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A year long chronicle of three radically different cosplayers and the effects the hobby has on their lives.

What is it?

My Other Me is a documentary that chronicles a year in the life of three different cosplayers: a veteran cosplayer whom launched a career from cosplay, a young fourteen year old first timer, and a transgender whom found himself through cosplay. The documentary will cover everything from each different cosplayers home life, to their costume process, their journey through the convention circuit, and the profound effect cosplay is making on each of their lives as it grows with them.

To date our trailer has over 90,000 hits! We've been featured on numerous blogs and websites and even had a televised interview on Electric Playground Daily. This documentary is taking the world by storm, and this may be your last chance to become a part of it!!


Lucas aka Twinfools is a 21 year old university student working towards a BA in English. He's been cosplaying for just over 4 years, has been to 19 cosplay conventions and has made over 100 cosplay costumes. He lives with his girlfriend and fellow cosplayer, Jenna, and works as a barista in a coffee shop. Lucas is currently transitioning from female to male with hormone therapy and surgeries.

Danae aka Rifa is a 20 year old costume design assistant working her first year in the film industry. She's been cosplaying for over 6 years, has been to 14 cosplay conventions and has made over 20 cosplay costumes. She won a scholarship with a cosplay costume she designed and attended college for costuming. Danae now struggles to divide her time between work and play.

Lilly aka SecretAttire is a 14 year old "newbie" to cosplaying who aspires to be a photographer. She's made only two outfits and has only attended one cosplay convention. She's been home schooled since grade 5 and lives with her Grandparents. Along with her cosplay and her photography, Lilly takes a great interest in film, writing and playing baseball.

What we need the money for...

Our journey has neared it's completion and the finishing touches are being applied. We've worked hard for 18 months making a movie that we hope not just the cosplay community will love, but those who've never seen cosplay as well. However, we still need more help! Post production, deliverables, lawyer fees to combat shady movie executives, marketing materials, are just a few of the new hurdles we face in phase two of making this documentary. We've taken a lot of this upon ourselves and have funded out of our own pockets but we are now at the point where, if we want the best product possible, we need outside help... And that's where YOU come in... 

In his own words...

"I first became exposed to cosplay in the summer of 2009 when an Anime convention was in town close to my house. I immediately fell in love with the creativity and friendly nature of the cosplayers and having grown up a fan of science fiction, D&D and video games I felt an instant connection to their universe and their struggle to be seen as "normal". After meeting and talking to several cosplayers I set out to shed light on their little known and often misunderstood hobby by chronicling three very unique cosplayers journeys from the creation of their costumes to the fan-crazed conventions and everything that lies between."
-Josh Laner


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