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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
1,566 backers pledged $173,108 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bryan Bledsoe 32 minutes ago

      Do you have a valid email? Tried to contact you and it was rejected.

    2. Missing avatar

      Veryser Andy 2 days ago

      When will we see a new update? I would like to know the status.

    3. Logan Johnston 4 days ago


      The cards I listed below are for the base game only, sorry I forgot to specify that! Anything beyond that has yet to be officially counted/finalized yet. I'll see if a breakdown with all add-ons can be made. :)

    4. Kanrak 5 days ago

      @Logan, with only 5 hero cards (not dashboards) could that total be for the base pre-stretch goals card count? Excluding optional buys I think there are 12 heroes. If buying a pack of sleeves for that size looks like there will be plenty to spare anyway.

    5. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 5 days ago

      Is there a chance that we could see more info or character sheets for some of the added heroes (Talia, Rayna, etc.)? It would be great to see what they bring to the table.

    6. Logan Johnston 6 days ago

      @Megan Sanders

      Here's a repost of the rough estimations of card sleeve/count! Most are mini or tarot sized, hope this helps!

      103 x Item Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      15 x Initiative Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      32 x Spawn Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      5 x Hero Cards, 57mm/87mm (poker card size)
      60 x Event Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3 x Enemy Stat Cards, 100mm/150mm (postcard size)
      3 x Boss Stat Card, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      36 x Boss AI Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3x Boss Stat Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)

    7. Missing avatar

      Megan Sanders on February 15

      Does anyone know if the cards in the game will be standard sizes? Thanks

    8. Panda Cult Games Creator on February 9

      Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed responses. We are working hard at getting the game all laid out, edited, and sent out to china! :)

      In the most recent update, we've detailed what needs to happen if you missed the Pledge Manager. DONT PANIC, we'll get you guys taken care of! You can see all the details in the update link below. :D

      Here's a link to the most recent update:

      Also, @Daniel, the models will be Hard Plastic and pre-assembled!

    9. MrDabba on February 9

      I backed this game at the 90.00 pledge level and I tried to check my status on crowdox because I can't remember if I many kickstarters. I tried to login and it tells me I have no survey available. I do remember going through it when it first came out. I'm worried I won't receive my pledge now. Don't know who to contact regarding this.

    10. Logan Johnston on February 4

      @Daniel Woltanski

      I believe somewhere in the Kickstarter it mentioned it'd be plastic. Not sure what it's comparable to though!

    11. Daniel Woltanski
      on February 2

      Out of curiosity, will the figures br made of hard plastic or resin? Will they be solid like in CMON games or squishy like Mice & Mystics?

    12. NZ Nick
      on January 29

      Not discounting shipping for multiple Wanderer's Pledges is rude.

    13. Panda Cult Games Creator on January 23

      @Bryan Sorry we missed your message. If you could send us a private message via Kickstarter we will get you taken care of. :)

    14. Bryan Bledsoe on January 22

      I have emailed directly several times and have not gotten a response. My question was if it was possible to get a refund on the pledge? I have had a serious change in my finances and this would help out. Please let me know if this is possible.
      Thank you

    15. Panda Cult Games Creator on January 20

      @Mr S the add ons for are the same for retail and Wanderers pledge :)

    16. Missing avatar

      narls on January 19

      Sorry if this is obvious or already discussed, but I was re-watching the gameplay video and something came to mind. I was thinking that the initiative track would be a bit easier to use if the second column were numbered in reverse order so that it is cyclical. That way you can just slide all the cards along and not need pick up cards to move them from one half of the board to the other.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mr S on January 18

      Will the retail version of High Tide be identical to the add-on version through the pledge manager, or are there Kickstarter exclusives for High Tide?

    18. Missing avatar

      on January 12

      I see there are backers who whine about the shipping cost.
      yeah, being in a non-eu country in europe i guess i'm a bit better off than some...
      But I've paid $150 in shipping for KS projects, too. (My DreamMaker Overlord Pro printer is one) Not to mention buying vintage computers from all over the world. (An Osborne shipped from the USA also cost me about $150)
      I KNOW that things can go horribly wrong with shipping estimates, and I always keep that in mind with projects that looks as if they might 'overflow'.
      I've even used the USPS and other shipping calculators to get estimates if I thought something wasn't right.
      I often back books... but have to say 'no thank you' to many freebies such as T-shirts because a $40 book with a $30 shipping cost would suddenly end up with me getting another $35 in customs fees and VAT tacked onto it. (The book is normally excempt of VAT and fees, unless there's other goods in the package also. Then I pay 25% VAT on both the goods and shipping... and a $15+ handling fee... )
      And yeah, I set aside a decent chunk of my hobby budget for shipping issues and customs fees.
      But then again, I'm a superbacker with over 300 projects backed...

      80% ?
      Yeah, well you have helped cause the project some extra expenses with stretch goals.
      It's not as if they can call the artists and say "sorry, some backers pulled out, is it OK that we don't pay you the full amount we agreed on since we won't be shipping out as many copies as expected during fulfillment?"
      Well, they could, if they thought the artist would take it as a joke...
      Sure, the project collected $173K in money, but a LOT of that is probably already tied up in production contracts.

      comparing to CMON?
      you mean the company that really, really messed up their big sale?
      Where I have heard nothing from about my november order for $70 worth of minis?
      That are now getting PayPal disputes against them?

    19. Missing avatar

      Cris B
      on January 9

      @Logan - By base game, do you mean the original pre-KS version, or including the full Wanderer Pledge with all stretch goals?

      If that includes everything in the Wanderer Pledge, I think I can ballpark the number of cards in the addons I added from the descriptions. Thanks!

    20. Logan Johnston on January 8

      @William J. Brown III
      Yes there is! Here's the rulebook:

      @Cris B.
      From Heath Foley, here's the list of all the cards in the base game:

      103 x Item Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      15 x Initiative Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      32 x Spawn Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      5 x Hero Cards, 57mm/87mm (poker card size)
      60 x Event Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3 x Enemy Stat Cards, 100mm/150mm (postcard size)
      3 x Boss Stat Card, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      36 x Boss AI Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3x Boss Stat Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)

      Other expansions have yet to be finalized card count wise, and they want to make sure it's accurate when they give a list. Hope that helps a bit. :)

    21. William J. Brown III on January 8

      Hey is there a pdf of the rulebook somewhere? I feel like there was but cant find it

    22. Nekokeki
      on January 6

      Than you very much for the quick follow up! I'm excited to get my hands on this game.

    23. Nekokeki
      on January 6

      Hi, I was wondering if I could get my question answered that has been asked in DM. It's been over a month. Cheers.

    24. Kanrak on January 2

      As posted on the Wanderers Guild Facebook group ( ) there is a Wanderer mod available for Tabletop Simulator on Steam ( ) and a Steam group has also been set up ( ). The mod covers the Kickstarter demo set which is the intro scenario with the 5 basic characters, a few events and some treasure.

    25. Missing avatar

      Cris B
      on December 27

      Wander - Do you have a ballpark list of how many of each size of cards for the core pledge & each add-on? Getting ready to order sleeves :)

    26. Tristan Whitley on December 24


    27. Eric F on December 23

      Happy Holidays to the creators and all backers - may next year be filled with many fun games!

    28. Jayvir on December 19

      To all the people complaining about refunds, at least you are getting the option to get something back. They have 0 obligation to do so and is essentially a risk on your part to moment you pledge. If they can only give 80% back, then that's all you can take. I don't understand the parallels to CMON and the like. Do you not understand that with a bigger company like that who ships out far more product that they have deals cut out for shipping and that bulk deals exist? For a first time company that can't afford to take a huge hit on international shipping, I completely understand. My girlfriend ships out her artwork nationally and even some of those shipping prices are nuts. She avoids international shipping because it would cost 2-3x the cost of the actual item to get it to France or whatever. Like I said, a company that hasn't built up trust with any shipping companies and doesn't have enough product to ship to get deals is bound to have this happen. If you are in RoW, then you should be aware of how expensive it can be to ship things.

    29. Joce on December 19

      @creator: Thanks for looking into and helping us out with the crazy Canadian shipping prices! What is the best way to reach to you guys for a price difference refund? Or better yet, is there any way to re-open and adjust my pledge to include more stuff? :)

    30. Tristan Whitley on December 19

      @Mike Just to clarify - Chompy is a Bearshark hero, while Bart is an Otter Grunt hero.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mike on December 19

      Thank you for the quick response.

    32. Panda Cult Games Creator on December 19

      The add ons will be available at retail but not at the Kickstarter discounted price. Chompy and Bart will be the same sculpt as the other models but will be casted in a different color than the enemies

    33. Missing avatar

      Mike on December 19

      Sorry if this has already been answered but will High Tide expansion and other add ons be available at retail? Also is there an update on the artwork for the two Bearshark heroes, Chompy and Bart? Seeing how they are different from the bearshark villians would maybe sway me to pick it up now.

    34. Logan Johnston on December 18

      Awesome update! Between the tiles, cards, and sculpts, everything is looking amazing. I really love the look of Trixie, I can't wait to see her events!

    35. Missing avatar

      Bjorg on December 17

      Just wondering since you mention Rest of World shipping skyrocketing because of all the added weight from the extras from the stretchgoals... Would it return to close the estimate when excluding some of the more heavy weight stretchgoals and would RoW backers accept a solution like that?

    36. William J. Brown III on December 17

      @shiv. All good about the English

      But to answer yes I think it is fair. It SUCKS but it is fair. This is something brand new, with a brand new company. If they say they can only return 80% then that's how it goes on Kickstarter. They seem like good people which is part of the reason why I and others backed it. They aren't screwing anyone on purpose, and when/if they do another KS they will not make the same mistake

    37. Pai
      on December 16

      Here is my opinion.

      I do get that why RoW who want to refund is frustrated. Why would they have to get refund only 80% which it should be 90% since they will never get their game. If your guy who are not in the RoW has the same situation as them I'm 100% sure that you will not accept this. It's not a risk but rather than a mistake for not quoting the shipping cost again before the project close and notice backers what kind of cost they will paid.

      At the most very end of project they would know what kind of weight they will deal with or at least get a better estimate which I'm sure that If RoW knows that the shipping cost will rise skyrocket they might consider cancel the pledge. Since 5times of the previous shipping cost is too expensive and I'm not exactly sure that shipping from China to Asia will get that cost too expensive like this.

      Thanks for reading

    38. Missing avatar

      on December 16

      Sorry about lots of wrong spelling and awkward context.
      I'm not good at english and I couldn't review enough because it was mobile..

    39. Missing avatar

      on December 16

      OK, then I give uou a question.

      I understand kickstarter project always has some risk.
      If creator informed wrong information, would you also say same comment?

      For example in this situation,
      after you paid $90, pledgemanager say you should pay $80, not $25.
      So you should pay $170, not $115 total.

      The risk of kickstarter project was you would pay much more than you pledged first?
      No, I don't think so.
      I think, in common case, risk was project's delay or flee of creator with your money or not proved product quality, and so on.
      I pledged lots of project (>50), you could see "superbacker" tag with me.
      But it's first project that increases shipping over twice than original shipping.
      I begged 2~3 times creator to find another way to reduce price, because I love this project and I want to play this game!
      But they said it is fixed already, and if I want to refund, I could get only 80% of my money.
      Do you think it it fair, William?

    40. William J. Brown III on December 15

      Dude they have clearly explained the situation.
      This is kickstarter, not Amazon. That is the risk you take.

    41. Missing avatar

      on December 15

      I think this company won't change shipping policy any more..
      But refunding policy has an another problem.
      If I want to refund, I can get only 80% of my pledge, because 20% is already paid as kickstarter fee and blur blur..
      But I cannot accept that policy.
      I think wrong shipping information (at first time) is obviously their mistake.
      But "would change" is not perfect solution of wrong information.
      That mistake make me pay increased 50%.
      If I could consider this situation, I wouldn't pledge this project.
      Why I should pay my money to the project what I woudn't get anything?
      I think this company should refund 100% to their backer who want to refund with shipping problem.

    42. Pai
      on December 15

      Shipping from China to SEA has as same as cost from US to SEA ?

      Really are you sure ?

      If that then I understand there will be no option available but please confirm with me that you've checked it.

    43. Panda Cult Games Creator on December 15

      Hey guys, we know the costs with Rest of the World shipping is very high. We also understand that you are upset. We are doing the best we can, and if you would like a refund make sure to send us a message and we will begin that process ASAP. There is nothing we can do about these prices, unfortunately. We have looked into all the options that we could, and we are already stretched thin as it is. For more info, check our update about shipping costs:
      Typically with a bigger campaign (raising 300k+), they are capable of utilizing a slew of shipping depots to make shipping costs much less overall. To utilize these depots, most companies absorb those freight costs (which are relatively intense, and account for 20% of our earnings on the Kickstarter thus far). If we could have absorbed more, we would have. Unfortunately those shipping costs outside of our shipping friendly area skyrocketed, apparently due to the addition of the kickstarter bonuses added in. We even made sure to specify that this cost wasn't two different shipments, that it all came included in the same box, which was confirmed it came in one box. We understand that it is unbelievably frustrating, and we wish we could do more. All we can do is apologize once again and offer refunds to those who seek it. As stated before, make sure to message us so we can get the process started.

    44. Greyskull
      on December 15

      Huge shipping price. This is the last time I support this company.

    45. Missing avatar

      Donald de la Cour on December 15

      What a shame. I've had to bail on this and I was really looking forward to it.
      While I also understand the necessity for a pledge manager and shipping outside of kickstarter (and I've backed several), I got a fairly substantial shock when my $137 pledge was to cost $167 for delivery to SA. There must be better shipping options but anyway...

    46. Pai
      on December 15

      Better way*

    47. Pai
      on December 15

      Finally,someone from ASIA just speak it out.
      AFAIK , they said that they've already checked and the cost from shipping at China to Asia directly is as same as shipping from their original location(US may be?)

      TBH, I cant believe that shipping from China directly to ASIA has a cost as same as from US but I can say that I'm 100% sure.

      They may be right I might be wrong but I'll wait till PM close hope they can find the better eay for RoW.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kamran Zaffar
      on December 15

      My Zombicide Green Horde shipping is only 11 dollars for 500 us dollars of addons/ game.
      Shipping cost:$10.93

      Can you not use the same service as CMON do for their shipping?

    49. Missing avatar

      Kamran Zaffar
      on December 15

      I just got my copy of Gloomhaven which is 10kg. They used Boarders in Singapore, but I've also received lots of Kickstarters through VFI Asia. Adding any of the extras even the dice adds more than the cost of the item to the shipping itself. I just don't understand what's going on. Are Rest of World backers being used to subsidise the others? im also a bit sceptical that none of this was found out until after the campaign ended. it feels like I've been defrauded by being told shipping is 5 times the original estimate, and more than the cost of the game / addons itself, but only after the cmapign has concluded and they've taken my money.

    50. Missing avatar

      Frank Lee on December 15

      I have not completed the survey yet which concern the shipping cost as well. As Kamran said, how come the shipping cost is that high for ASIA backers ? According to the Update #39, even China backer have to pay $114 for their reward, is that reasonable ?? I know PCG made every effort on this, and I would like to give some suggestions on this issue.
      Is it possible for PCG to survey some China qualified logistics companies so the game can be ship from China factory directly ? If yes , I believe the issue will be solved easily and PCG can make more backers enjoy their game as well. Hopefully PCG can find a better way for ROW backers.

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