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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
1,566 backers pledged $173,108 to help bring this project to life.

Bebo is unlocked! Also the tide is rising in Barnacle Bay!

Posted by Jonathan Phillips-Bradford

Bebo has entered Barnacle Bay!

Welcome Wanderer's! Another day another stretch goal unlocked. We are so excited to be able to add Bebo the cat warlock to the world of Wander!

Next up after Bebo is Jon the chameleon bard. The backers have spoken and we have listened! If we reach 90K we will be able to unlock this power chord playing chameleon. This will be a pre-assembled plastic version of Jon that is different than the pewter Founder's Pack version. Also, if Jon gets unlocked, we will add his alternate hero card to the Founders Card pack


New High Tide Expansion Add-On!

 If we raise 95K we will be able to produce a big enemy expansion! The High Tide Expansion features two new unique enemy types to battle in Barnacle Bay!



These crazed rat / puffer fish hybrids will charge towards the enemies and explode causing poison to all nearby allies. Be sure to defeat them from range before they reach your party members.


 The Garmadillo or GuardMadillo more like it! These Gar / Armadillo baddies create target priority and block line of site to all enemies behind them. Players will have to take down these enemies to be able to attack any enemies behind the Garmadillo's shields.

The High Tide Expansion will come with 16 miniatures, additional enemy spawn cards, new stat cards, and new initiative cards. Be sure to add funds to your current pledge to add this expansion to your pledge.

Thank you to all of you wonderful backers for your support. We couldn't have make this dream come true without you! Until next time #KeepCalmAndWanderOn

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    1. Wyatt Wagner on

      @Ben B i guess they are trying everything! see what i did there?! ill see myself out

    2. Cyanide on

      Female Gazelle dancer makes me think of Zootopias Gazelle.

    3. Justin Boehm

      Garmadillo = Awesome!

      Jon's gonna Bard it up too!

      Any chance of a female spellsword? Jackrabbit maybe?

      Or female Komodo Dragon with elemental dragon breath skills?

      Or female Golden Eagle Dragoon?

      Female Gazelle Dancer? Would go well with Jon :P

    4. Scott Paisley on

      You guys are smashing this campaign. The decision to add Jon sold me on purchasing the extra's. Here's hoping you add Rayna as an add on or free hero! Now the much sought after extra minions?! Yes please :D

    5. Mark the shark on

      Garamadillo FTW! looks so cool :)

    6. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator on

      @Tristan that is because it is brain coral :)

    7. Tristan Whitley on

      Is that supposed to be coral on the Garmadillo's back? Looks kinda like brains, haha