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Please help support Geo Wyeth's upcoming release ALIEN TAPES with limited edition artwork by Tuesday Smillie! Thank you!


I am extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of my FIRST FULL LENGTH STUDIO RECORDING ---- ALIEN TAPES!

I have been working steadily on this album for almost 2 years.  After much research and deliberation on releasing the album through a label, I decided to release it through an interdisciplinary artist collective called PACK PROJECTS that I am a part of. Right now PACK also consists of composer Jules Gimbrone and singer/songwriter Julia Read.  This will be PACK's second release, following the long-awaited WREST project (which I also play music on!).  

PACK seeks to create a sustainable model of artistic, spiritual, and financial support for musicians who are cultivating an interdisciplinary listening and performing practice.  I am feeling really good about releasing the album through PACK because it espouses so many of my own beliefs.  Although PACK will eventually be self sustaining (fingers crossed!), I need some funding this time around to actually get the beast moving.

With your help, I will release the album in its full glory through PACK.  We are currently approaching distributors and small local shops to try and make ALIEN TAPES available to folks who want to have it.  

ALIEN TAPES is kind of a meditation on the relationship of proximity between the body, the room, and the sound.  Half of it was recorded on tape with a lot of live mixing and outboard effects.  Half of it was recorded by digital means and features heavy production.  Leading up to its release, I have been holding curated listening events in tandem as ways of bringing people together -- the album functions as a drawing together of embodied experiences, and I hope it is approached in this way.

Believe me when I say that there are the sweat, blood, and tears of many hardworking individuals involved in the creation of the record -- Karel Van Beekom, Mike Irwin, Keith Parker, Dan Arnow, (musicians, engineers, schleppers), Anna Betbeze, Jules Gimbrone (conceptual collaborators, general artist brains), Tuesday Smillie (album artwork goddess), Quinn McCarthy (exceptional experimenter and coproducer).  Elizabeth Orr made an incredible music video.  These are just a few folks who have been involved.  There have also been many moments -- some recorded, some not -- conversations in kitchens, funny interactions in hospitals, walks across dark bridges, phones dying mid-sentence, long-winded loops of thought -- that have helped me to build ALIEN TAPES.

The money raised will pay for the following:

500 12-inch vinyl LPs 

Amazing color printing and reproduction of Tuesday Smillie's incredible artwork 

Paying artists for their artwork and heart work

Mastering by the incredible Doug Henderson (he mixed and mastered Antony & the Johnsons's I am a bird now) - this will make the music more versatile in terms of where it is played back from (computer speakers?  car radio speakers? fancy cabinet speakers? headphones?  earbuds?)

By helping me bring this album into fruition, you will also be helping me build towards trying to forge a sustainable system of support through PACK.  This should be the first of many projects to come, and I hope you will join me  

Thank you and I appreciate your support!!



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    A LIMITED EDITION copy of ALIEN TAPES LP (complete with digital download) with artwork by Tuesday Smillie

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    A copy of the LIMITED EDITION LP, and a video postcard from the depths of my mind!

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    A copy of the LIMITED EDITION LP, a video postcard from the depths of my mind, AAAAANNNDD a short song/poem that I write for YOU based a word you give me!

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    THE ORIGINAL ARTWORK for ALIEN TAPES by Tuesday Smillie! The artwork is a full color, 3-Dimensional, pop-up, foldout featuring some original writing by me.

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    The LP, the video postcard, the song, and the print, PLUS A REAL LIVE HOUR LONG SET PERFORMED BY YOURS TRULY IN YOUR HOME OR STUDIO. If you don't live near me, perhaps I can arrange a trip!

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