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Some called it post-punk. Others called it no wave. I will forever call it NO NEW YORK.
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Adele Bertei

150 backers pledged $8,437 to help bring this project to life.

HALFWAY THERE! Humbled and grateful. And thinking of you all.

To all of my supporters, your pledges have knocked me over the half-way mark and I'm only 2 days in out of 30!  I didn't know this would be such a moving experience. I want you to understand how important your support is to me. 

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Writers spend an indecent amount of time on their own, agonizing over the perfect word to turn a story while memoirists wrestle with not only words but the twists of memory; the good, the bad, and the lonely. I say this to tell you that you've not only given me money, you've  given me company. You've elected me to be your personal storyteller of a time you are all intrigued by, a time you may very well have participated in. So you can bet I'm imagining you all here with me while I take this journey back to honor the place, and the time, in all it's raging glory. 

Solitude is overrated. Thank you. I'm honored.


Adele I    (adele the 1st!)


    1. Creator Adele Bertei on May 23, 2012

      Thank you Cassie!

    2. Creator Cassie Marketos on May 23, 2012

      So touched by this message, Adele! It's lovely.