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In Triassic Terror you compete for the best dinosaur herd habitats in four primeval environments--swamp, forest, mountains and desert.

  Triassic Terror is a highly interactive game in which players compete for the best habitats. The better the habitat the more Victory Points (VP) you earn for occupying it. Ownership of a habitat goes to the player with the greatest number of Dinosaurs (Dinos) present, so the heart of the game is all about growing your herds, making new herds, and migrating your herds to new uninhabited lands with the best habitats. Competition for habitats is fierce, and if outnumbered your Dinos may become extinct.

Triassic Terror is the first in a new series of games from Peter Hawes (War of the Roses) and Eagle Games!

Journey back 200 million years to the harsh world of the Triassic era. Players must grow their Dinosaur herds and guide them across the inhospitable landscape of steamy swamps, scorching deserts, thick rainforests and volcanic mountainous regions. The aim is to control the best habitats and eventually to dominate entire environments. But beware of the ever-present dangers: the mighty T-Rex, marauding Velociraptors, swooping Pterodactyls and suffocating volcanoes. Each turn brings many choices:

  • Hatch new Dinos
  • Grow your existing Dino herds
  • Start a herd in a new environment
  • Activate the T-Rex to "snack" on other players' Dinos
  • Use the two raptors to eat and then scatter two opponents herds
  • Migrate you herds to new environments or better habitats
  • Use the Pterodactyl to eliminate stragglers
  • Erupt a volcano near opponents' habitats

A great tactical and strategic game that plays differently every time. Order on Kickstarter now and get the two limited edition predator tiles for FREE! In addition, you'll get great savings off  the regular price and shipping of the game!

On each turn there are six available Action Tiles to choose from. Each tile has a specific function that helps you gain a majority of Dinos in an area, so players must decide if they want to grow their own herds, migrate their herds to new areas, or bring the predators into the game and diminish the size of their opponents' herds. These tiles run the game and give great flexiblity in actions, but once chosen during a turn, that action is not available to the next player who must choose from the remaining tiles. Tile selection may be based on what action is best for you; or upon what action, if left in another player's hands, may be harmful to you. The tiles are laid out on six numbered Action Tile spaces. You may choose any available tile on your turn, but the tiles will be resolved in number order 1 to 6, so your decision may also be influenced by the necessity to go before or after particular opponents. This in turn may be influenced by what tile that player picked himself. Players must therefore assess the situation on the board and react quickly to the tile selections of the other players. Since the Action Tiles are shuffled and laid out in a different order each turn, the game has enormous replayability, for no two games are the same.

The Action Tiles are:

• NEW ENVIRONMENT: Players all start in the Swamp and use of this tile is the best way to start up new herds in the other three environments.

• HERD GROWTH: Three Dinos are added to one existing herd and two Dinos are added to a second existing herd.

• HATCH: Three Dinos are added to one herd and you move the Pterodactyl up to two areas and eat two opponents' Dinos in that area.

• HERD MIGRATION: Two separate herds migrate to adjacent areas. The herd may split up and move to several different adjacent areas. Some Dinos may even stay in the original starting area. When your herds move they pick up one "stray" Dino from any other players' herds in the same area and they become your Dinos. If herds migrate into new environments one Dino will die from environmental shock, but once adapted they continue as normal in the new environment. This action gives great versatility in attaining the biggest herds and pushing opponents out of their habitats.

• RAPTORS: There are two separate Raptor pieces. Each can be moved one or two areas and they then eat two Dinos in that area and scatter two more Dinos to an adjacent area. You may even choose to scatter two of your own Dinos to an area which then gives you the biggest herd there!

• T-REX: When you take the T-Rex Tile you place your T-Rex piece on the board in place of the previous T-Rex. Now you move T-Rex one area and eat five opponents' Dinos OR you may move it two areas and eat three opponents' Dinos. The Dinos eaten may come from any other players' herds in that area. The T-Rex piece counts as three Dinos for you when determining herd size.

Each player has two counters to use once during the game. A Hatch Counter -- which hatches three more Dinos for one herd: and a Volcano Counter -- which causes a number of Dinos from all three habitats in an area to die. An area may not be entered for one entire turn after a volcanic eruption.

Scoring opportunities occur at the end of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, each of which lasts three turns. Scoring has two parts. Regular scoring in which all habitats are scored and these range from 2 to 8 Victory Points per habitat, then Special Scoring for having one of your herds in all four environments. At the end of the game the special scoring is for the two most dominant players in each of the four environments.

The six simple actions makes Triassic Terror easy to learn, but these six actions in combination with the 12 different areas means an unlimited number of outcomes is possible, so players will always have a fresh challenge every time they venture back into this prehistoric world. The player who best manages his Dino herds and avoids the lurking predators and suffocating volcanoes will win!

Game Components:

Complete rules here: 

  • Prehistoric Island Game Board
  • 6 each of Player Dinosaurs + T-Rexes + Scoring Markers
  • 1 Game T-Rex + 2 Velociraptors
  • 1 Pterodactyl Token
  • 1 Turn + 1 Start Player Marker
  • 12 Volcano + 12 Hatch Counters
  • 1 Set Up and 3 Player Aid Charts
  • 120 Wooden Dino Meeples
  • 78 3-Dino discs
  • 6 Action Tiles
  • 28 Environment Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Peter Hawes was born and still lives in Brisbane, Australia. He grew up in a family that all loved playing cards and boardgames. Euchre, 500, Canasta, Bridge and Hearts were the early regulars, followed by Cluedo, Stratego and Risk.

Australians are a competitive lot and Peter was no exception, making his state team for Rugby and Athletics. He went on to represent Australia in Athletics, but at 17 his running career had to be put on hold for 8 years whilst he attended University to study medicine and then do his internship in various Hospitals. At the age of 25 he put his medical career on hold to return to the track and his beloved 800m. In his typical all or nothing approach, he threw himself into the most grueling training programme in a effort to make up for all the lost years. Australia attended the 1980 Moscow Olympics, but because of the boycott funding was cut and no 800m runners were sent which was a bitter disappointment. It wasn't until 2011 that he finally made amends for 1980. In 2011, at Sacramento he won the World 800m Championship for his age and now rests easy at last!

In 2008, his HEADS OF STATE was published by Eggertspiele, but unhappy with the artwork, Peter was determined to take more control of his next production. He discovered a very talented Australian graphic designer Ben Nelson, who happened to be a game player and asked if he could turn his abilities to work on a board game. They started work together and presented Z-Man games with a ready to print WAR OF THE ROSES in 2010. This game was everything that Peter wanted in terms of quality production and components and is one of the heaviest games ever produced.

Flushed with the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing his vision for a game turn out exactly as he had hoped, Peter was spurred on to form his own production company KAYAL GAMES. His company plans to make gamers' games with high quality components and great production values. To this end he has teamed up with EAGLE AND GRYPHON GAMES, who have a long history of "big games" with lots of components. With his knack for coming up with clever strategic games and Eagles' great production experience they hope to produce a series of big gamers' games together, the first of which is TRIASSIC TERROR; soon to be followed by FRANCIS DRAKE.

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Eagle & Gryphon Games is committed to producing games of the highest quality, both in production and game play. We feel it is important that people who buy Triassic Terror receive a game that is well made and will be in playable condition for many years. Triassic Terror will be produced using the best printing, box and components available.

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