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Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
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Super Plexis is Funded! - First Look at our Road Map

Posted by Medley Studio (Creator)

Thank you!

We could not have made it this far without the passionate outpouring of puzzle fans. You all deserve credit for your kindness and enthusiasm! It went a long way in helping us reach our goal, and it makes us want to work harder than ever! We want to take a moment to share our plans for the coming year, including: what this funding allows us to do, the future of the iOS beta, our stretch goal contingencies, and versions beyond mobile!

We're Now Equipped and Ready to Roll!

Thanks to a double-whammy of generous donations in the final days, we blew past our initial funding goal! (An extra special thanks is owed to our one-and-only "VIP", who may be introduced in a future update!) These funds will cover equipment costs and the development man-hours to complete not just an Android release of Super Plexis, but also a brand new online infrastructure that will allow cross-play between platforms. This means iOS and Android users playing together in the same matchmaking pool, as well as the ability to move your progress between devices! We will also be adding a "spectator" mode to support the competitive tournament scene, which should make streaming live matches much easier.

The State of the iOS Beta

Players on iOS can expect to see continued updates in the form of bug fixes, optimization, and balance tweaks. Occasional content updates (like characters, skins, achievements, etc) are also possible but we'll be directing most of our energy towards the Android beta release, along with the new online system (bye bye GameCenter!) From there, both versions will be kept up-to-date with all future content releases! That includes Adventure mode, but more on that in the next section.

"Plan B" for our Stretch Goals

At the moment, we're technically only funded to get Super Plexis on a new engine for Android and iOS, while also migrating over to more robust online platform. But worry not! The stretch goal including a Switch version ( and plans for PC ) won't just disappear because it wasn't reached. In fact, any new version of the game will be built in the same engine we're developing for mobile (written in the universal-friendly C++ language). So even if we can't prioritize ports as early as we'd like, we won't have to start from scratch when the time finally comes. Though keep in mind certain layouts and UI will require full redesigns to accommodate the shift from "portrait" to 16:9 aspect ratios (not to mention brand new control schemes!).

As for game mode stretch goals like Adventure and Boss Rush, assets and characters will continue to be developed in the background despite the funding limitation (just at a reduced rate). We believe a fun single-player experience is vital to making a great game, so we'll find any means necessary to complete it in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality. With both mobile versions functioning as live betas on their respective stores, and with enough player traffic, it's possible we may be able to make up for any limited funding and accelerate our progress on new features, so definitely keep spreading the word and hopefully we can release everything sooner than later!

How to Stay in the Loop!

While we will certainly continue to post major updates and announcements through Kickstarter, if you want more of a regular, incremental feed of what we're up to definitely follow us @medleystudio on our various social media platforms!

Click me to get direct links to these fine places!
Click me to get direct links to these fine places!


Pledge Rewards!

In the next couple days we'll be sending out a small informational survey that will assist us in planning the roll-out of pledge rewards. While some rewards won't be ready for some time, knowing simple things like which platform you currently have access to will help us prioritize when and what gets sent out. For those of you with Creative Rewards, we'll be contacting you directly in the near future with more info!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Before this update gets any longer, we're cutting it short and making room for questions! If I missed any topics you have questions / concerns about, please let us know! We're always happy to respond to comments or address any worries.

Once again, a huge thanks is owed to all of our backers and supporters! We're very excited to return to full time work making Super Plexis as good as it can be.

See you in the next update!

- The Medley Studio Team -

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    1. Serge.EXE on

      Not having an iOS device, I'm very excited for the Android release. This is definitely the kind of game I've been looking for on the platform.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      I look forward to the Android and Switch versions. Personally, I think focusing more on Android, PC and Switch might be the best decision, because you'd have it on 4 marketplaces, but take your time and make the game as good as you can and do what you think is best for the project as a whole.
      When the android version releases, I plan on giving it an Android review video too, so hopefully that will help you guys as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Can't wait to see what's in the future!!!