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Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
Inspired by games like Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, and Meteos: a twist on the puzzle fighter formula with classic 16-bit SNES flair!
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75% Funded! (and Counting!) Let's Finish Strong!

Posted by Medley Studio (Creator)

Another Thank You!

With every new backer (now over 100!) we just can't say it enough: thank you all for supporting our project!

It's extremely encouraging to see passionate fans of classic puzzle games rallying around Super Plexis, especially those of you who have gone the extra mile and helped spread the word! We've seen posts, tweets, shares, and even videos from many of you and couldn't be more humbled. To link just a few:

Written feature from Grant Fike's puzzle-centric blog:

Video review and first impressions by "Buster the Fox":

Full replay of our first online tournament (thanks to Bbforky for setting this up!):

Article written by GlyphMasterson over at MMOexaminer:

Feature on NintendoFuse by Mike Trim:

Included in AdamEEntertainment's latest Kickstarter "Roundhouse":

And lastly, to illustrate the reason why spreading the word is important, in the case Dylan Martin here (one of my favorite tweets so far!):

I could dig out even more examples but that should be a good starter pack! All this sharing really does make a difference all added up together, and we owe any of our success in the end to you guys!

So Close!

We're not just close to being funded, but also close to running out of time! Reaching 75% was a huge milestone that is really going to count for getting that last push we need (just based on how Kickstarters work in general). We also owe big thanks to our friends and family who have been very supportive in all sorts of ways! Not just during the campaign, but especially during the years leading up to this point. You might even be surprised to find closet puzzle fans among your own personal networks, so as we continue to spread the word to new communities during this final week, consider reaching out to those around you as well!

What's coming up next?

As you might guess, we've had our hands full managing the campaign, but we're fast approaching a time when the Kickstarter is finished, and we can finally begin sharing content updates and progress reports on development! There is already significant progress being made by Andrew even during all this campaign craziness, and we're looking forward to sharing a first look at that soon. We also want to do more streams in the future, once things have settled a bit (and after we solve a few technical issues that popped over the weekend with our streaming set-up).

We really appreciate your support, and acknowledge the gravity of everyone's pledges so far! It's a unique honor and big responsibility that we are anxious to finish and deliver as best we can (and as fast as we can!).

With much gratitude,

- The Medley Studio Team -

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