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We are creating an immersive Pro football experience for OUYA, Android and iOS devices and we need YOUR help to make this game amazing!
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For The OUYA Community

Hi Everyone!

After considering the generous support we received from our donors and speaking with our friends at OUYA, we have decided to withdraw our entry into OUYA’s Free The Games Fund. We now have sufficient resources to complete Gridiron Thunder without requesting matching funds from OUYA. 

 We feel that too much of the focus lately has been on our Kickstarter campaign instead of on our game. Our hope is that people will now focus more on the game we are about to launch and that we are very excited about. 

 We are pleased that our decision will mean that there will be more money for other developers who otherwise may not be able to develop games. We hope to see some really great games come out of the Free The Games Fund.   


    1. Creator Jimmy Blocksom on September 18, 2013

      Thank you :)

    2. Creator TeeJay on September 18, 2013

      If I'm honest guys, it's taken you way too long to do the right thing.
      The money from Free The Games fund was never, ever deserved by you and the act that it's taken this long to admit you guys were in the wrong (even though you haven't really done that) sucks a lot.
      But at least devs who deserve it now have a shot.