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Farenia is an odd world filled with some odd people. Somehow Jayrith and his friends always cross paths with them...Adventure awaits!


If you want to sample the writing, here's an excerpt for the opening of the novel:


To anyone who didn't watch the video: Hello! To people who did: I guess still hello? I don't want to be rude or anything.

My name is Gilman and I have a confession: I've written a book. It's a fantasy novel, it's entertaining (at least that's what the few people who have read any of it have said, but they could be bias/being nice. I definitely think it has its moments), and it really could use some help. 

I'm a very imaginative/creative person, but I will be the first to tell you my shortcomings. I don't even like writing, but I do love a great story. So for years I've built this in-depth world of creatures and conflicts and lore (oh my!), but have struggled to bring any of it to light. 

I WANT TO CHANGE THAT. Change is good right? Growth and all that jazz? But I digress. I've written the story of the first character that I ever created for this world of mine (Farenia) and I think it's a good tale. It's really the door opening to a whole bunch of other stuff, but it can stand on its own as well (there's a short synopsis at the bottom.) 


So here's where this adventure currently is: I need help with the two things to really finish this book. As much as writing and I never hung out, editing and I never connected more than just passing glances in the hall. The other is creating cover art and there's no joke there. I just can't draw/design.

I've created the kickstarter to partially gauge pre-orders, but mostly to help fund having editing and cover art done by someone who knows what they're doing. I also plan on putting in a similar amount of the goal of my own funds.

Also, If you were ever to think of buying the book, in whichever format, the prices here are close to 30% less than what they will be if/when they go on sale. 

Thanks everyone, for at least reading to this point. I really want to see this succeed. I really hope to have a nice polished piece of work, both inside and out.


Jayrith is a young man from Faren City who has lived a different life than most. Although he never knew his parents, he was raised by an ambassador to the King of Farenia, which provided him many opportunities to travel when he was young. However, his guardian mysteriously disappeared five years ago, leaving the adolescent Jayrith to live on his own. 

Things change the day he stumbles upon a golden gem that seems to have people acting peculiar. Jayrith sets out to find his guardian and eventually the answers to the strange jewel. Along the way he meets Maurice and Eryka, and the three of them travel across the land encountering everything from dragons and pirates, to self-proclaimed kings and mythical beings.

There's also a cricket... 


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