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Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
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Super Plexis Lore and Engine Update!

Posted by Medley Studio (Creator)

Hey everyone! A whole lot has happened this past month - not the least of which was a new content update to the iOS beta - but today is all about what we have planned for the long term. Not just in our creating a road map for engine development, but also for our larger vision of the Super Plexis universe.

A story-driven single player experience will be a big part of the final game. And while we’re still prioritizing our multi-platform beta launch, in the background we’ll be crafting something bigger and better than what the old Adventure mode was originally offering. I’d love to share just a taste of our world setting. More specifically, how the puzzle gameplay (and the Lumina blocks themselves) tie directly into the world and history of Len.

The Setting for Our Story

What is Lumina?

More than just “blocks”, Lumina is the energy that makes up all things in Len. Lumina is a collection of six specific frequencies (represented as colors) that, when combined in very specific ways, act as the “atoms” that form all living matter. The people and creatures of Len interact with Lumina as part of their daily lives, either directly by harvesting and crafting, or indirectly by absorption through food and even the air they breath. High concentrations of Lumina energy can be used to form valuable materials, making “Lumina” the currency in Len’s economy as well.

What happens in a “Lumina Duel”?

With enough training, the people of Len can magnify and manipulate raw Lumina in the environment. In this enlarged form, Lumina is visible as distinct colors and shapes that can be influenced via frequency control (using an instrument or voice or any manner of sound). Doing so requires massive energy on part of the user, so they can only keep it up for so long. There are many practical uses for this power, but “Lumina Dueling” is the most celebrated. When two users engage in this state, a connection is formed and Lumina flows back and forth between them. Too much Lumina on one user for too long will overwhelm and eventually short-circuit their ability to maintain control, resulting in their loss. This leaves the loser mentally and physically inert (since the Lumina in their own body is also affected by that overload).

The World of Len

The setting for our story occurs during the modern age of Len, a fantasy world built on the foundations of Lumina energy. Being the modern age, less and less people are interfacing with Lumina directly, instead depending on technology to fulfill their daily needs. Most of the active users who still practice “old-fashioned” Lumina manipulation are those seeking glory in Lumina dueling competitions and tournaments.

Aria and Cleff, our main characters, grew up together in the humble town of Loftwood, where people live in harmony with the land and uphold ancient traditions. The technology of the modern cities won't be found here. The people actively use Lumina to grow their own food, craft their own products, and even settle disputes with dueling. Physical violence is actually quite rare thanks to the effectiveness of Lumina. Even wild animals can be tamed or safely knocked out if one is sufficiently trained. 

But Len as a whole is far from peaceful. There is a growing unrest as a strange sickness spreads in the cities. Sightings of "Sentients" are also on the rise. Legends speak of these strange creatures having been around since the beginning of time, but many believe it all to be a myth or children's stories. Aria and Cleff set off on an adventure to discover the hidden history of Len, armed with their natural Lumina talents, ready to face the dangerous world outside their home town. 

That's all for now! There's much more to share but we just wanted to set the stage and introduce a few concepts here. Now to pass things over to Andrew for the...

Engine Update!

Work on the multi-platform engine is underway! But don't take our word for it, check out this short clip!

Wait, that's not an iPhone...
Wait, that's not an iPhone...
Is that a computer mouse??
Is that a computer mouse??

We'll share more in-depth info regarding engine specifics and how all this is working in a future update, but for now, we hope you're as happy as we are to see the game running on new platforms! Even if it is only in this very very early test run (and yes, keyboard controls also work!)

But this new engine isn't the only thing getting overhauled, our online platform will be changing drastically as well. Read on for more info below.

New Account and Multiplayer Services

Who needs Game Center or Google Play anyway? Introducing the "Medley ID"!

Your Medley ID is a cross-platform identification (username or email, password) that releases you from the clutches of GameCenter or Google Play. If you're on iOS, the moment we implement this service, you may sign up for a Medley ID using your GameCenter account. This will migrate the online save data associated with your GameCenter account to your Medley ID. As for Android users, you don't have to do any of this as your account will be brand new anyway. With a Medley ID, your save data can bridge between all of your devices independent of platform. We'll even be able to do cool things like offer cross-game rewardsfor any of our future games.

New Multiplayer Services

With Medley IDs and a little bit of international server hosting, we are announcing some really cool new and improved multiplayer services we have planned. In the new mobile client, Medley users will be able to enter cross-platform regionalized matchmaking. We are offering our own services for this so we can better our matchmaking system. Search-by-skill will expand over time at a smoother rate than before, and custom matches will be available to create and host with options like: disable vertical swapping, disable characters, maximize board speed, no health blocks, etc.

No more friend codes! You will be able to add friends to a friends list by their Medley ID username. Thanks to popular demand, we are also going to add playlist options for matchmaking and associated leaderboards. For example, if you wanted to rank up in a game mode where vertical swapping is disabled, that will now be an option with its own separate leaderboard.

And that will do it for this month's update! We'll continue to provide other, quicker updates on engine, art, and story related content over on our social media channels @medleystudio. If you have any questions about this update feel free ask in the comments or in a DM. Thanks for reading!

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      Dustin Payne on

      My jaw just dropped so hard I think it's now stuck... this looks and sounds incredible!!!

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      Aaron on

      Wow, I really love the maps, they look straight out of a comic book!