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AU$ 51.00 pledged of AU$ 2,000 goal
By Andy Malcolm
AU$ 51.00 pledged of AU$ 2,000 goal


 The Last Remnants of Men is a table top role playing system which employs unique combat mechanics based on d100 to calculate a successful hit, and d6 for damage.

Players develop a human persona which is shaped by abilities that inform us of their natural capabilities, and select skills based on what they have learnt in the days before the virus, otherwise known as the Old World.  As characters extend their survival time, they will acquire new, survival skills developed from living through hardships in the New World.  



The World Setting

It took a little while for the spiral to gain momentum.  There were early signs of the catastrophe, but they took a little while to gather ground.  Before people realised it, all hell broke lose.  The Last Remnants of Men is a game with a setting that is at the beginning of the apocalypse.  Characters are tied between two worlds, the old world which is quickly dying and fading from memory and the new world which demands they adapt or die.

Before it was too late, those with sense evacuated the cities.  The East coast of Australia was overrun, so many made the voyage west towards the less populated areas, where they thought it would be safe.  Characters find themselves stranded in the fictional Australian outback town of Juna.  There are other apocalypse refugees camping there, all sharing the limited resources while trying to maintain a normal way of life until the virus finds them.  

Characters are faced with a ravenous and growing danger, as the undead affect others who are relentless in their pursuit of blood.  It's dangerous to stay in the town, and shelter can be found in the out lying farmhouses, sheds, bush and scrub lands.  But the Australian sun beats down on the characters.  It dehydrates the human body all too quickly.  Survivors need to hide from both mother nature and the bowls of hell.

Here's a brief history and explanation of the game.

Basic Combat mechanics

Characters are given four combat abilities at the start of their character creation process.  These abilities are: Fists, Hand weapon, Firearm and Special.  Each ability has a base score of 30 points, which the player will increase by spending 60 points across these four abilities as they see fit.

Using a weapon will further increase a character's combat ability score. To highlight this, the wood axe will increase a character's hand weapon score by 5 points, likewise when using a shotgun will increase the firearm score by 12.  When these scores are combined we call it an ATTACK SCORE. To determine a successful hit upon a target, the player must roll this score or less on 2d10 (d100.)

Now, if a character is trying to hit a living creature that can dodge, block, duck or jump, then it's going to make the job of hitting them harder.  The attacking player must subtract their opponent's PARRY SCORE from their ATTACK SCORE which now gives us the number (ATTACK TOTAL) we need to roll or less in order to hit!


This is where the game mechanics differs to most RPG's.  This is due to the fact that we have tried to keep the combat mechanics similar when dealing with human threats, as well as the undead.  

Every weapon has a a set amount of d6 which are rolled for damage, however only the highest natural number is regarded.  

For example, a player rolls 3d6 and the results are a 1, 3 and a 5.  The 5 is the result that is regarded as it is the highest of the three dice. 

Any roll of 6 automatically inflicts a BLOOD WOUND onto the opponent. This is like a critical hit.  It will reduce a character's HEALTH anywhere from 1-3 points as well as possibly inflict permanent damage (such as a hand twisted off, a kneecap blown out or a finger crushed) which will negatively impact ability scores.

If the rolls are 3,4 and/or 5's, the character deals one point of damage to their opponent.  This is significant damage, and would be enough to make a character cry out in pain or run in fear of sustaining further injury.  A roll of 1 (and on some weapons a 2) is a minor wound.  These are merely a light bruise, scratch, slap or even nasty tear in the clothes.  They are not enough to stop a character or reduce HEALTH points, which are the gauge to determine a character's life and death.

Why another RPG system?

Ive been an RPGer since my first introduction with the early 80's DnD red boxset.  Wow, I was hooked.  Over the years, as I grew, I created my own game systems based on inspired film and literature.  The Last Remnants of Men is a culmination of some of these rules to help create the best possible game system to suit the world and genre.  It is a game system that is simple to use and remember so that it does not detract from the narrative, while also retaining some sense of prestige, so that seasoned gamers feel like they are playing something of adult content.  

What makes the world setting for The Last Remnants of Men different to other settings is that it holds true to a sense of reality.  Characters will not be superhuman.  They will be everyday folk who bleed like you and I.  They wont have access to state of the art equipment.  It's a contemporary world setting, but remote.  The outbreak has just begun, so there are traditional zombies to deal with.  You won't find weird mutations here.  No acid spitting zombies either.  

Lastly, it is a world that I am passionate about.  The system is one that I believe in.  All have huge potential for growth and extension.  If not funded, I will continue to pursue the game, keep trying to get it out there and try and try again.  

I invite you to come with me to Juna and check out the landscape that is THE LAST REMNANTS OF MEN.


If you need further inspiration, check out some of the music written and recorded specific for The Last Remnants of Men.



The Book

The work will be sent to backers as a PDF.  The $5 pledge will consist of the book as-is at conclusion of the project's campaign, and be sent ASAP. In this book, as with the finished product, will be the Player's Section.  This details the character creation process, skills, abilities, combat mechanics and general information.  

Next will be the GM Section, with specific information concerning the running of games within the Last Remnants of Men RPG system.  

Concluding will be the World Setting Section, with maps, pre-generated characters, location information, game prompts and an introductory scenario.


My asking goal of $2000 (minus Kickstarter fees) is just a small piece to a larger goal.  I would ideally love to see this game in a nice hard cover book of sorts with art from several artists.  This is a long term vision that may be Kickstarted if this project is successful.  For now, being realistic, the money will fund a graphic designer who will assist with layout and employ an artist to produce the cover art.

Risks and challenges

I am a husband and father of four young girls and work as a full-time teacher. At times life and work can interrupt the creative flow of game design but I make every effort to chip away at this project every night as it's what I enjoy doing most. When not explicitly working on the game, I am playing, researching and immersing myself in the zombie genre.
At present, time is a big challenge, as it just seems to be slipping away from us all every day. Within the time period my aim is to have the final PDF product available to my backers. Should there be any delay in meeting this deadline then they will be communicated. I do not believe in rushing a project, but I am also impatient and understand that prolonged waiting periods just cause angst.

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