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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
1,566 backers pledged $173,108 to help bring this project to life.

$173k in funding!!! Thank you, from all of us at Panda Cult Games.

Posted by Panda Cult Games (Creator)

First and foremost, thank you.

Thank you for believing in us, for being excited about our product and helping this small team make our dreams a reality. We have been working adamantly for well over a year and a half on this game, dreaming of making the best Dungeon Crawl game we could, and with all of your help we will be able to do that!

This all started out a while ago, when we started thinking of a fun world full of these animal heroes going on adventures in a fantasy world of our own making, and today you guys have helped us launch this. Words cant accurately describe how grateful and appreciative we are to have the chance to make our dream game, AND that it will be played by so many amazing people!

We cannot WAIT to hear the stories everyone tells of their adventures in Barnacle Bay! Now, we have the task of getting everything finished up and polished, then sent off to production! We will be updating you guys periodically during the production process or when we hit a big milestone so you know EXACTLY what is happening on our end! If we run into any delays, production problems, or an issue of any kind, you can rest assured that we will be open an honest about it so you guys know exactly whats going on. We cant wait to share pics of new finished pieces of art, sculpts, and eventually prototypes that come in!

Future plans for Wander

So you guys know, there were lots of talks about our La'Clucks Revenge expansion. This will be a big box expansion that will take you onto La'Clucks haunted ship outside of Barnacle Bay! Our game plan is to attempt to launch it sometime later next year as a brand new Kickstarter! We'll share more info on that as we start closing in on it! :D

Oh, and depending on the success of Barnacle Bay, we'll see where the series takes us...maybe to an ancient forgotten temple in the jungle, or a frozen clockwork all depends. :D

Continue the Conversation on our Fan Page!

Any of you who want to talk more about the world of Wander and your excitement for the future game can visit our facebook fan page here:

We've already seen tons of interesting posts and conversations happening over there! Feel free to add to that, we make sure to drop in every now and then to talk and interact with you guys, because that's what its all about! :D

Pledge Manager

In the next few months, as soon as we can, we will send out the official pledge manager which is organized and run by CrowdOx! Here, you'll be able to pick out everything you've pledged for during the campaign, or add to your pledge! We'll add more info as the date for its launch draws near.

Once again, thank you. Thank you for your support. We couldn't have done this without each and every one of you and we cant say thank you enough. You helped 3 people make a dream become real today.

Until next time, #keepcalmandwanderon!!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Zane on

      I really hope Arctus can make it into the game somehow too - I'd buy him as an add-on if that's a possibility!

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      If Arctus is off the board for now, I hope he's in the front lines of the La'Cluck box with his own team. That (without playing the game) is my only request within this sustained universe. We already have the main team (not counting rookie versions, expansion heroes (retail?), and KS/add-on heroes), outside of new cards to adapt them to any rule tweaks in the next title I'd prefer to avoid repeats.

    3. Terry

      Congratulations, and I agree with Nick; I hope we can get Arctus somehow. I'd be willing to buy him as an add-on on the PM if that's what it takes.

    4. Nick on

      Awesome! Really excited to try out this game.... Still hopeful you'll surprise us with Arctus thrown in there too :)

    5. Marco van Barneveld on

      Superbly done, guys!! Great campaign. Hope it brings you far in "the bizzz" ;-)

    6. Sebastian Thielke on

      Congratulation. Very well done campaign. Looking forward to the game.