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OddVille - An amazing journey in Retro3d's video poster

I've always wanted to jump inside an Atari game, the graphics just look so fun and quirky! Now I will, thanks to my Retro3d engine! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 17, 2012.

I've always wanted to jump inside an Atari game, the graphics just look so fun and quirky! Now I will, thanks to my Retro3d engine!

About this project

The Vision

When I was a kid I would rent Maniac Mansion for the NES often. I always thought, hey, it would be so awesome if this was real! Of course, now we have 3d games coming out of our ears. But that wasn't what I imagined back then.

Something of the strange, lo-tech pixels gets lost in translation to 3d. Voxel graphics are nice, but they don't look anything like 8-bit.

They don't feel like 8-bit.

So I went on a programming quest, to capture that simplistic charm of true retro games, and kick it into a full immersive world.

The result? What I like to call Retro 3d graphics.

The Game Idea

Using this program, I have started working on a project called OddVille. It's one of those crazy, fun adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island!

I've already started a little work on it (as you can see in the video) and I can say that it is incredibly the most fun of any game project I have ever worked on. This 8-bit world sucks me in and I always stay up later than I probably should adding just one more thing. There is a sense of freedom and wonder, the same kind I find in older games.

I am devising puzzles that will test your thinking, and maybe your ability to be randomly insane while trying to figure what to do, or even why!

I don't want to say too much about the plot, etc. This is a game that has to be experienced from the beginning.

So far the platform will be Windows, not OSX or Linux.

The Goal

I will still need funding to get legitimate C++ software and distribute the game legally, but fortunately copies of Visual Studio aren't too expensive on Ebay. If I meet only the funding goal I will be pitching in some of my own money also, but it will be very feasible.

About the Soundtrack

I will also be doing an original soundtrack for the game, some of which is done already as shown in the video. I'm debating whether to go with full audio or stay with more primitive sound like Midi. Leave a comment if you have any opinions!

The First Trailer!

I've moved the original trailer down here, and replaced it with the updated version.


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