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Help the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor burninate the countryside in this cooperative game of burnination, majesty, and consummate V's!!
Help the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor burninate the countryside in this cooperative game of burnination, majesty, and consummate V's!!
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Last Call for Order Updates is Tomorrow Wed. Oct 31st!

Posted by Homestar Runner (Creator)

Fellow Keepers of Trogdor,

Thank you all again for being so responsive and finalizing your details in the BackerKit survey. 21,630 of you are all done. 1001 to go!

Here's the link if you can't find your survey email-

And here's the link if you aren't a backer but still want to order a game:

The last day to make final updates to your order and to order games is Wednesday 10/31. After this date, we will lock your reward selections.

And on Thursday 11/1 cards will be charged for add-ons, pledge upgrades, outstanding pre-orders and shipping.

On 11/2 we will be able to give the final count to Panda Games for manufacturing!

(Anyone not completing their surveys by the Wednesday deadline-can still do so -but their order may be delayed.)

As a reminder-you can update your shipping address right up until we lock addresses in the spring of next year. And no worries about remembering-we will send you another email at that time confirming your address is correct and reminding you to update it if necessary.

Onto some fun! Strong Sad is highlighting the wonderfully violent endgame of Trogdor! The Board Game. Check out Trogdor's Fiery Rage:

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Also, the new Halloween cartoon is up! Maybe you'll enjoy it!

And of course, please feel free to contact us at any time through Kickstarter, BackerKit or at

Keep On Burninating On!

-Missy, Mike and Matt

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    1. Homestar Runner Creator on

      Hi Julie-Sorry you are dealing with that-sounds really frustrating. Backerkit will try to recharge in about a week. Please message us at if you need to.

    2. Julie Riley on

      My dad's credit card got declined and his cards won't work until Monday. I really hope I can make the payment in time before the deadline.

    3. Homestar Runner Creator on

      Hi Steve! Message us here or at and we will help you out.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Olix on

      I haven't gotten any email

    5. Ryan Rardin on

      The only thing I disagree with in that Six-Sadded, Die video is how much Trogdor's Fiery Rage hurts. It can still be devastating if the movement cards send Trogdor in circles, and there's no way you can get all the tiles burninated.

    6. Homestar Runner Creator on

      @Jason BackerKit is still in the process of charging cards. Please ping us on Monday if you still do not see a charge from Harmless Junk Inc. (that's us!) on your account. Thanks for backing! -Cassidy

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Castaldi on

      Just wanted to note for all here that the charge to your card will come through from HARMLESS JUNK INC. I got a spending alert from my Visa card issuer notifying me of the charge, and I thought "Hey, whazzat? I don't remember buying any Harmless Junk!" I did a quick Googling and learned that it's THIS. Whew!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Bramlett on

      It hasn’t showed up on my account. Are you doing it in waves?

    9. Homestar Runner Creator on

      Hi Justin! We will process card payments after midnight eastern time tonight. PM us if you have any questions specific to your order. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin Wingate on

      Question: do you immediately begin charging cards at midnight?

    11. Ringo Stalin on

      KANO! BAD COMPANY! KROOL! THRAX! DANNY! DAAAANNNNYYYY!!!!! *head explodes in a Brett Ewins-y way*

    12. Missing avatar

      James on

      so you just draw cards and see if you randomly win if you get down to the end of the game? Yeah I think I'll house rule that out when I play.

    13. Russonc

      love the updates!