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Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
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Mini Update: Super Plexis vs Hurricane Irma

Posted by Medley Studio (Creator)

The Pre-Update Before the Big Update

Hey everyone! We are right on the cusp of posting some big announcements and feature releases for Super Plexis, all related to our new Medley ID system (and more!). While our plan was to wait until everything was ready to release before posting any updates, the current weather situation has forced our hand a bit:

As some of you might already know, we are located in Naples, FL, which turns out to be slightly inconvenient this time of year. As of today, Friday Sept. 8th, the hurricane is moving directly towards us. Things can always shift, and we're hoping for the best, but at the very least we can expect to be affected by power outages once Irma sweeps through.

So! Rather than risk another couple weeks of silence, we've decided to share some select tid-bits ahead of the storm:

Pledge Rewards

While we currently plan to roll out all pledge rewards alongside the release of the Android beta (iOS will be updated to a new client at that time as well), we've decided to give access to certain rewards sooner than later at certain tiers.

Backers of "The Limitless Pack" and above will have the option to activate their unlimited Lumina reward in the current iOS version. If you are a backer of a creative reward (such as a portrait commission or block skin) you can expect to be hearing from us soon as well! We will be implementing user-commissioned assets into the current iOS version of Super Plexis so those backers can test drive them before they go live in the actual release. Rumor has it drafts of these new assets are already underway!

Medley IDs, Server Backend, & The Website

While we'll save the nitty-gritty detail for a bigger update, it's safe to say that the theme of this summer has been "cross-platform preparation." Moving away from GameCenter and on to our own platform with a new account system and servers has been very work intensive, to say the least. But we're very excited to be this close to finally opening sign-ups and testing everything live. It'll come first to iOS (so we can iron out any potential issues) and later be available on the new cross-platform version of Super Plexis. Even if you don't have an iOS device during this first wave of testing, you'll be able sign-up for a Medley ID on our website once it's live!

That's a Wrap for Now! We'll provide even more detailed information in our next update, along with some estimated timelines (and links to sign-ups). Until then, we'll be hoping for the best down here in Florida, and if you happen to be in any of the southern states as well, stay safe out there!

- The Medley Studio Team -

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    1. Harold Price on

      Holy crap! You're in Naples? I'm in Lehigh. Stay safe.