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A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
A unique opportunity for gamers and fans to build the game — suggest ideas, ask questions & participate in development.
7,207 backers pledged $357,866 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James M.
      4 days ago

      At this point, I don't expect them to hit the August target for the early beta. That's not terrible; lots of projects run late. However, I would appreciate an official update on where things are.

    2. Lord Lethris 5 days ago

      Not had a development update in ages.!! Come on guys.!

    3. Manely 7 days ago

      I received nothing yet. Status pls Thank You

    4. Dave Shelling on

      Still waiting. Any progress on that email? Or KS message?

    5. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      So how's business? ETABeta is not too far away, so what can we expect to see?

    6. JoeC


      I verified my address on the survey response is correct, no physical awards have arrived at this time.


    7. Missing avatar

      David Chapman on

      Same here please

    8. Dave Shelling on

      I, too, have not yet received any physical rewards. I have messaged with no response. Could you please contact me?

    9. James M.

      The information you've been giving in updates is good to hear, but I don't remember seeing much if anything about the timeline. Do you have any updates regarding the estimated August "Private Early VIP Beta"? I'm not saying you should rush things, but I would like to know if there's going to be a delay, and if so, how long it is. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Casey on

      A while ago you said you would send me an email about raising my pledge and I thank you for the opportunity, I never actually seemed to receive the email.

    11. Neil deGrasse Tyson's Space Odyssey Creator on

      @LordLethris, thanks for the kind words. As we work out the back-end on the game, the modular approach will allow us to test and makes sure that gameplay is accessible to our community. We don't want to escalate to isolate players, for sure. I'm working on an update regarding Neil, AI and the capture we are exploring. @Andrew Sampson, we have had some returns (connecting with folks to resend) and are continuing shipping. I'll be at E3 the next couple of days, but I'll go through and make sure your missing package is taken care of. Sorry for that delay.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sampson on

      I've still not received anything in the post despite being told things were sent out back in February. Mark said he'd resend the parcel months ago but still nothing. I've waited weeks between messages to avoid nagging but there's been no reply for 4 months now. I didn't want to post publicly but I don't see any other way of getting a response.

    13. Lord Lethris on

      Oh for god sake siri.!

      Keep up the GOOD work.!

      (It got it right the first time, then as I clicked submit it, AutoCorrect it wrong.!!)

    14. Lord Lethris on

      Not posted a comment in a while, and I felt left out.

      Keep up the food work guys.!

      Im currently playing Elite Dangerous and I’ll be streaming later (yea, non-intentional plug there). Look forward to streaming some info on this (if we’re allowed)

      Was playing Star Citizen, but the Dev’s on that upped the goalposts on the specs (which is really annoying) so Cant play that anymore till i get, well, a new PC... (my humble 3rd gen i7 with 12gb RAM and a high speed Sata running duel R9 380x GPU simply isn’t good enough for Star Citizen anymore)

    15. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      I've been gone for a little while but I'm back and there's a lot of updates. Just curious if the beta download is out yet.

    16. Ken Otwell on

      Let's not let perfection be the enemy of good. Don't rush decisions... but package what you have as "physics previews" or "User Interface Previews" and let the gamers, students, and scientists provide real feedback. I bet the hardcore gamers will give you the best feedback by far.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jayce Fornstrom on

      Please take your time with this wonderful project; beautiful things like this take time. Don't let a good thing be less by rushing. I'm so excited to be a contributing part of this!

    18. James M.

      Remember that there were two main estimated delivery dates: August for the "Private Early VIP Beta" and December for the "Beta". If we're still on track for December, that's good, but there's an earlier target that's only ~3 months away now. I'd like to know how things are looking for an early beta in August. Any news on that yet? Thanks!

    19. Carolyn Callahan

      I would request an update on shipping of posters, etc. I am happy to wait, but don't want to find out at some point that the shipping has been long finished. Thanks.

    20. Neil deGrasse Tyson's Space Odyssey Creator on

      @Dragonychus, agreed regarding delays. Part 2, promised is based on some emerging tech which may allow for a very cool and interactive Neil presence in the game. The testing has been a bit delayed and I am pushing for some meat to present. In the meanwhile, we are buiding some additional challenge teasers as we move into full storyboards on those simulations. We have to test to understand the boundaries and then move into full on game simulations and build. We are excited and are employing some exciting tech options to realize the actual science/actual physics aspects of gameplay. I am doing rather well, @Sebastian Behrens and I do appreciate your concern. I should be cast free at the end of next week and working with 2 hands. To be frank, there are a lot of moving pieces on this project and our intention is to have a game that is expansive over time to allow for innovation, exploration and discovery - all in deep space. I, as much as anyone (as the Creative Director) am excited to get to demoing. @Casey and @Frank J.R. Hanstick, I will send you emails to give you the opportunity. This weekend is the ISDC presented by NSS. I'll be there discussing and sharing concepts for deep space. If you are in LA, come by!

    21. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      Delays are inevitable in any development, but please report those delays to those invested. I have followed another similar KS project that is currently 6 years overdue, and although that was a 1-man gig (so his becoming overburdened and the consequent 1-year silence were not unexpected), I am (hopefully unneccessarily) concerned with the similarities to this project. We helped fund this project, please keep us as well informed as possible.

    22. Sebastian Behrens on

      @Phil Officially it is still on track for Dec 2018, but I don't believe in it. The person responsible for the posts is obviously sick again and there were only a few unspectacular updates with some delays too. At this moment we are waiting for the promissed 2nd part of an update since nearly two weeks. I wondered why there is no other one who can post comments or updates...I don't have a lot against delays, but the promises and then silence again is brazenly in my opinion. Sorry for these hard words, but it's the truth.

    23. Missing avatar

      Phil Pelletier on

      Is this KS still on track for a Dec 2018 release?

    24. Missing avatar

      Casey on

      Yeah I actually didn't notice at the time but I did the wrong backing tier, and wanted to do a higher one.

    25. Frank J. R. Hanstick on

      I would like to increase my pledge; but, cannot find the link to do so.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      Just gonna ask again, when's the next update (or in this particular case, when's part II of the last update)?

    27. Sebastian Behrens on

      I should have bet that there will be not a part two of the update until evening yesterday(PST) ;D

    28. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Looks like I need to do a two part update, part one this evening and part two at week's end. A little adjustment to accommodate renders. Thanks for your patience.

    29. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Having a render issue, will fix in the am and post.

    30. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Indeed it is but I am finishing my edit to post, so no sleep until I do. Cheers @Sebastian Behrens.

    31. Sebastian Behrens on

      On the Pacific Ocean in the evening must be very late :D

    32. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      I'll be back at work today on the update following the successful surgery. The painkillers and anesthesia aftermath have made things rather woozy for several days. I'll have a couple of more renders to work with today and have an update posted this evening, Pacific Time, @Dragonychus. Cheers and thanks for the kind thoughts.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      Of course I hope the surgery went swimmingly, but today is the last day of the week (so any 'later this week' is complicated), and I'm curious as to when the update is due? I am aware there are different time-zones, so if you could provide an ETA for a specific zone, that'd be great.

    34. Lord Lethris on

      Keep up the good work.! But please post Official updates more often.!

      *thumbs up*

    35. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Sorry, that should have expressed update uploaded later this week.

    36. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      @DonnaGrant will check for you. There will be another bunch of packages shipping at week's end. I am taking a break for wrist surgery tomorrow. I'll be back at it by Thursday. Renders are coming in, being adjusted a bit. I'll have the next game update with supporting videos to express the development of the game. Cheers!

    37. Missing avatar

      Donna Grant on

      Still waiting on my items as well. Could someone check on it and let me know it's status?

    38. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Hi @JordanKaneshiro, @Kalanpope and @PaulLockyer, I'll be working on shipping the next couple of days and will check on the status of your shipments. Thanks for your patience, Mark.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jordan Kaneshiro on

      Backer #5,584. I haven't received the reward yet and survey was submitted on/responded to on 09OCT2017. Please update.

    40. Kalan Pope

      I have not received items either. I was told a while ago that it would be checked on but haven’t heard anything since.

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Lockyer on


      I have yet to receive any of the items I pledged for.



    42. Missing avatar

      Shadowcaster on

      Might I suggest some kind of progress bar for the I'll trained eyes? Maybe miniature little shuttles representing travel distance as we approach near the intended mark.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      Thanks, Mark! I think we'll all be looking forward to the update. Take care with the wrist (and maybe you can kidnap a little leprechaun to do the typing for you ;)).

    44. Mark NDT Space Odyssey Team Collaborator on

      Happy Earth Day, for starters! @Dylyan, @AntoniosLiakakis, @Dragonychus & @Lord Lethris, we will have an update available this weekend with challenge simulations, an introduction to some of the new tech being integrated, a discussion of the hub network and some other additions. some questions for the community too. Update will post as soon as I have the renders available. We will breakdown each render and express its fit in the game as a whole and availability/timing on beta tests. My apologies on the delay in responding. I shattered my right wrist and have been getting that sorted. Typing is slow at this point but am trying to convince my surgeon to enhance my wrist with some upgrades when he joins the bones with a metal plate. I've gotten him to "I'll see what we've got". It's a start. Very excited to get your feedback when the update hits this week. Cheers and thanks again for your patience.

    45. Missing avatar


      I agree with the earlier posts - what is the status of the game? Last real update containing information about the game and its progress was sometime last year. All updates since then have been "Filler Updates", not containing any real information about the game and its progress - besides the information, that the beta wont be available until later this year (which worries me deeply, is there no progress/game that can be shown? No status updates that could be mentioned?). Especially if you keep in mind that you want to launch the game in December.
      Please update us on the current status of the project.

    46. Antonios Liakakis on

      @Dragonychus for a game that is coming out in 7 months we are sure not being given enough info and I have stopped asking for any,

    47. Missing avatar

      Dragonychus on

      Alright, folks, when do we get our next (real) update? This radio silence and apparent lack of progress is getting a bit old. Though I really like to believe there is actual progress, so far there is very little to show for it other than words and promises.

    48. Missing avatar

      Donna Grant on

      Still haven't received my art posters. Is there something I can do to check on them?

    49. Lord Lethris on

      About time for an interim update .? Just a tiny one.? Its been over a month since an official update :(

    50. Bradley Lloyd on

      Awesome I can’t wait for the video game.

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