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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
1,566 backers pledged $173,108 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Panda Cult Games Creator 2 days ago

      Oh yeah, we'll be there, hopefully with some fun stuff to show off! :D
      And we can probably make that happen!

    2. Anthony 2 days ago

      Pledge manager is great and all BUT.... you guys going to be down for Adepticon? If so we will have to go out one night. Even if you have to convince the On The Lamb folks. One last hurrah for Endless Fantasy! :P

    3. Panda Cult Games Creator 3 days ago

      Hey guys! We are actively working on the Pledge Manager, but first we need some shipping information from you all to get started. A survey has been sent out to all Wanderer and Retail Level backers to obtain these addresses. WE NEED THIS INFO ASAP! The quicker we get it, the faster we can get the Pledge Manager out! :)

      Please note that the survey is just simply to acquire addresses, it is not the Pledge Manager itself! :)

    4. John Chapman 6 days ago

      As below any timescale for the PM as I have a few other KS projects I am looking at but need to watch the budget and timings

    5. Sean Alan Morgan
      7 days ago

      Any news on the pledge manager timeline?

    6. GinjaBugbearNinja-Where are my Peanuts? on November 15

      @Tristan I didn't see it. Strange normally ks app notifies me

    7. Tristan Whitley on November 14

      @TheHoboMagician - Did you see the update that went up a few days ago?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thomas on November 14

      Fellow Wanders! Please vote on BGG as most anticipated game of 2018!

    9. GinjaBugbearNinja-Where are my Peanuts? on November 6

      @Matt they said no to making arctus purchaseable looks like they are saving him for future campaigns

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt Rickert on November 5

      Any chance we will see Arctus as a purchasable hero? That design is awesome and I would love to paint that mini.

    11. Tristan Whitley on November 2

      I feel that the decisions are going to vary based on the scenario you are playing. If it is a simple "Kill the bad guys" type scenario, then you're right about some of the decisions. You also have things like using your abilities, some of which require multiple actions so you have to consider if that is worth it. As you level up, you have the decision about which ability to pick. Another decision point is to do with the level of XP - if you break into a new tier for the first time, it could trigger spawns on the board which may be unwanted at that stage.

      If you look at things like the boss battle, where it isn't purely around doing damage, but also manipulating things on the board. The decisions are around whether to move towards those or perhaps kill off enemies who are boosting the boss.

      Based on what I have seen, there is actually a lot of scope in this game for decision-making.

    12. Mark Steelman on November 2

      So, I realize it’s a little late for me to be asking this question, but what kinds of decisions am I making during a round? The one that is most obvious is that I am deciding if I am going to change my initiative. Another would be deciding who should reveal the darkness tile (though this is a blind choice making the decision arbitrary). I can attack a thing, but is there any strategy or tactics to that or is my AI like the monsters, move to the nearest bad guy and roll my one attack?

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thomas on October 26

      So close to the PM opening! Can't wait to see further updates of Wander!

    14. Missing avatar

      Julien Petit on October 19

      i m looking to add board game inserts to my future Barnacle set. precious arts deserve it
      do you have the specifications of the materials so I may order the pieces needed with another pledge ?

      great job thanks to all the team

      ps : thinks about translations... FR power !

    15. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on October 18

      I was looking at the campaign page and noticed the pledge manager should be up and running November/December. As that is during the holidays, I do hope pledge manager can remain open to at least early January.

    16. Minty on October 15

      @Tristan Whitley: ROFL! That is AWESOME. Whoa she looks coooool. :D :D :D Thanks PCG - can't wait to play with her!

    17. Your Pal Dan on October 15

      I wonder if the hybrid animal theme will continue in and beyond LeCluck's. They're already planning on doing ghosts for that expansion, so it would seem odd that the ghosts wouldn't simply be ghastly versions of regular animals (particularly poultry, perhaps). They've talked about particular locations for future entries such as a jungle temple. It would be cool to see something with an Incan, Mayan, or Toltec flair to otherwise fairly standard animals and maybe a few living statues. Perhaps even a "lost world" sort of theme with a few dino-surprises.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sims on October 14

      In a future expansion, please make a "shrimpanzee" (shrimp+chimpanzee). It's mentioned in the outtakes of Watch it Played (Takenoko, Game Play 4). I think it would be a perfect addition!

    19. Tristan Whitley on October 14

      @Minty Looks like they delivered for you ^_^

    20. Minty on October 12

      @PCG: Hrm...Rayna has not received the coloured treatment yet? :)

    21. Löwenpower
      on October 12

      Belated concats on funding! =^.^=

    22. Cary Harrison
      on October 11

      @Devin if you received an email, it means your credit card didn't get charged. You need to talk to your card provider and/or Kickstarter and find out why.

    23. Panda Cult Games Creator on October 10

      Hey guys! Let me clarify that the pledge manager HAS NOT GONE OUT YET, that wont be for couple of weeks. The update was aimed at backers who's pledges hadn't gone through. If they are not corrected by the end of the week, they will be locked out of the pledge manager and will have to go through the late pledge system.

      There's no need to panic that you've missed the Pledge Manager, since again, it hasn't gone out! We will do a big update when we do release it, we promise! :D

    24. Eric Mouledoux on October 10

      I also have not received anything about completing my pledge, and I would really like because I plan on getting some of the extras as well.

    25. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier on October 10

      I've received an email that we have to finish the pledge manager by Thursday, yet I haven't received anything from Crowdox. I can't fill it out if they haven't sent anything

    26. Grizzly Lizard on October 9

      Any chance we could see the full art for Pandulu?

      Then i wouldn't have to "wander" what his bottom half looks like......

    27. Pauline Searle on October 8

      Many thanks for your very clear answer Jonathan! :)

    28. Jonathan Phillips-Bradford Collaborator on October 8

      Unfortunately we will not be unlocking any new stretch goals in the pledge manager. One reason being is we take a much smaller percentage of any additional funds raised via the pledge manager. Now that we have solid numbers of a budget from the Kickstarter we now know a precise plan of what to produce. Adding additional content later will create changes to our plans and we want to be sure to deliver the best product possible in a timely manner. Late pledges and additional purchases through the pledge manager will be very helpful to Panda Cult Games as a company however. This will help us to work harder on future content and get to more conventions to spread the word of Wander. We are thrilled that so many of you are excited about Arctus, but we will just have to wait until next campaign. :) #keepcalmandwanderon.

    29. Pauline Searle on October 8

      @Jayvir: I sure will back! I am not asking for a gift at all. Just read that some KS do the late pledge thing and keep adding up the total. Do not know how this works exactly but know it has been done by some KS. If anyone can explain to me how this works and why sometimes it's choosen not to do this, I'm fine with that.

    30. Jayvir on October 8

      And naturally, here come all the "can you give us the last stretch goal?" people. If you want Arctus, make sure you back La Clucks Revenge next year

    31. Tristan Whitley on October 8

      @Pauline If he became a $12 expansion hero, I'd pay for him in the pledge manager :-P

    32. Pauline Searle on October 8

      @creator: not sure how it works as I'm relatively new to KS, but I do know that some campaigns have a "late pledge" option and I read here in the comments that some KS use the money made in laye pledges to still add towards unreached stretchgoals.

      Looooads of backers here are "despeRATely" wating Arctus.
      (Ofc I love him too!)

      Is this late pledge system an option for you guys?

    33. Mellekai
      on October 7

      Some of us do not wander into the Facebook. :)

    34. Tristan Whitley on October 7

      If you want to keep up with the Wander community, don't forget to join the facebook group

    35. Grayfax on October 6

      As long as we get to see Arctus at some point, I'm ok with waiting. I have a strong war-feline affinity. I also hope it isn't a KSE because it should be buyable as often as I need to modify it.

    36. Jayvir on October 6

      Hope PCG will come to GrandCon next year and demo their expansion. Would be super awesome to meet you all!

    37. Missing avatar

      Joshua Murdaugh on October 6

      I'm beyond thrilled that this is funded and BLEW it's original goals away! I played this at GenCon 50 and was overjoyed at the game play and story!! Congrats!!!!

    38. Petr Koky Stöckl on October 6

      IMHO Arctus will not be an optional buy, because a price of mold, it is reason for SG ... optional buy should make lost some money if money from ordering will be lower than cost of mold ... so we have to look in future project of PCG :)

    39. Pai
      on October 6

      Dont worry about Arctus if he's not an optional buy in PM then next project we'll see him again.

    40. Missing avatar

      novaraiser on October 5

      I would also like to nominate Arctus for the prestigious office of Optional Buy. XD

    41. Minty on October 5

      Whoa gee!!!

      Congrats all round everyone!

      @PCG: It was an honour to have participated in your first KS! May there be many more successful ones to come! :D :D :D

      Yup - as everyone's been saying: Now we wait!

      Gee, really really looking forward to playing with Rayna (I'm calling mine Matilda! :D) I think she's SO awesome - she almost looks reptilian with that helm - maybe she's a cool, calculating, cold blooded killer! Hehehe!!

    42. Simon on October 5

      I hope we can get Arctus as an optional buy. He looks awesome

    43. Missing avatar

      Megan Sanders on October 5

      This is the first thing I have ever backed so excited it looks amazing

    44. Missing avatar

      WayneErik Jarvis
      on October 5

      I know. So close.

    45. Thomas Beames on October 5

      Sad we didn’t make it to Arctus. Can’t wait for the game!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      WayneErik Jarvis
      on October 5

      So excited about this one. Not only does the game look fun, the characters and world look amazing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Maffett on October 5

      So excited about this game. Glad to be a backer, looking forward to meeting you guys at any of the upcoming conventions. Seems like a great team, looking forward to the future of your company. Also I need to get ahold of one of your Panda Games Shirts, Love them.

    48. GinjaBugbearNinja-Where are my Peanuts? on October 5

      @Mellekai I can't escape it haha.
      I started on some bp ideas then massive darkness arrived and it kinda evolved into massive darkness Black Plague crossover map and campaign using what I had brainstormed:P
      Also woo hoo more toys congrats wander hguys

    49. Amanthiel on October 5

      So pleased for you PCG - great KS. Very excited to play this game in the future and to hear the plans that you have for this title. Will keep my eyes peeled for the big box expansion next year.

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