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Conrad Freiburg seeks your support in completing the Woodshed, a 11-sided tower intended for stargazing and musical exploration

The Woodshed is an 11-sided acoustical sculpture that serves as a musician’s practice space and celestial observatory. It is a sculpture bridging the earth and sky.  Inside this unparalleled contemplative space visitors can enjoy the distinct acoustical properties of the hearth and then climb to the fully rotational sky-deck from which the heavenly rotunda can be observed in comfort. The Woodshed is situated in the stunning natural landscape of Haven Tree Farm in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio.

Lumber for the project is milled entirely from local timbers. The pitched timber-frame construction provides an interior space without parallel walls and utilizes blind dovetail joints to deliver the invisible poetics that fans of the indirect have come to expect.  Looking west, this acoustically unique space looks over the main lawn of the Harold Arts residency, where artists and musicians come from around the world to hone their craft and relax with colleagues.  Looking east, the diverse forest invites exploration. And directly above the stars and planets await.  

The Woodshed serves as an anchoring hub to a larger complex of acoustical spaces crafted by the artist to host auditory explorations. Its pentagonal windows can serve as portals to these modular acoustical sculptures housed around the country. Theoretically the sculpture units could come together and form a larger complex of buildings as instruments. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first we need your help to purchase the necessary kinetic metal parts ($3000 w/ shipping) to get the sky-deck in motion. With your generous support, the Woodshed will honor the wandering spirit while remaining firmly rooted in the red clay and sandstone of Haven Tree Farm, where the silence of falling stars light up the purple sky.


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    Limited Edition Undecagonal Medallions -- Constructed from the material cut-offs of the Woodshed. The medallions maintain the 11-sided geometry of the sculpture. A necklace? A one of a kind art object? You decide.

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    Full set (2) of offset prints based on preliminary drawings of the Woodshed on a heavy matte cardstock.

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    Full set of prints + UnDecagonal Medallion plus a grab-bag of recorded music including Conrad Freiburg and Harold Arts residents.

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    Donors at the two hundred dollar level are eligible for a two night stay in the Woodshed following its completion. Your stay includes two candlelit dinners crafted from only the freshest local meats and produce. Future vacations are available May - August 2013.

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    Donors at the five hundred dollar level will receive all the goodies (prints, medallion, musical media) as well as a premium future vacation, which includes a private concert courtesy of the artist.

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    Donors at the Benefactor level will receive all the goodies above and will be recognized on the wall of Stellar individuals. This wall guides viewers to a particular star of your choosing from the fully rotational stellar observation deck.

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