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Some called it post-punk.  Others called it no wave. 
I will forever call it NO NEW YORK.
Some called it post-punk. Others called it no wave. I will forever call it NO NEW YORK.
150 backers pledged $8,437 to help bring this project to life.


Tears! Joy! Confetti! 

Thanks to all of my incredible patrons, with a shout-out to JOE THE LION today! You all have pushed me right over the edge and into success! The $7,500.00 goal has been reached, and it’s time to ADD A REWARD and talk about what I’ll be doing with any excess funds. 

Whomever has pledged, or pledges $25.00 or more (over the $7,500.00) will now receive a numbered, inscribed chapbook of a new short story (written by me), and you’ll receive it by Christmas of 2012. And, there’ll be a nice little added perk for those of you who have already pledged! 

After today’s wild ride into success, here’s how I'll be using the extra funding. First will be the rewards! Next will come a fund I’ll set aside for promotion and marketing of the book once it’s published. If my Kickstarter fund continues to grow into a phenomenon, I’ll be recording NEW MUSIC as a companion piece to the book. Although I may come back to you to fund a CD of music at some point, allow me to explain how the songs I plan to record will work with this particular manuscript/book.

I’ve had a crazy history with the music business, which I’ll be recounting in this manuscript. I’ve written many songs throughout the years that have never been recorded, and last summer, wrote five new songs while staying at the artist Michele Zalopany’s flat in the Chelsea Hotel. The new songs match the themes and mise en scene of certain songs from the past to form a cohesive story, and will make the perfect accompaniment for NO NEW YORK: Adventures in the Town of Empty. So I’ll be setting aside any remaining funds, after rewards are paid for, toward recording this companion piece for the book.

My dear Medicis, you make me smile through the days and nights. Life is good. 

May everything we give come back to us times 3-6-9! 

Gratefully yours, 

Adele the First

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    1. Kimberly Smith on July 12, 2012

      Oh man, will I ever be GLAD to contribute to that CD! You have too great a gift of voice & energy to miss out on making that CD. Count me in when the time comes. xo

    2. Gail Ann Dorsey on June 9, 2012

      Congratulations! You're the best, Adele! You will always be one of my biggest inspirations, and brightest friends. I love you! Show em' how it's done, girlfriend!!! x o x o

    3. Missing avatar

      Judy on June 7, 2012

      Congratulations!! There's a lot of faith in you out there. Keep Rockin and Write'n sweetness!