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5-day Residency Program w/John Rutter; Children will share musical experience and create music together with other choristers.

Campanella has been invited to participate in a 5-day residency at Carnegie Hall in November 2012. Please support this exciting program.

This is an opportunity to further advance Campanella's mission of enriching children’s and teens’ lives with classical music.

In the 12 years since its inception, the Campanella Children's Choir has grown to be an award-winning ensemble. The choir has been a consistent winner of the National Invitational Choral Festival, placing second in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Heritage Festival of Gold. The choir has also performed at a variety of prestigious venues, including the Chicago Cultural Center. Recently Campanella has been featured on 98.7WFMT, Chicago's classical music radio station.

Participation in the Carnegie Hall Residency is both the next logical step and an exciting opportunity for these children. The program will benefit Campanella Children’s Choir in the following ways:

  • Campanella choristers will receive superior training from renowned conductor and composer John Rutter. The training will be based on learning a complex musical piece for a public performance at the conclusion of the program.
  • Campanella will be able to showcase its musical achievement, together with four other participating choirs, in the final performance on the stage of Carnegie Hall.
  • Campanella will raise its musicianship level through rigorous rehearsals, professional collaboration with fellow musicians, and a public performance on the stage of one of the world’s most prestigious concert halls.
In turn, Campanella Children’s Choir will share its Carnegie Hall experience by promoting classical music through public performances. By presenting high-level classical repertoire to the public, the choir will offer important and often unavailable cultural enrichment to new and existing audiences.

Campanella has the organizational stability to support this exciting program. The choir has operated since 2000, educating children and frequently performing for the Chicago metropolitan community. 

In 2009, Campanella obtained its 501(c)3, an accomplishment that recognizes the organization’s work in promoting classical music and choral singing for children and teens.


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