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The long-awaited sequel to the strategy game where thousands of players build, team up, and battle in a single huge open world.
The long-awaited sequel to the strategy game where thousands of players build, team up, and battle in a single huge open world.
The long-awaited sequel to the strategy game where thousands of players build, team up, and battle in a single huge open world.
118 backers pledged $8,698 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Nop - yes I'm working on Steam integration. As for GOG, as far as I can see they don't allow games with microtransactions.

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      Any plan to distribute the game on Steam or GOG to bring in new players?

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      Dan Stinson on

      Hi Mike
      Don't think i got a activation code

    4. Tony Cornwell on

      Hi, thanks Mike... Yeah it was beta I was thinking about, don't know why I put alpha :)

    5. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Tony, yes after alpha testing everything will be reset, then beta testing will follow with a larger group of players. There will probably be no reset between beta testing and release though.

    6. Tony Cornwell on

      Hi Mike, Will the Alpha server stats/scores be reset once you release to the public?

    7. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Corey, great -- bug reports and feedback will be very important. I'm not sure of the exact date, but early November is still the target for gameplay testing to start.

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      Corey Kelly on

      Awesome thanks mike. I have a lot of potential bugs and balancing ideas and some great ideas for the mapflow, I'll be making a post when forums up rather than emailing you them so the community can comment. I cannot wait for alpha!!! are we on schedule for the first week of next month?

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      David on

      Ok keep me informed about a iOS version please if you decide to do it please till then I'll play every so often thank you

    10. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Unfortunately because there's a lot more involved in distributing iOS apps for testing than Android apps, there probably won't be an iOS version available for testing until after the PC version is released.

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      David on

      Are you planning on making I iPhone version for testing? I always want to play but I'm not ever home and I don't have android

    12. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Corey -- I will be making the map larger for testing. Full size would be too much space for the smaller number of players in testing, though.

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      Corey Kelly on

      Hey mike I was just wondering if you have considered a larger map for the alpha testing. Maybe a medium sized one rather thhan small sized... or full scale?

    14. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Brent -- Yes, still targeting early November.

    15. hackerman on

      Thank you for the update. Glad to see you are testing all player capabilities with the program you made.

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      Brent on

      Thanks for the update Mike. Are you still looking at early November for the Beta release?

    17. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Tony, glad you've enjoyed the preview of the game! In a few weeks we'll have the forum up, where bugs can be reported and discussed. Until then, you could e-mail bug reports to Thank you!

    18. Tony Cornwell on

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for giving us a sneak peek into the game the last few days! Everything looking good for a 'build version' We obviiously expected to see a few bugs but overall VERY impressed with everything overall.
      That said , Is there a way you would like to recieve comunications about the few bugs we did find?

    19. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Brent, Great to hear that you enjoyed the preview last night! As for the reward tier question, I'm not sure that I understand. The Orb that you get as a reward is a physical object, so if you both pledged at a tier that gets you an Orb, you will each receive your own. It's not an in-game Orb, so it doesn't matter whether you're both in the same nation, you'll each get your own.

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      Brent on


      I'm so addictive after playing alpha. I cannot wait until beta! You and your team have done WoC players proud. I have a question. So I reconnected with a player I used to play with in the old WoC and we talked during alpha about running the nation together when the game releases. Because we both pledged, how are you going to handle pledge rewards? I'm not positive how much they pledged but I pledged enough to receive an orb. What if he pledged enough to receive an orb as well?

    21. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Brent -- Yes, the plan is for War of Conquest to be released as apps for Android and iOS, a few months after the PC release. A test version of the Android app will also be available during beta.

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      Brent on

      Hey Michael,

      Will there be an app following up after the game is released?

    23. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Wesley, some of the problems that came up in the original War of Conquest around being able to unite one nation into another included:
      - Betrayal: Once in a while a player A would convince player B to unite their nation into player A's nation, even though they didn't know each other too well... and after the unite player A would kick player B out of the united nation, keeping everything from player B's nation, and leaving player B with nothing.
      - Getting around rebirth: WoC has a mechanism called "rebirth" where very high level nations are forced to (in the old WOC) or have the option to (in the new WoC) start over a new cycle as a low level nation. This helps prevent the same high level nations from continuously dominating the game. But some players would build up lots of lower level nations and unite them into their main nation right after it rebirthed, bringing it right back up to a high level again and more or less getting around the point of the rebirth system.
      - Ranks: WoC has lists of ranks for many different accomplishments, such as most orb winnings, most XP earned, etc. When a nation A would unite into a nation B, nation A's place in those lists would be inherited by nation B. Some people felt that this allowed people to get credit for accomplishments that they didn't earn, jumping ahead of people who worked very hard for those accomplishments.
      Each of these problems is being addressed to some extent by the changes to the unite system in the new WoC.

    24. Wesley B on

      I read project update #4.

      What were some of the issues that occurred when uniting nations was previously attempted?

    25. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Glad that you and HaveAnother are coming back, Dan!

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      Dan Stinson on

      If you guys may or may not remember me i Started the Team HaveAnother ran that for years then kinda got screwed on it ,but hey that was then this is now.Mike good job bringing this back i will live to play it again soon

    27. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Brent, thanks for writing, great to hear that you and the Barbarians will be back! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Brent on


      Thank you so much for bringing this back. I sent an email some years back beginning to bring this back and I was worried it wouldn't be the same if it did come back with a different developer. Thankfully you returned and I'm excited to experience the new changes with the same gameplay.

      Sovereign of the Barbarians

    29. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      Hi Simkus -- the server never restarts, but individual nations when they reach a high level will be able to "rebirth", which means they go back to low level again and start a new cycle. The incentive for doing this is that each time they rebirth, they have the potential to become stronger when they reach high levels, than they could in their previous cycle. So it gives nations a reason not to just remain high level forever.

      As for credits, they're the in-game currency that can be used to buy temporary power-ups. The idea is to balance it so that they can be used to save players some time and give them an edge, but not too much of an edge. During testing one of the goals will be to make sure it not at all a pay2win game, because as an mmo it will depend on having many players in order to be fun, and only a fraction of players will ever pay into it.

    30. simkus mantas on

      About the last comment - there is every day a restart? Or how long lasts one global server?
      As i understand with these credits, that feels a little bit pay2win, or these credits are so worthless? :)

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      Jangy on

      What I loved about WoC was no matter how small/solo your nation was you always had chances to get the orbs and fight with the bigger nations. There isn't a p2w wall like most games have now. Great game to meet new people. Very addicting every day/restart was interesting. I can't give the game justice for what I've said here, its 100x better in the game. Theres alot more to be said but i dont want to bore people reading just go pledge and help bring this game, this masterpiece, back to life.

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      Shony on

      Great project! I have been part of War of Conquest since around 2005. I was a rookie but managed to get some clicks amongst the biggest nations. What I loved about this game is all of the right calculations needed to achieve success in it, and the great teamwork and effort that people put in order to have fun and succeed. Now that War of Conquest have been offline for quite many years, the motivation and enthusiasm about this game is much greater, and we are very lucky to have a strong communicty that supports it and honor this game and it's creator. I wish us (the community), the creater - Michael, and the game itself - to achieve greatest heights in the industry of online gaming & MMORPGs! I am sure this funding would not have happened without such amazing people and community and people that foresee that amazingness of this game.

      Good luck for us for many more years!

    33. Chris Wilson on

      Loved the original game, any new players looking at the page wondering, place a pledge, just a small one and give it ago when the game goes live. Its highly addictive.

    34. Michael Ferrier Creator on

      The two new reward options announced today, the Advances Chart and the Polymer and Crystal model of the Orb of Destiny, are available as part of their own reward tiers, and are also available as an add-on to any backer who's chosen a higher tier, by increasing their pledge amount (while not changing their tier). The Advances Chart is available as an add-on for $15, and the new Orb of Destiny model is available as an add-on for $25. For more info see the latest update, or the campaign page.

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      Aaron Paige on

      Hey mike, just curious I saw that a tech tree poster was added to the $29 reward tier. Do higher tiers get this prize as well? It's only listed under that one tier

    36. Wesley B on

      I gave the original game many hours; I thank the creator for his time and passion, and for making it free. The game realized a concept of such a grand scale, but was so approachable and intuitive and simple; it was an inspiration and the gameplay is a very fond memory. I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute.

    37. Tony Cornwell on

      So Exicted for the return of this game!

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      eric k on

      Glad to contribute. Thanks for introducing me to war strategy.


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      Jeff Simpson on

      Very excited to see the return of War of Conquest.

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      Jangy on

      Lets keep going everyone! already 67% there and only been 4 days holy crap :):):)

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      Daniel Ardley on

      I'm sooo not refreshing the page every hour............ Already 33% there!

    42. Missing avatar

      Donald on

      Let the war continue on.

    43. Gorgolicious on

      Woo! Been so many years, so glad its coming back!