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A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
7,207 backers pledged $357,866 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bradley Lloyd 4 days ago

      Keep up the good work!

    2. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Good to see an update. Not so good the update is mainly smoke and mirrors. Some red flags are going up atm. So lets hope i'm wrong...

    3. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on December 8

      The update will be hitting this weekend. I apologize. The delay is my fault, I've been working on clarity with the physics platform that we are testing for underpinning game play. We will have some downloadable fun (not demos yet) for you. The elves are settling the deliverable lists and will be packing and shipping items this week. For those who haven't filled out the survey, please do. We don't want items shipped to incorrect destinations. Thanks again for the passion and continued support. Cheers!

    4. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on December 5

      Hey @Dragonychus, you must be eerily psychic. We are finalizing a draft for an official update as promised. We will be more active on that side moving forward. There are a lot of moving pieces in this build and we want to make sure that they are addressed in a considered way. As mentioned in earlier comments, the notions of including AR, VR and AI, and allowing mobile access to the core game have been worked through and explored in an effort to do something accessible and exciting at the same time. We have been printing and organizing goodies and collating the survey responses (still waiting on some - you know who you are :) ) as we commence shipping on the rewards front. We appreciate everyone's continued support and engagement and promise to be hitting with updates far more regularly. We are excited with what we are working on and are looking forward to sharing. Cheers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on December 5

      Maybe I'm missing the notification on updates, or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but all I have seen here are several promises of upcoming updates without there ever being one, and that worries me. Can someone please elaborate on the (apparent) lack of news and actual updates (and give an ETA on when they are released)?

    6. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on December 4

      @LordLethris, understood. We will post an update to start the week. Have some really fun things to share. Looking forward to getting the community moving on some design ideas. Shipping begins this week, as well. Lots of doings! Thanks for checking in.

    7. Lord Lethris on December 2

      What Im saying is 2 months without a main update looks bad.

    8. Lord Lethris on December 2

      Hi @creator - it would be nice to have a more frequent main update, not all of us check the comments every day, but an update gets emailed.

      It doesn’t even matter if its just a small paragraph exactly like what you posted in the comments. At least it’ll look active :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Shadowcaster on December 1

      Been too busy playing No Man's Sky ever since it's update, not as bad as it was originally conceived but allot has changed. Especially a new mechanic where you are a galactic pawn being controlled by entities from another dimension. I have been dropping in every now and again to take a peak at the Odyssey team, nice to know you guys are finalizing some of the gears in motion. I would rather see this game in its prime than a sloppy release state so kudos on that team. It's like the dream grandpa has, but realizes it takes time and patience. I can safely say I will be patient with this one. Honing a galaxy for release isn't an easy feat, the real one had several billion years head start. Looking forward to the poster though :)

    10. Zach Gilmore on November 30

      @Mark perfect timing was just coming to look and see if the items had been shipped yet.

    11. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on November 29

      Hi @Erick JA, we are collating the surveys and printing the posters, etc. to begin fulfillment of the physical rewards (posters, prints). The autographed items will be shipping in early December. We have been working on the game structure and expanse of the platform. We are readying an announcement regarding a tremendous physics engine (which will also open up forum discussions on design and mission elements). We will also be discussing in the update some platform expansions that will promote the community creating customizations for robots and habitats and allow for innovations within game tech. It's been a painstaking process in figuring the best way to release some of these ideas in manageable phases that will allow our community to experience and offer feedback that will move "Space Odyssey" efficiently along. We are prepping some components that would offer inclusion of VR, AR and AI into the game. How and when they would be phased in are being finalized. We are just about ready to share with a formal update @ShariseCostello, we will be getting into the unique design backer rewards in January. The other items that are part of the package (Prints, etc.) will be delivered in December. Hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving. Those of you who have not completed your survey, please do so as shipping will commence shortly. @LordLethris, building you a secret door.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sharisse Costello on November 29

      I was one of the $500 backers and I have yet to be contacted about ship design. What's the deal?

    13. Erick JA
      on November 28

      Hi, any news?

    14. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on November 17

      @Lord Lethris, we are holding on a couple of announcements regarding gameplay and physics engine, but will have some goodies for Thanksgiving week. Digital subscriptions are being delivered. We are waiting on some surveys to be returned. If everyone who received a survey can return for proper mailing address confirmation, that would be awesome (and in some cases reward choice).We will be printing and packaging after Thanksgiving into early December, so that we can get to shipping rewards. Please do hit us up with survey responses. Thanks again for the continued engagement and support!

    15. Lord Lethris on November 16

      Hows it going @Creator.?

    16. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on November 5

      @Tristan, the National Space Society subscription will be delivered digitally. Should be out to you this week. I will follow up. I will check in regarding any missed messages, sorry for any drops there. We are prepping an update, several exciting things to share. That will be available this week. Thanks for your comments and yours, as well, @JasonWiatr and @AntoniosLiakakis, we are excited too and will build some fun downloadables for you guys. @Lord Lethris....could be....

    17. Missing avatar

      tristan on November 5

      Hey Been trying to get into contact with you guys and haven't received anything back, I have questions and a issue with my National Space Society free year.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason Wiatr on October 31

      Looking forward to hearing more about the game! Very excited about the possibilities

    19. Antonios Liakakis on October 25

      Great news. Here hoping for cool concept art to use as wallpaper until the game is released :-)

    20. Lord Lethris on October 24

      Please be a secret door Please be a secret door Please be a secret door...


    21. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on October 24

      @Lord Lethris and @Antonios Liakakis, we are putting together a substantive update. There are several cool things to reveal and discuss that we are excited to share with the community. We will have that out shortly and will be offering updates on a more regular basis, as well as launching a website for the game that will have a backer's portal. Thanks for your patience!

    22. Antonios Liakakis on October 24

      I pledged the moment I discovered your game, but I would be grateful and less worried if at least weekly updates were available :-)

    23. Lord Lethris on October 24's been a tad too quiet for my liking.

    24. yardswimmer
      on October 10

      @Mark thanks. I would have expected that to be done before sending the survey so that any necessary info could have been asked for in that manner.

    25. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on October 9

      @BradleyLloyd, the game is progressing well, we have an update regarding VR missions this week followed by an update on the overall game. @VincentLantieri we are constructing in-game conflict around natural events and phenomena one would encounter in deep space. More to follow on that. @MarcusShadwick, no one's info will be shared or sold. Any questions are for internal use. @yardswimmer, we are working through the safest and most secure delivery routes for all aspects of the game share (including demos, vertical slices, betas, etc.). Thank you all for your continuous support!

    26. Missing avatar

      Vincent Lantieri on October 9

      Will there be objects such as Black holes, Magnetars, and pulsars that could conceivably sterilize an area of space in the game?

    27. Bradley Lloyd on October 7

      Haven't been able to follow the game status and comments. Been busy at school how is the production coming along? Am excited about the video game.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marcus Shadwick on October 7

      Completed the survey, if I start getting random fliers I know why...
      I too am confused as to how this survey benefited the KS unless they are actually going to sell our info.

    29. yardswimmer
      on October 7

      So how will we get the digital information since that isn't being asked for in the survey? I was under the impression that the game would be a digital download. If it is a physical copy, I am fine with that as well.

    30. Apotheosis Studios on October 7

      Very excited for this! Thank you all! :)

    31. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on October 7

      @AndyK, @OutlawCecil and @MarkusHeitanen, surveys sent just for fulfillment, not for external use. If receiving digital delivery, shipping address not necessary. Sorry for any confusion.

    32. Markus Hietanen on October 7

      Completed the survey. Not sure why you needed some of the details. To be clear: I don't want my personal details sold on.

    33. Missing avatar

      OutlawCecil on October 6

      Same as Andy Koh, here. Curious why you needed my name and address.

    34. Missing avatar

      AndyK on October 6

      I received a survey request to fill in my full address. As a $29 Beta Tester & Full Game Download backer, why is this necessary — I will be downloading the game and nothing will be posted to me right? Can I just ignore the survey?

    35. Jerkamie (deleted) on October 6

      Why is your picture a father/daughter selfie?

    36. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on October 6

      @Erick JA, we are playing around with ways to utilize AI, for sure. Language is certainly one way. Thanks for your comment!

    37. Erick JA
      on October 4

      An idea, AI for multi language? sound cool!! maybe in the future....

    38. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on October 3

      @JosephPhilips we have a survey going out this week, and an update. Thanks for reaching out and for being a part of the galactic coalition!

    39. Joseph Philips
      on October 2

      Was a survey sent out?

    40. Jerkamie (deleted) on September 29

      I just want to personally thank you for the lunch I had with Neil deGrasse Tyson today. Truly a once in a lifetime moment. I still can't believe he doesn't eat tomato's though.

    41. Missing avatar

      William Garrett Mitchener on September 27

      It's clear that you're planning to keep the in-game physics realistic. I'm curious about the chemistry and biology, however. It's computationally unfeasible to simulate entire organisms down to the subatomic level, or even in terms of their individual molecules. What sort of abstract chemistry and biology are you thinking about?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Baker on September 27

      Is there a way to offer creative ideas to the development team, and/or a forum to debate ideas within the game community, a game web address?

    43. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on September 27

      @Tristan, the magazine is printing, will be mailing first issue to you shortly. Thanks for being a part of our community and backer of the project.

    44. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on September 27

      @JohnDonehoo it is not necessary to follow the campaign on indiegogo. We will be updating backers through kickstarter and are in the process of creating a unique backers page spotlighting updates, etc. More on that very shortly.

    45. Missing avatar

      John Donehoo on September 27

      Is there any need or benefit for Kickstarter backers to follow the campaign on Indiegogo?

    46. Lord Lethris on September 26

      How far are you into the project? Worth a small update.?

    47. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on September 24

      @Tristan, I will check on that for you. I believe the first issue is for October, but I will confirm that. Thanks for the heads up.

    48. Missing avatar

      tristan on September 24

      Hey I've yet to receive my magazine subscription or magazine in the mail, something going on or does it start in october?

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