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A traditional whiskey glass shape handcrafted with American Oak and finished with sweet natural beeswax.
A traditional whiskey glass shape handcrafted with American Oak and finished with sweet natural beeswax.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vin Scimeca about 9 hours ago

      I sent a message previously. After using mine 2-3 times it is leaking badly. I rinsed with warm water after each use as there were no instructions on how to wash or maintain. At this point mine is unusable. As soon as I pour whiskey in, it starts leaking out making a mess and waisting my beverage. I am wondering if red oak was used for these as there is a big difference between red oak and white oak. White oak is what is used in whiskey barrels etc. Red oak is much more porous. I would like to know this this issue is being addressed and how it will be addressed for those of us who have already received our cups.

    2. Missing avatar

      Walker Cook 1 day ago

      Leaks out the bottom. I can taste the whiskey through the bottom of the drinkware.

    3. Gerardo Rangel 2 days ago

      I still haven’t received mine, any status? Still shipping?

    4. Missing avatar

      Vin Scimeca 3 days ago

      Seems like I spoke too soon with my comment yesterday about leaking...I poured myself a little something to watch the Arsenal Europa League match and started to have some seepage. I am not overly concerned and I reached out to see if there is a kit I can buy to retreat the cup. I don't have a problem maintaining it, but I want to make sure that I am doing it correctly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Vin Scimeca 4 days ago

      I received mine about a week or two ago and I love it. I have used it several times and I have also enjoy the subtle flavor that it imparts that others have mentioned. I have not had any leakage issues at all. As far as cleaning I have rinsed it with warm water and let it air dry. For those of you still waiting, I don’t think that you will be disappointed!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lori Neuenschwander 4 days ago

      Hi, I received my 4 glasses almost 2 weeks ago, they will be a gift for my son next month. I finally tested them today & they held up perfectly, no leaking or sweating. Although I think I’ll add some beeswax to the gift so that he may keep them in great shape. Snapped a pic for those of you still waiting,

    7. CAR 5 days ago

      @fireman EMT- yep, I'm one of the multiples. Just a little confused by their numbers, since they sent me a message saying they were sending out 100 BACKERS per day.Oh, well. Just wished I would have gotten mine in time for Valentine's Day. But- still looking forward to getting them. (and I'm giving a picture of the glasses and nice bottle of single-malt Scotch- all is good!)

    8. Missing avatar

      Fireman EMT
      6 days ago

      @gregory, exactly. many forget that they even use oak barrels to age bourbon and whisky.

    9. Missing avatar

      Fireman EMT
      6 days ago

      @car, dont forget numerous backers did multiple qtys.

    10. Adam Blumenthal 7 days ago

      Just got mine, looks awesome. I know this may be a really stupid question, and I apologized if it was covered but... Dishwasher Safe? If no, which I assume is the answer, is there a suggested washing method?

    11. CAR on February 11

      oh, dear... if you are only 1/3 completed, then there is no possible way I will get this in time for Valentine's Day. At 100 glasses a day, it would have taken 13 or 14 days to ship them all out, right? So if you started shipping on January 24, as you indicated you were doing, I had hoped to get mine within a few weeks, and certainly by Feb 14th. But 1/3 of 1343 is about 450 backers products sent out over 12 business days. That seems like a lot fewer than 100 glasses a day. (It actually works out to be less than 40 a day.)
      I understand that there are often - usually - delays in delivery of Kickstarter products. I just find myself being disappointed that after assuming by your timeline that I would be able to use these as a Valentine's Day present, I will have to find something else instead.

      I'm still glad to be a backer, and look forward to getting the glasses.

    12. Gregory
      on February 9

      I just watched Darkromz video. Oak is a very porous wood and the leaking doesn't surprise me. They just need more beeswax in them to fill the holes. I'm a woodworker and this isn't an issue for me. If mine should start to leak, I'll just rub a little more wax into the inner surface. It's just part of the character and properties of oak. Also why wooden spoons and such are made from other woods.

    13. Gregory
      on February 9

      I got mine about a week ago. I've used it several times and love the subtle taste it seems to impart. I have no leaking issues and all is well!

    14. Missing avatar

      Fireman EMT
      on February 9

      @Derek, it was posted 2 days ago on the comments. Also the past update is they were working through all orders and sending as quickly as possible. over 1000 backers will take time.
      "We're sending out about 100 orders a day. Unfortunately that's about as quick as we can go. You'll receive an email with tracking once it ships"

    15. Missing avatar

      Derek Wolfgang on February 9

      Hey guys. Hope things are going well getting the design sorted. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything and I have yet to receive a product, so I wanted to check in.

    16. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on February 9

      You still sending out more haven’t received any email yet

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan Wolfmeyer on February 9

      Hey guys, I poured a dram into mine for the first time today and the whisky immediately started seeping through the wood. Perhaps it wasn’t waxed thoroughly? Please advise.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Berger on February 8

      Same issue with me, within seconds the scotch started seeping through and onto my coffee table. Perhaps more wax is the answer? I guess they'll be a novelty item on my bar for now.

    19. Adam
      on February 8

      Mine are fine. I filled them with water and left them for 20 minutes and they didn’t sweat or bead. The bottom of one glass felt damp and waxy but I can’t say for certain if it was an issue. It didn’t leak onto the paper towel under them.

    20. Dawn Miller Miramontes on February 8

      I’ve not received a tracking number or cups. Hopefully the leakage problem will be solved before mine are actually shipped out. Whenever that will be. 😑

    21. Tim Kelly on February 8

      I’m pretty sure I did a survey but couldn’t find anything in my emails, can you verify please?

    22. Darkromz on February 8

      Hi again !
      Here the little vidéo about the issue :
      I send u a message.

    23. SIPDARK Creator on February 8

      Hi all - we've had some issues with leaking that we are addressing. Please send us a message if you have had one and we will ship a replacement out. We're working through the coating process to make sure it properly seals the cups.

      Darrell & Mark

    24. Ben Zigterman on February 8

      Same here. The whiskey seems to seep right through the glass, so unless there’s some easy fix, I don’t plan to use it anymore. Glad I’m not the only one, and that I only ordered one!

    25. Missing avatar

      Ciprian Pasare on February 7

      The four I received sweat as well

    26. Darkromz on February 7

      I received my glasses yesterday, and one is a gift for a friend,
      so I'm going to see him tonight and offer him ! Great nice glass...
      I take out mine, and we serve an old lagavullin,
      we just had time to toast that after a few moments,
      the whiskey began to sweat, to cross the wood of the glass !!
      Incredible !! Seriously the wood is literally porous, its inadmissible,
      it's really oak ? Unbelievable !!
      Shame in front of my friend who finds that is really a glass of shit !!
      You have not tested glasses with liquid ! you are not serious ! where is your credibility here !!
      I will make a video tomorrow to show you that !!
      what do you want to do with a junk glass like that !!
      Really sorry, but I will ask you for a full refund of my pledge !

    27. Missing avatar

      Joey Leang on February 7

      It would be nice to get an ETA for when all fulfillment is expected to be completed (it could alleviate the "where's my stuff" messages).

    28. SIPDARK Creator on February 7

      @Flipe - we'll verify for you.

      @Benjamin - We're sending out about 100 orders a day. Unfortunately that's about as quick as we can go. You'll receive an email with tracking once it ships

    29. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on February 7

      Still waiting on mine. What's the hold up?

    30. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on February 6

      Can’t remember if I did fill it out or not pretty sure I did can you double check for me or send me another link for it please

    31. Charles Nelson
      on February 5

      Got mine...they look great...need to test there a suggested care and maintenance instructions somewhere that I miss? In terms of cleaning or maintaining the wax coating? Cheers Charles

    32. Adam
      on February 5

      Just received my pair. They look great and look like the original image with the curve.

    33. SIPDARK Creator on February 5

      Hi All - @Felipe and @Jung - As long as you filled out the surveys, you'll receive an email with the tracking number from the USPS once they ship. We still have quite a few surveys that haven't been filled out and we cannot ship them to those backers without it. Thanks!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jung Hyuk on February 5

      Plz check the delivery date of mine.

      my backer number 467

      have a good day

    35. Missing avatar

      Felipe Massetti on February 4

      I havnt gotten anything yet

    36. Andrew Heidgerken on February 3

      @Eunan, They definitely have a curve to them. I didn't realize there were updated designs. Either way I like what I got and am happy.

    37. Missing avatar

      Eunan on February 2

      @Andrew Heidgerken - the product inyour picture looks very much like the original cuved design (as pictured above) and not the updated straightened version .

    38. Missing avatar

      Lori Neuenschwander on February 2

      Andrew H., your pic is awesome & so are the glasses. I see the 4 Glasses I ordered are waiting for me at the Post Box, I can’t wait to pick them up this afternoon. I bought them for my son as he is a collector of fine whiskey. Perhaps he’ll crack open a bottle or two.

    39. Whisky Throttle on February 2

      I’ve seen several picture from other backers and the glasses they’ve received, they look great! Can’t wait!
      Hopefully they are all the same shape?

    40. Don Ruger on February 1

      Guys these are amazing! Thank you!

    41. Andrew Heidgerken on February 1

      I'm not much of a Whiskey drinker, but I found the glasses work well with rum. :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Fireman EMT
      on February 1

      Received mine today. Thank you Sipdark. Looks great.

    43. SIPDARK Creator on February 1

      Hi All. We have been sending out +/- 100 backer orders a day. Everyone will receive an email with tracking when the shipment is sent out.

    44. Jeremy Hammer on February 1

      Got my tracking number today, and says I'm #305. So they're definitely making progress. Can't wait to get them.

    45. Missing avatar

      Fireman EMT
      on February 1

      @Will Bender, The Creator put out an update on 1/24 "We have a first batch ready to go out now and will continue to push them out this week going forward. We should have a consistent flow of oak cups going out from here on out. "
      Many projects send based on backer number and appears this may be the order in which they are shipping. i was backer 88. Keep in mind too that the campaign far exceeded expectations and can delay. Per the update they are shipping as quickly as they can. I have seen other projects that far exceed goals that have been delayed by 6 months. Looks like they are trying to do everything that they can.

    46. Roger Smith
      on January 31

      I have a bottle of 15yr Dalmore specifically waiting for these. As I will likely not be buying such rarified hootch for a long time, I am willing to wait.

    47. Don Ruger on January 31

      Mine were supposed to be here today :( now I want tomorrow to come :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Will Bender on January 31

      Any update on shipping? I haven’t received any confirmation

    49. SIPDARK Creator on January 30

      @Tim - We don't have instructions on resealing at this time but will send out an email blast on the proper care once we get them all sent out. We'll also update our FAQ here for reference.

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