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We each have a WishKeeper fairy assigned to us that tends to our wishes. Rebellious, broken-winged Shea is determined to become one.
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Fairy Intelligence Agency Approved

Posted by Max Timm (Creator)

Hi folks and happy weekend!

Just as a quick update, the pledge level rewards are almost complete and ready to go. I'm only waiting on the physical books, t-shirts and the WishKeeper Certificates of Assignment. The Certificates are taking some time since they are individual prints and I want them to look as special as possible.

This will not, however, hold back all of the shipping. I have a busy day on Monday (October 28) scheduled since this will be the day I send out as much as I can to the folks who did not purchase a physical copy of the book. Prints and such will go out on Monday.

Pledge Level Rewards!
Pledge Level Rewards!

The above photo was posted to The WishKeeper's Facebook page yesterday. I post a lot of daily comments and news there, so head over and "Like" the page. As you can see, the above items are ready to go! They look great and I can't wait for you to see them. And yes, they are Fairy Intelligence Agency Approved. ;)

Amazon Reviews!

I've received a few reviews so far and they're quite positive! I don't expect all of you to have already read the PDF or eBook version of the book that I emailed a couple weeks ago, but if you HAVE read it, please write a review on the book's Amazon page. Your opinions matter and I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you would rather post a review to the Facebook page, please feel free! 

Thats it for now. I hope you all are enjoying the fall season and gearing up for a fun Halloween! If you decide to dress up as Shea, please take a photo and send it to me or post it on the Facebook page. ha

Thanks for everything!

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