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$113,846 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Panda Cult Games
$113,846 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Tristan Whitley just now

      @Jonathan Carrying on from the tile discussion, if there is darkness on a space with red lines, my understanding is that the red lines are ignored. If the tile is flipped over, does it still count as darkness in regards to Line of Sight? Or have do the players essentially dispel the darkness?

    2. Peter Hulting about 1 hour ago

      They are probably way ahead of us �.

    3. Shiro the white wolf
      about 2 hours ago

      Honestly the best solution may be to follow fireteam zero and put a symbol in the corner of each zone that lets you know the terrain along with the border. Then they can make the border smaller or more transparent while still making the game easier for color blind people to play. Of course I am fine with it staying the way it is now if panda cult games doesn't want to change the boards

    4. Shiro the white wolf
      about 3 hours ago

      @Peter I have descent and have played mice and mystics the lines in those games were much harder to see.

    5. Peter Hulting about 4 hours ago

      @Shiro. Well, if you compare it to games like Descent and Mice and mystics I find the solution they have much more appealing. Are you familiar with theses games? I don't believe they had any problems with color blind not seeing the lines. They're just more subtle.

    6. Shiro the white wolf
      about 4 hours ago

      @Peter if they did that they would make it really hard for color blind people like me to to play the game. Panda Cult Games is better off leaving things as the way they are so they don't drive off part of the color blind player base.

    7. Peter Hulting about 4 hours ago

      @Jonathan. To clarify. Making the lines for water spaces and height differences transparent and/or thinner would surely make the tile art more justice. Bebo looks great by the way!

    8. Tristan Whitley about 10 hours ago

      @Heath - Yay... colored Bebo is on the main page

    9. Peter Hulting about 13 hours ago

      @Jonathan. About them dotted lines. Maybe I'm just color sensitive, but thick dotted lines, and plenty of them, really take up alot of the focus on the tiles. Just a thought.

    10. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator about 13 hours ago

      @Tristan dotted red lines represent walls of buildings and such that can't be seen through or move through. Dotted blue lines are water spaces that slow down enemy movement. Both of these spaces can be covered up by a darkness tile that completely replaces what is underneath the tile.
      As for tokens. There are health, treasure, ladders, walls, health potions, poison, curse, sleep, +1 attack / defense, -1 attack / defense

    11. Tristan Whitley about 14 hours ago

      @Jonathan Few more questions for a new day:
      - In the gameplay videos, there have been several sections of the board with borders. Can you clarify these? I think one is blocked (red and can't be moved through), one is water (blue and causes slow movement). Am I right? Any others?

      - As far as tokens go, I've seen ladders, health, potions, spawnpoints, start/end tokens, and a makeshift wall token. Any others?

    12. Ian Markon about 15 hours ago

      I'm super excited to see that!

      I'm also looking forward to the arrival of my Jon the Bard so I can get him all painted to play with you guys one day! He'll be a Heavy Metal Jon conversion too, so no foe will be able to stand before his mighty riffs!!!

    13. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator about 15 hours ago

      Getting ready to film the level 1 Elder Bane boss fight scenario. Really looking forward to playing a game with some painted miniatures! Check out the work Elizabeth has been doing on Elder Bane on this Facebook post. post.https://www.facebook.com/pandacultgames/photos/pcb.860465070798787/860464634132164/…

    14. Ryan Valdez
      about 16 hours ago

      @jonathan thank you so much for the response! I also just saw it, but Wander was Tom Vasel from Dice Tower's Kickstarter pick of the week in his recent video. Very nice!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Olek about 18 hours ago

      Slow day with new recruits!!!

    16. M about 23 hours ago

      How Kicktraq works, explained by the page itself: http://blog.kicktraq.com/kicktraq-hotlist-heroes-vs-villains/

      TLDR: Visit the Kicktraq page for Wander (http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1996974421/wander-the-cult-of-barnacle-bay/), click the charts, etc. From there there are additional factors. Momentum of the Kickstarter page, and actually activity in the comments.

      Though I would be amazed to discover a traffic-driven website not using IP tracking to detect if it's just one person opening the same page a thousand times... it's possible they don't.

    17. Doug Liberman about 23 hours ago

      Any updates on shipping costs and Canada friendly shipping? I would imagine many people would cancel their pledges if this isn’t announced by the end of the campaign.

    18. Jeff c
      1 day ago

      Woke up to number 5 on kicktraq. Nice job everyone! Keep up the good work. Make sure to click the green visit button.

    19. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Ryan great questions!

      1 The showdown against elder Bane is the only final scenario for NOW ;). Different adventure choices do grant you different Relic items (special powerful items rewarded by specific scenarios).

      The Wander campaign system will be perfect for your play style. There are options and rules to choose any scenario for one time missions. Also since heroes restart at level one and carry over previous loot to the next mission it is very simple to add and drop new heroes. If you wish to add a new hero, you simply draw a few treasure cards from the treasure decks depending on how many scenarios have been completed.

      While this game is dice driven and dice come with luck, there are a ton of tactical choices to be made to help give you the edge over your enemies. The initiative board really comes into play for this. If you haven't watched the gameplay video yet, I recommend checking it out to get a feel of how the innitiative board and its bonuses work. There is a lot to offer in this game but I hope this helps give you a better understanding :)

    20. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Hey guys I am currently working on another video showing Wander in action with a new scenario you have not seen before I would love to hear if anyone wants me to cover anything specific ruleswise in the video?

    21. Wiganer34 1 day ago

      It looks like when you level up you choose an ability at some levels. Is there anything to mark this in game? For example, Is there (or could you add) little markers to cover up the rejected abilities?

    22. Pauline Searle 1 day ago

      Never realized how kicktraq REALLY WORKS!!!
      A morning ride on the train well spend with clicking away :D

      (As my flying job takes me up in the air and away from internet for the rest of the day, I'm looking fwd to seeing where my fellow backers take Wander on Kicktraq today!
      I'll be spamming again when I reach Cape Town.)


    23. Ryan Valdez
      1 day ago

      I've been following for a little while now, but I thought I'd ask some questions and hear feedback.

      Is there any plans to have more than one ending scenario? So far, it sounds like there's many different paths to choose from, but they all end up in the same place, a showdown with Elder Bane (unless I've mistaken this information). I think it would make each adventure totally unique and truly "choose your own adventure" if there were different campaign-ending bosses. Or at least, different endings or outcomes with the Elder Bane based on your adventure choices?

      Speaking of which, my game group always changes with who joins when since different people are different at different times. IE, we're more of a "one-time play/new adventure each session" type of group. Would this game still be worth it if we like one-and-dones, or is there a way to get a great play from the this game in one session?

      We're also a group that isn't too into swingy, luck-driven games. Some randomness is fine, and when dice is involved, there's always some luck, but we like being able to overcome some bad dice rolls with good planning and strategy. Dice games like Roll for the Galaxy (reassign one die by sacrificing another die) or Masmorra (use a rolled "magic" die to change the face of another) give you some control over the luck. Is there anything like that here, or other mitigation mechanics/strategies?

      SORRY AHEAD OF TIME, this seems super picky, but I'm just curious. Regardless, this game still looks awesome, so I wish y'all the best of luck!

    24. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator 1 day ago

      We are back on the top 10 of Kicktraq! You guys are awesome :D

    25. Pauline Searle 1 day ago

      Don't forget you must click the green "visit project" button on the left!

    26. Pauline Searle 1 day ago

      Here's the link for those who need it, let's start clicking like mad! http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1996974421/wander-the-cult-of-barnacle-bay/

    27. Missing avatar

      David Olek 1 day ago

      I just did it 50 times. I'll try to do it more before bed.

    28. Steve Burrows 1 day ago

      Guys...we aren't on the Kicktraq hot list. Everyone shoukd go to the Wander campaign on Kicktraq and click the Visit button. I did this about 20 times today. If everyone were to do this 3 times we would soon up the list. That's why the Island if So Dorado is currently at the top...we have been heavily visiting the campaign through the Kicktraq link.

    29. Grizzly Lizard 1 day ago

      Bloodborne being my fav game of all time, adding $12 was never NOT an option lol

    30. Tristan Whitley 1 day ago

      @RJShu11 Agreed - I've increased my pledge for Eileen also.

    31. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 1 day ago

      Thanks Tristan, I may reconsider in the end. The Crow Assassin though looks like a must have to me!

    32. Tristan Whitley 1 day ago

      @RJShu11 I thought similar with Cola, until I heard how the character worked - he sounds like a lot of fun. I doubt the model will come with any branding, so i don't think it will be a problem outside maybe his character card.

    33. Jeff c
      2 days ago

      Eileen sounds pretty exciting. Gotta keep the enemy on their toes.

    34. Anthony 2 days ago

      Those mid-campaign blues! :P

      I can't remember if I brought this up yet, but is there any way (stretch goal, etc) of getting more than one sculpt for the baddies? Every something like an arm position change would be good and break up the bad guys.

    35. Tristan Whitley 2 days ago

      @Jonathan Any info on Chompy and Bart?

    36. William J. Brown III 2 days ago

      I dunno, seems a long way to go for that unlock...but I am a pessimist by nature.

    37. JCom 2 days ago

      Sounds awesome. Can't wait for her to unlock.

    38. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      2 days ago

      She is the Crow of Doom, the Wing in the Night, the Wearer of the Fancy Hat

    39. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator 2 days ago

      Figured I would share some of Eileen the crow assasin's play style. Eileen is known as the hunter of hunters. She is quick with the attack and ferocious with her dodge. Eileen gets bonuses to attack against flanked enemies (flanked means when an enemy has 2 adjacent spaces occupies by heroes). She is great at getting in for the attack and dodging out of the way for another. When ever Eileen successfully rolls a dodge she deals 1 auto wound to a close enemy. She is a master with all kinds of weapons. She does not need to spend an action to swap a readied weapon. She may attack with her daggers for one action and then swap to a bow and attack at ranged for another. At higher levels she starts gaining shadow magic. Eileen may use shadow step that teleports her to melee range of an enemy in line of sight and gets a free attack action.

    40. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 2 days ago

      With two daughters that will love the game, I am happy to see the new characters, particularly Talia, Rayna, and Eileen. Great additions. So I am happy to buy the add-ons with the exception of Cola. Maybe it's just me, but he seems a little too commercial for my tastes.

    41. Gunnerpool 2 days ago

      I am a big fan of this KS and love what they are doing. I don't mind the add on heroes as it is your choice if you buy them or not. I for one have added both Eileen and Soda but not sure how many more heroes I will add as there are a lot of them already. I think the game will be great even if you only buy the core set with no add on and if the rest makes it too expensive than you have the right to just not add them. Also correct me if I am wrong but I seems as though every add on will be available for retail later so you could choose to space out your financial commitment by picking them up later. Great job so far PCG! Can't wait to see where this all goes!

    42. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      2 days ago

      (Besides I wanted Eileen real bad from when she was being sketched live during the 1st KS so it's great to see her back again)

    43. Orlando_the_Technicoloured
      2 days ago

      It's also worth considering what may already have been done behind the scenes,

      for example if Eileen's stats, skills etc are done and play tested so they know she isn't broken and doesn't make the game unfun having her as an add on (even paid) may well make much more sense than a bunch of new treasures

      After all it may be simple to think up cool stuff to put on the card, but a lot more work to make sure that none of them becomes an auto include (dude you're a fool if you don't give Tank that impenetrable armour), or even worse game breaking (awesome give Rayna that amulet that extends melee range, combined with her spear she can stab the boss from anywhere on the board)

      or on the other hand pointless (wow a red hat, what does that do? nothing!)

    44. Missing avatar

      David Olek 2 days ago

      @M has really good points. Idk why everyone is just complaining. You either get it or you don't. It's an add-on and it's your choice of whether you get it or not. Either way, if the stretch goal is reached, and it will at some point, you at least get 10 item cards. Yes, we all have ideas of what we think the stretch goals should be but this is their game and their adventure. Let them decide he path they will choose just like we have to in the game.

    45. Steve Burrows 2 days ago

      Gloomhaven has how many missions tho? 99+?

      In all honesty, if they offered right now to put Outlook Luxe revenge for $50 I know that they would be a ton of people jumping on board (pun intended) to get it.

      At this point I am sticking with my base pledge. Excited for the game, but with all the unlocked heroes so far I don't need to purchase the 2 add on heroes. Heck, I probably have never used about 15 of the heroes that I painstakingly painted and terrained for zombicide Black Plague.

      The only add ons I bought for Zombicide other than expansions were strictly KS exclusive.

    46. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 2 days ago

      Mice and Mystics has 22 minis. Let's at least be accurate in our comparisons.

    47. JCom 2 days ago

      @barry thanks dude. I have liked and commented on every5ing I could find on bgg

    48. M 2 days ago

      Gloomhaven has 17 minis total. Mice and Mystics has what, 8?

    49. Jayvir 2 days ago

      I don't think it's a matter of being selfish, I think it's more concern that they'll try to push too much that incur too much cost. It's easy with Kickstarter to overestimate how much you can afford. While I do see people say the cost is too high, a lot are also saying it's not even necessary.

      Why make the game even more expensive when you can just add in cheaper alternative additions like cards and then save extra heroes for the later stretches when the cost has already been covered? I'm getting tired of seeing the justification of "they are just a three person team". Yeah, and? They have to compete against games of a similar style regardless how many people are working on it. Right now, it's almost twice the price of Mice & Mystics and matching the price of GloomHaven. I don't think it's even fair to lump this in with GloomHaven in terms of how much it offers and especially considering Cephalofair Games consists of pretty much just 3 people also. I would have rather seen them stop adding in so many new figures and focus on scenario/tiles/cards. That keeps the cost down. It's a shame because I really do like a lot of the characters but is it really necessary to be pushing 150 bucks for the complete game?

    50. M 2 days ago

      Liking images on BGG has very little to do with the hotness list. Number of people going to the game's page (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/232134/wander-cult-barnacle-bay) and frequency of posts to the forum are almost entirely responsible for the hotness list.

      That's why Campaign for North Africa popped back into the hotness list. Kotaku posted an article about the game, driving traffic to the game's page.

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