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I created a Mushroom men (and women) army for 28mm Heroic Scale Table Top Games that I want to bring to mass market.
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The big update

Posted by Bog's Minis (Creator)

Thank you all for not breaking out the tar and feathers... at least not yet. This whole thing has been a new and overwhelming experience for me but over the last couple weeks it has finally settled into something productive.

Even more than the patience, I appreciate the support of almost everyone involved in the kickstarter. I've heard some Kickstarter horror stories where companies go under and everyone gets screwed and I refuse to have that happen here.

I'm not going to go into great detail about the delays and the reasons for them outside of a few specific things. The reality is when I set out to do this I didn't think I would sell more than a couple hundred Miniatures and I set my time frames for that. I thought the time frame I set would be achievable and would give me a 1-month buffer until I had to pack up all of my things in my workshop and move across town. Also when I finally thought I had a handle on things I ended up sick for over three weeks which then messed up my work schedule and left me scrambling to get all of that done as well.

I admit I complicated the entire process unnecessarily by having stretch goals that were not set at the appropriate levels. That mistake ended up wiping out any profit I would have made on this and took a ton of time away from bread and butter mini's that I had sold by the hundreds. 1200+ minis in fact (with bases totaling just under 5,000 parts.) I wasn't ready for that level of production and it required equipment to be bought and built and an entirely different production set up than I had already.

All of this is hand-poured. There is no Factory I can just place an order from and get the minis. This is something I do 4 days a week up until recently on my own. With the help and some new techniques I've been able to dramatically increase my production numbers. I was able to pour out just under 6 lb of usable Minis in two weeks using the new molds. This isn't something that I sat on a back burner and get to whenever. I have been steadily jamming to get it all done.

My wonderful girlfriend has stepped in to help alleviate some of the stress of this and is going to be processing all of the orders. at a certain point I had to choose between filling orders or just pouring everything so everyone could get it at once. I decided to pour everyone's orders and ship them all at once. In retrospect I wish I would have sent some out as a sign of good faith but I ran into a big snag that I've been trying to deal with for months while I poured every up.


The king weapons and The Wizard weapons are too small. In the 3D prints it looked questionable although on the CGI renderings they looked fine. If it was pewter they would be fine but as thin plastic they are problematic. This is compounded by the fact that the resin/plastic I use is the most viscous in the industry. This is excellent for detail but the problem I've been running into is when pressure casting the bubbles are forced to the center of the model reducing the number on the exterior. This is how almost all resin models are made.

The problem with this is the shaft (teehee) of the king and wizard weapon is too thin and the bubbles in the center combined with its lack of girth (double teehee) meant that I was wasting hours pouring these up and redoing molds trying to get these to work. I prematurely said orders would be ready to be shipped thinking I was going to pour up the remaining weapons and send it all out. I have no idea at the time the weapons would give me so much trouble. That was a misstep and I'm sorry for it.

The king scepter has been redesigned to be slightly more robust. I have three of these printed I've been running a mold of with great success.

The wizard weapons were Consolidated into essentially a short staff, that is thicker and shorter and much more robust than the thin one pictured. This should solve all of the issues I've been having with this. As we pull molds when we meet production numbers being able to run these side by side is important. The redesigned staff is pictured blown up here on a Fatty Wizard I had done up by multiple request.


I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. With everything that has been going on I have been somewhat anxietyed out over everything and often put an update off till the next day hoping that I'll get more information on the project but then the next day ends up being the next day which ends up being the next day and so on. There's really no excuse for this other than my own problems and I apologize for it. 

 My biggest production night is every Wednesday. That's when I have two extra sets of hands come and help me. For now on I will be posting an update every Wednesday and my girlfriend will be posting shipping lists as product goes out. I have two other things to cover that will be put in separate updates so they don't get lost in the novel I just typed out. Those will be coming later tonight. They are simple logistical things I don't want lost in this update.

As always thank you for your patience. We are almost there.

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      Morgan Davis on

      Thanks for the update, I understand that you got way more traction than you thought. I'm in it for the Long haul, can't wait to get them! Take your time and make them perfect! :)

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      Marc_W on

      Thank you very much for the update! I´m looking forward to get them soon

    3. Ryan Shellito on

      Thanks for the update.

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      Shawn Parker on

      Thanks for the update and keep up the good work! Those mushies look great!