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Keeping track of any instances in which a black, white, latino or asian player was belittled or praised for hustle, or lack thereof.
Keeping track of any instances in which a black, white, latino or asian player was belittled or praised for hustle, or lack thereof.
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Recent updates

For Those That Haven't Received It Yet

We mailed this out a few months ago, but apparently a few pinged back to Adam.  If you still haven't received our detailed report, please let us know (and send us your correct address) so we can mail it to you again.

Thank you,

Seth and Adam


Everything is written up; everything is printed and about to be mailed.

Adam and I are greatly relieved.  There's still a little more work to do with PR stuff and getting this out to the media. If anybody knows anyone in the media who might find this interesting, don't be afraid to contact us via the kickstarter. It'll be up for a while longer.

Additionally, your totebags will be on their way this week.

Again, thank you all for donating to this. This has been 3 years in the making and it's great to see it come to completion. We saw some surprises 

It'll be published in the Atlantic very soon, probably within the next week. When it's published, I'll post the link here for all to read.  

The actual prints will be mailed out to you within the next week as well.

Thank you all for donating and for your patience.  This couldn't have been done without you.  


Seth and Adam.

Update Addresses: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace!

We have all of the addresses collected and we're sending them to the printers now.  If you've changed your address within the last year, please send a message to us through kickstarter with an updated address IMMEDIATELY.  If you've done this already, then thank you--your address has been changed.


Seth and Adam

Update your addresses!

We're in the process of organizing all of the manuscripts for printing and distributing, which we'll probably be doing in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, we need you to update your information--make sure your address and name are correct so we can get the manuscript to you.  

Thanks so much,

Seth and Adam

Aaaaaaaaand we're done with data collecting!

Today is a great day.  Mike, who's been our primary data collector over the last few months, has finished his final game.  

Lots of thanks to Adam and Mike for finishing up the final legs of the data collecting. No way this would be done without both of them.

Adam is working on the meta data this weekend and we're hoping to have our drafts finished by next week.

We have three drafts being written: one is 4,500 words, which is the manuscript; one is 2,000 words, which is for The Atlantic; and one is undetermined and will be sent to academic journals.

Anyway, the hardest part is over.  The rest is finishing up the meta data, which Adam is on, and editing the drafts, which I'm on.  Then it's just mailing out our manuscripts to you fine people.  

Thanks so much for your patience.  This was at least three years in the making and Adam and I are very proud today.