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A high quality take on the legendary Deck of Many Things artifact for tabletop roleplaying gamers, featuring exclusive new artwork.
A high quality take on the legendary Deck of Many Things artifact for tabletop roleplaying gamers, featuring exclusive new artwork.
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    1. Larry Kost on

      I got my 2 decks and they look awesome, I'm thinking of breaking them in with D&D 5th edition.


      Neverstorm and Ramon please email me at: with your correct street address and full name. I have no way to contact you or know your actual backer name.

    3. Neverstorm on

      So I'm still missing my Deck of Many Things. I'm sure it's not your fault, but I've been trying to see if you guys could track it down on where it is or not. It's getting a bit unnerving just waiting for something that the rest of the backers seem to have.

    4. Lance Lindley Creator on

      @Ramon: I've emailed you at your personal email address just now.
      @Minas: I'm really glad you like the deck! I still haven't seen mine, but I'm told they are awaiting my return at home (if my kids haven't destroyed them).

      Here's the full story on the module. Ed and a guy named Wayne had some sessions where they came up with a killer story line. I mean really good, one of the coolest I'd heard of for a module. It centers around a new canon for the origin of the deck, but there's also a serial murder mystery going on where you're chasing the current holder of the deck who leaves behind cards as clues -- and as potential traps, because you know what happens if you touch a card, right? It was starting to look like a three-module series, with the first one free to backers and the next two likely to be Analog Games' next project. They got through encounter two when Wayne got sidetracked and left the project. Shortly after that, I agreed to sell my half of AG to Ed. Last I heard was Ed was considering hiring a "pro" -- someone with actual released modules under their belt -- to help him finish.

    5. Minas George Politis on

      Decks have arrived and look awesome! I like the artwork and now I need to find proper protectors so they can haunt my campaigns for a long time!

      Do we have any news on the module yet? In the last response, it was completed up to the second encounter, if I recall correctly.

    6. Ramon Gomez on

      I'm still waiting on the arrival of my deck and there is no response to repeated emails.


      As of today all of the Decks of Many Things for backers have shipped, all replacement Decks have shipped, and I have contacted five individuals whose decks were returned as undeliverable. So, if you received an email from me today please answer back to: with your correct street address and full name. Also, please feel free to contact me if you still have not received your Deck. Game on!

    8. Russell Ventimeglia

      I received my deck(s) and they're great! Thanks for all thr follow up folks. Sorry that fulfillment became such a huge hassle.

    9. Leigh Keegan on

      Just received my decks (VIC, Australia). Very nice cards. Great job!

    10. Lance Lindley Creator on

      @Cory I just emailed back and forth with Ed regarding your situation. He's been replying to an email address (I don't want to post it here for privacy reasons but it starts with the word "dark") that seems to be the same email for both you and a backer called Jack Hanna... perhaps you are one and the same? In any case, the emails are getting kicked back to him as undeliverable. That's the same email we had from the survey and put into the shipping system, so if it's not valid that would be why you never got shipping notification. He sends his apologies for not being able to reach you, but the deck has in fact reshipped.

      @Michael I'm really glad you love the deck! I'm looking forward to seeing them myself some day. I believe the intent is for the regular edition decks to retail for US$15. Ultimately they will be sold in the Paizo store, but you can get them early by emailing Ed ( I saw a bit about D&D5E and hope I'll get some time when back in home port to look it over. Free PDF download of the basic rules, I think, at the WotC site.

    11. Michael on

      I got my decks (australia) and love the pic of myself as the knight even more then what was shown to me to approve :)
      I got a friend who just opened up a game shop and sells board games and other things (think they are getting D&D 5) just wanted to offload my extra 7 decks from my pledge level to them but I dont know how much they should suggest they sell them for.

      do you know how much the normal decks will be retailing for? what's the best way for my friends to get in contact to order more (if they decide to sell them)? and what perium should be set for the kickstarter edition with the bonus card? (question more for the kickstarter community here then you Lance)

    12. Lance Lindley Creator on

      @Cory I show your deck being re-shipped 6 July 2014 with an extra bonus tossed in by way of apology for the hassle. So, Ed's handling them, he may just not be communicating that he's handling them. I don't know what to tell you about Ed's customer service style... I'm no longer part of the company and have no sway. I shouldn't really still have rights to get into the guts of the system and check/fix problems, but I asked Ed to let me keep access for awhile since the Kickstarter's on my personal account and I feel responsible.

    13. Cory Fitzgerald on

      I have not received my deck, nor any information as to where it is. I have requested information from Edmond Courtroul 3 separate times, with no response given. Where as Lance Lindley responded with what he could almost immediately. I do not want to be the complainer, but this is weak customer service to say the least

    14. Missing avatar


      I did mean to add on my original post that my suggestion for a cure to my comment would be to make a logo card in the deck that could be removed before use in game sessions (just like the instruction card). It feels as if the box could withstand another card slid in there. The overall look, however, seems to work fine to me. Kind of unassuming with great power or woe held within. I really am looking forward to the day I get to actually use this as a game prop.

    15. Foxfire on

      My decks arrived safely in Australia.

      Thanks. I like the plain packaging, a subdued box with no hint of the power within.

      I do understand the need for a logo, but it does detract a bit from the box, if a future version had a way of paper packing sheet or something with logos and deck of many things on it, that would look better as a prop.

      But the actual deck itself is glorious. Really love work and a fantastic job. Thank you so much.

    16. Lance Lindley Creator on

      @Aaron & thedmstrikes: Interesting divergence of opinions there, and I had both in my mind as I was personally designing the tuck box (we could not afford to hire Holly to do another design for us). On the one hand, I didn't want a brightly colored box full of "bling" that would look great on a retail shelf but out of place in a campaign (like the gypsy logo on the Kickstarter itself). So, after much consideration, I went with a very subdued, weathered leather look that I created myself in photoshop by combining several images of leather I got from teh interwebz, such as might be found in a dusty box beneath the floorboards of the wizard's study. That said, there was still a need to mark the tuck box as the Limited Edition, and it also seemed prudent to put the Analog Games logo on the box. As I added them, I thought "do these disrupt the aesthetic I was going for?" I answered "yes" to myself, but ultimately decided the company logo was small enough to be OK and the Kickstarter bit is sort of an "add-on." Definitely a matter of personal opinion as to whether or not it works, and I'm not completely sure myself, which is why I'm a Naval Officer and not a graphic designer.

      Only Ed can say when the regular decks will be available. Last email from Leo, the printer, led me to believe they regular edition decks may still be in China, which is a real backbreaker if Ed is required to pay all over again to get that shipment to New Jersey. We were under the impression the whole batch shipped together. Email Ed directly for any future plans, though.

    17. Oozebull on

      Same as Russel =(

    18. Russell Ventimeglia

      Got my open envelope with packing slip... and no deck :(

    19. Al Lew

      Got my reward yesterday the envelope was open and there was only the packing slip inside but luckily the deck was right there on the floor in good shape so I dodged a bullet (or spell) there! Love the art!

    20. Missing avatar


      Lance- I am in an APO and I got mine today, fret not fellow warrior, it shall arrive soon...

      On an unhappy note, I am disappointed in the distracting kickstarter logo on the side of the deck. I totally understand the reason it is there, it just detracts from the immersion of the deck. When do regular decks go on sale? I would rather have one of those for my games (should I ever grace a group with a deck).

    21. Alexia Almy on

      I received mine sometime between last Thursday and Monday. What a nice surprise to return home to from a not quite so great vacation. All ten decks received, and the one deck I opened looked beautiful. Thank you very much.

      Good luck to those having troubles.

    22. Russell Ventimeglia

      Hmm. No deck or envelope yet.

    23. Aaron Place on

      I got mine Tuesday. The art is great, but the packaging is a little more bland that what I was expecting. All in all I'm still very happy. Good luck to all involved and I hope all the unfortunate envelope people get taken care of :)

    24. Lance Lindley Creator on

      @Michael, While I'd like to play a session you DM, I'm worried now that you have a Deck of Many Things in your possession how that might go for my beloved Dwarf barbarian or Gnome cleric...

    25. Lance Lindley Creator on

      Hi everyone. A quick apology and explanation about the envelopes, for what it's worth. Throughout this project, both here on KS and also on the blog and Facebook pages, I've been keeping everyone aware that we were not out to make any money on this project, but we did hope not to lose money. As such, the deck prices were calculated with certain expense estimates in mind to break us even at $15 per deck, or less if more than one deck was ordered at a time. It was a very complicated task figuring out the pricing, with the scaling based on number printed, number pulled per order, number shipped and to where (a guess), etc. but I got what I thought was the best estimate I could given the unknowns and the fact that I've never tried to do anything like that before.

      Unfortunately, there were a lot more unknowns than... well, than we knew. By the time the shipping cost to get the Decks from China had doubled, and import bond fees and freight forwarding costs we didn't expect were tacked on, we were back in the red. Then Fulfillrite, who is doing all our handling and shipping of the decks, emailed to say, "Thanks for the $2000 you already put into the shipping account, but you're going to need to put in about $6000 more." I don't blame Fulfillrite, they've really made all this possible in a sense; Ed and I could never have shipped such a massive project on our own, especially from Japan. But the original estimates they gave us for shipping just didn't survive first contact with the actual decks. I'm not sure how there was a misunderstanding... we described the decks pretty accurately. Anyway, the point is, Ed asked if there wasn't some way to get back closer to the original fulfillment estimate, and Fulfillrite said, "well, we could ship the 1-2 deck orders in envelopes and that will save you four or five thousand dollars. Mind you, they didn't say ship them in poorly sealed envelopes that were going to have a frustrating rate of coming open and losing their contents. Our biggest concern was that some decks might get crushed in the cheaper packaging, but when we were looking at saving thousands of dollars (from Ed's own pocket, remember we're already in the red by that point) it was going to work out cheaper to replace a few crushed decks than to prevent crushing by spending the thousands for boxes.

      Statistically speaking, the loss rate is very low. Almost 2,000 decks have shipped to more than 1000 people (we had some post-KS sales) and right now only about 20 decks (or 1%) have been lost. I know that doesn't make anyone who received an empty envelope feel better, but it does seem to justify the decision from a business standpoint. To quote something a special forces guy once said to me about news reports his team had taken "light fire" in a prior operation, "Gunfire is never light when they are shooting at ME." So, if you've got an empty envelope, you probably don't care that you're one of less than two dozen people. That darn packing slip is in there taunting you, telling you what could have been. But please accept my sincere apology and explanation that this was somewhat of a financial necessity (and now we're finding out the 2500 regular edition decks have not even shipped from China! So there's a few thousand more dollars out of Ed's pocket...)

      In any case, maybe we can locate the lost decks by watching the news for reports of people suddenly gaining castles, fighting dread wraiths in suburbia or mysteriously losing their souls...

    26. Caoimhe Ora Snow on

      I also received an empty envelope with a packing slip in it. I will be emailing you with details.

      I am rather disappointed that you simply put the card deck in a letter envelope and mailed it. That's not the kind of shipping I expected.

    27. Christof Jacques on

      Deck arrived. Looks nice, thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on

      Hi there,
      Mine arrived yesterday in mainland UK, looking great!

    29. Jeff Narucki on

      Received mine. Well done!

    30. Michael Lloyd on

      Mine have arrived! And theyrr absolutely fantastic! Lance, Ed, and of course Holly, you guys are friggin fantastic! Youve all got open invites to ANY of my DND games, just say the word :D thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!


      By way of update please know that I am responding to email inquires sent to and working on the dozen or so missing decks, 4 address changes and 6 no-tracking number flags. I have a few limited edition decks available if anyone is interested in picking up a little extra punishment for your gamer friends.

    32. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      Got mine. First card pulled: The Void.

      This could be bad.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brett Levin on

      Ya, no worries I guess, just wanted to make sure it was taken care of. And it WAS taunting lol. Sent the e-mail.

    34. Lance Lindley Creator on

      I'm really glad the Decks are arriving and folks are pleased with them! I can't wait to see them when mine finally makes it out to the ship (probably in August, is my guess).

      @Jody, more are available, just email Ed at

      @Brett, and all who may have fallen victim to the odds, we have had a few envelopes arrive open with the decks missing. We have ordered extra to cover this contingency. Given the numbers (almost 2,000 decks going out to more than 1,000 buyers), we figured some losses and damage were bound to happen. We really apologize for the delay and the frustration of being teased by an envelope with nothing but a packing slip in it, taunting you with a record of the goodness your envelope once contained. The good news is, an email to Ed at the address above will get a replacement deck whisked through the dimensions to your door. Remember, there is a free PDF users' guide on the website as well, to supplement the bare-bones reference cards included in the deck.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jody Cline on

      Got mine today. Looks great, wished I had ordered more.

    36. miniatures_master? on

      Got mine today. WooHoo!

    37. Missing avatar

      Brett Levin on

      Just saw your comment below will do as instructed there.

    38. Missing avatar

      Brett Levin on

      Mine did NOT arrive. The envelop opened arrived. Messaged with more details.

    39. John Ickes

      Mine arrived today.

      Any idea on when the adventure will be finished?

    40. Tony A. Thompson

      Received mine today. Looks good. Thanks for a successful project!

    41. Logan Murray on

      Mine arrived! They are brilliant!

    42. Arthur Levesque

      Mine arrived over the weekend, and they look great!

    43. Anthony Jones on

      Just a shout out to all supporters from country's other than USA it has made it to England my copy arrived today

    44. Lance Lindley Creator on

      Remember, if you have issues, contact Ed at, anything from not having your tracking email, to decks showing up damaged or missing from the envelope (we've had one report of an empty, open envelope arriving... the deck escaped!!). Because this Kickstarter is on my personal account, Ed doesn't get notifications when folks post comments or send private messages, so it's best to email him directly and let him work the issues with Fulfillrite. We've ordered extras so Ed can replace missing or damaged decks.

    45. Jon on

      I haven't gotten my tracking number *Sniff*

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew Z. on

      And mine showed up today. They look great.

    47. Lance Lindley Creator on

      "Please note it may take some time for the status of your shipment to correctly display online." Mine works now, but it took two days. Allowing for the weekend, I'd say check the link again Monday or Tuesday. Depending on your location, you may have the deck by then.

    48. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      The tracking # appears to be invalid. Any ideas?

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew Z. on

      I also had no idea what it was for(well technically the account i got the email in is used for very few things, so i had an inkling.) Went to kickstarter, went looking for an update, saw none went through each kickstarter i was waiting for searching for the name. Found it and posted so others could see.

      Otherwise, since its coming from NJ, i should have it in a day or two.

    50. Lance Lindley Creator on

      Aye, they be a-shippin' as the fates once foretold. CAN YA BELIEVE IT?

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