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The world’s first model car that performs with the same driving dynamics as a real racing car. Controlled with your smartphone.
The world’s first model car that performs with the same driving dynamics as a real racing car. Controlled with your smartphone.
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Big November News - Gymkhana-Gaming! Lets tune virtual!

Posted by Martin Müller (Creator)
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(German / Please scroll down to read the text in English! )

Liebe Unterstützer,

es ist so weit: Eine große Veränderung steht bevor! Jedes Jahr war der November besonders spannend für Euch und auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder eine große Überraschung für Euch!:

2016 November: Kickstarter-Kampagne! Ihr habt DR!FT unterstützt!

2017 November: Beginn der Auslieferung Eurer DR!FT-Racer

2018 November: Schaut selbst was Euch Mitte November erwartet:

Dear backers,

the time has come: A big change is imminent! Every year in November it was especially exciting for you and also this year we have a big surprise for you!

2016 November: Kickstarter campaign! You supported DR!FT!

2017 November: Start of delivery of your DR!FT-Racers

2018 November: GYMKHANA-Gaming-Options with virtual tuning will come!!!

Of course there will follow English subtitles in the Youtube-Video posted upon. At the moment, you will understand it from there:

Here is the content of the whole video:


There will be new products in about one month! The Red Turbo and the Silver V8 as you know them, with all functions won´t be there after release of the new products.


There will be the GYMKHANA Edition with more gaming features! You can collect points and buy with your points virtual tuning like changing motors (V12! ;)

There are two variations: BLUE BLIZZARD and YELLOW BEAST!


The second new product will be the SPORT Edition. It has the focus on the sport: racing and drifting. The Gymkhana Gaming options are not included but it is possible to upgrade these Racers to Gymkhana. So SPORT Edition will be a cheap start into DR!FT.

3rd good NEWS

The third good news are that we optimized our production. It is faster now and that´s why the production is a little bit cheaper now. And we are doing the distribution by ourselves from now. So we can cut the prices a little bit.

The GYMKHANA Edition will be 169,90 € and the Red Turbo and Silver V8 in the closeout until the new products will come or until it is sold out will be 149,90 € from tomorrow! We have already converted the production to the new products.

MIKA DR!FT Cup 2018

Nun möchten wir Euch gerne noch auf eine großartige Veranstaltung am Wochenende hinweisen! Es lohnt sich hinzufahren nach Wemding im Ries!

Best regards and let´s tune!

Martin Müller and the entire Sturmkind team!

Liebe Grüße und let´s tune!

Martin Müller und das gesamte Sturmkind-Team

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      Jan! on

      Klingt wirklich gut. Wenn Ihr mit den virtuellen Updates so weit seid, dann finde ich sollten die Limited Edition’s alle automatisch eine eigene Maschine bekommen ohne die erspielen zu müssen!