at my parents place, just opened it. WOW ! the quality is amazing and I cant wait to take some pictures of it ! What a fantastic product and 1000% worth the wait. Thank you for making something soo awesome !

    2. Jared Nichol on

      The Holdsters have arrived in northern Canada! Got one box of three (of six) today!! Thanks you guys! I'll be waiting by the door tomorrow for the other 3!! They are gorgeous! Drinking out of them in mere moments.

    3. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @aisbaby we apologize for the delay! We hit some serious snags with shipping internationally; shipping leather internationally gets tricky. Rest assured, all US and Canadian orders have shipped and should be arriving very soon as long as there are no issues at customs. Thank you again for your support and understanding and you should have your Holdster very soon!

    4. aisbaby on

      Hello! Any Canadians out there who received their holdsters already? :)
      Just a little disappointed as I was given the impression they'd arrive in the US & Canada by december just in time for christmas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Luann Gardas on

      Love it! Came in time for Christmas too! Thank you.

    6. Mosley Hardy on

      The recipients LOVED their Holdsters. I recently saw that this project failed to get funded:…

      Maybe it's something that you guys might want to take on. . .

    7. aisbaby on

      a little disappointed that this didn't make it on time for christmas.... :(

    8. Allana on

      eta for deliveries to canada>!

    9. Betty Widerski

      Hi - I haven't received mine yet. Do you have any tracking info for me? Thanks!

    10. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @JorgenaveSamano Your Holdsters were sent a couple weeks ago. Please check your messages as we have sent you more detailed information there. Thanks again for your support!

    11. Jorge nava Samano on

      Hey Im sad !!! I don't have mine yet :(

    12. Missing avatar

      hcreatives on

      Marsh and Bobby - I just wanted to say a big huge thank you for making my morning every day...for some reason my coffee just tastes that much better in a Holdster. B-) Bought one for my gf, too, so we each have one. It's pure "Made In The U.S.of A." goodness!

      Merry Christmas! Cheers from the Bay - {h}

    13. Raja Bala on

      Hey guys,
      Just got my holdster today! Had my first cup of Indian coffee in it!
      Feels great.

      It would be great if in the future, you could change the bottom of the mason jar to hold the lid. I think that's better than having to carry it around in your pocket/hand when you're walking and taking a sip.

      Great finish on the product though! Wish you much success with this project!

    14. Chris Chelko on

      I just received my Holdster Model 01 and absolutely love it. I'm going to buy more for gifts this holiday season because it's perfect for the home or office AND it's totally unique enough to be a conversation starter. It's art meets function.

    15. Nate on

      Got mine! Sipping some fine Caffe Mocha out of it at the office. Awesome.

    16. Alarian DarkWind

      Here is a Photo of mine. Really looks great.

    17. Margaret Bickley on

      I love mine! It arrived just in the nick of time: I picked it up from the post office as I was on my way to a holiday party where everyone was to bring a glass that reflected her personality. I love it--so far it has been used for holiday beverage, coffee, and beer. Well done!

    18. Missing avatar

      jrmorick on

      Very well done, indeed (on time delivery and snazzy product). I got four of these but can see I'll be ordering more.

    19. JNB on

      Got mine a few minutes ago and I had to hurry and make a cup of coffee! I love it. Great workmanship! Got an extra for a gift also.

    20. Missing avatar

      April Ost on

      My Holdster came a few minutes ago and I love it! I bought this for my son and can't wait for him to open it on Christmas morning. He will appreciate the workmanship and the story of how it started. Great job guys!

    21. Daniel Galve on

      Has anybody started received their holdsters yet? can you post pics?

    22. Allana on

      So excited about these! Going to make a great birthday present for my super hipster little brother on xmas eve and an excellent xmas present for me the next day!!

    23. aisbaby on

      AWESOME :D
      Thanks for the update boys ;)

    24. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @aisbaby- We're going to send out an update this week with details but we're definitely on track for shipping by the first week of December so you will have them on time- Thanks!

    25. aisbaby on

      Is the early december timeline still a go? :D
      Just double checking (in case I need to scramble to find substitute gifts) if my holdsters dont make it in time for Xmas :)

    26. Michael Phillips on

      I totally want to do the Jethro Gibbs thing in NCIS, drinking in the basement from a jar while making something, only mine will be wrapped in leather!

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Taylor on

      Loving that these craft projects are doing well on Kick starter. Can't wait to get my Holdsters.

    28. Missing avatar

      douggeiger on

      Cool. Sorry I missed that. Now, just make me the random winner. I, like, posted about this on Facebook. Which I am CERTAIN sets me apart from the other 648 backers ;)

    29. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @Wendy Quickel- Thanks so much, we cannot wait to get you your Holdsters! Upon completion of the Kickstarter campaign we will issue a survey where you will be able to select which model Holdsters you would like to receive. And good news; as of right now we should have the Holdsters out early December in time for the Holidays!

    30. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @douggeiger- by backing the project you are eligible to win the Holdster Logo Fist T-shirt and/or the Holdster Logo Fist leather coasters. We will randomly pick 20 winners (10 for each product) if our Backer count gets to 750 backers. Thanks so much for your support and keep spreading the word about Holdster!

    31. Missing avatar

      Wendy Quickel on

      Just pledged $50 and super excited to try out the 2 new holdsters. How do I go about specifying the style I'd like? I wanna go for the cross stitch with handle! Awesome! Hoping they'll be here by Christmas!

    32. Missing avatar

      douggeiger on

      Maybe I just don't understand Kickstarterese well enough--but what does one DO to get / be eligible for a coaster? I have spent 15 minutes looking for the button to press...(sorry if I missed something obvious)

    33. Marsh Gooding 2-time creator on

      @Eduardo- the Holdster ships with one 16oz wide mouth Ball mason jar, never hurts to have a couple backups though!

    34. Missing avatar

      Eduardo on

      This might be a dumb question, what size is the jar? Need to buy some. Thanks.

    35. Jason Ryan Busher on

      Just curious but why are the bonus awards in update 2 such a stretch? You originally asked for $5,500 but you're asking for nearly $60,000 (roughly the average donation per person for 1000 people) before you give away 10 t-shirts and 10 coasters, all of which which could potentially turn into advertising revenue... guess I'm just trying to say I'm disappointed with "bonus" awards from the project.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dabu Astrodabu on

      In for 10! Excited to see what that Model 5 is like. The video you guys posted with the finger loop being looped through the belt shows a potential design change. Maybe a metal finger loop frame so it can clip on/off things easily?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hannah Berkowitz on

      Early chanukah present to myself? Yep!

    38. Kelsey Rogers on

      This project is awesome. I keep giving my husband crap about drinking out of mason jars. Now he can do it in style!

    39. Aldrin Gamos on

      I can't wait to bring this to work and be the envy of my coworkers. So excited to get it!