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Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
Lead the brave heroes sent from the Wanderer's Guild to discover and end the corruption taking place in Barnacle Bay!
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    1. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      3 days ago

      No problem with a (reasonable) delay as long as we are updated here (not in some video). I expect delays, especially with first-time creators.

    2. Jeremy Acker 5 days ago

      If you’ve ever backed a Board game on KS before you should expect a delay in some fashion. Don’t know if I’ve backed anything that’s hit it’s original ship date. Things come up that simply can’t be 100% accounted for. A couple months delay is completely normal.

    3. William J. Brown III 5 days ago

      2 months late. Definitely could be worse...certainly not as bad, not close, to as bad as the horror stories you hear.

    4. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 6 days ago

      The designers said in a video interview with Rodney (in his BGG capacity) that the game should be out in November. I'll take that. Check out BGG and the latest forum entries for the video.

    5. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      Hey guys! Sorry for the silence. We are on the road back from Origins. We will have an update posted this week. :)

    6. Kanrak on

      There are new vids from Origins game fair going around with Wanderer and saying its in production and out by the end of the year.

    7. Missing avatar

      Veryser Andy on

      I would like some updates too tbh. Been quiet for too long now, getting a little worried here.

    8. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 on

      It's been another month now since the last update. I get the feeling that is not good news.

    9. William J. Brown III on

      The last update implied it was going to be delayed

    10. Jayvir on

      Wonder if this is gonna be delayed. Haven't heard too much confirmation that's it's still on pace.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Lyons on

      When is shipping?

    12. Daniel Woltanski

      I am currently waiting on over 10 KS games (you might say I am a little obsessed...), and this is in the top of 5 of games I can't wait to play! I love the idea of campaign-based dungeon crawler games, but many of them out there are either not family-friendly or boring. I really like the theme of this game, the artwork style, and the different characters.

    13. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      Hey Guys! We've seen the comments and we'll share an update about production soon, we promise! :D

    14. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 on

      Have the developers fallen under the spell of Pandulu?

    15. john coss jr on

      Any updates on how everything is going so far?

    16. TheHoboMagician on

      Right rolling noise :'D that's hilarious. But also curious about how everything is going. Any updates for us?

    17. Guðberg Haraldsson

      So Panda Cult, how are we feeling on the timetable? Everything right on time? Things running a wee bit late or "gasp" way ahead of were we thought we would be?

      A little status update would be swell. How are the cards coming along? Are the tiles all we are hoping for? Do the dice make the right rolling noise?

      Yes I might be a wee bit too excited to get this game, so much so that I just got Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter bundle of the Icelandic board game black market (it's called Facebook, very shady) just to start painting minis with my son so we will be up to snuff when Wander comes ;)

    18. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      @Daniel - Tristan covered it really well! Its the idea of expansions in the future overlapping with the core game and needing a core image for each enemy type. We drafted those up VERY early in the games development and loved them too much, so we kept them in!

      @Darrell - We've sent you a message regarding your questions! :D

    19. Darrell Flood on

      What's retail availability of the High Tide expansion going to be like once the KS has shipped? Specifically UK/Ireland region? (Because import duty can suck). I have a bit too many Kickstarters I'm juggling pledge amounts for at the moment, but really want to pick up that expansion at a later date! Game looks fantastic guys! Can't wait to get my hands on it! (Also, how would I go about changing the COUNTRY on my delivery address? That seems to be locked off.)

    20. Doug on

      Any updates on delivery status?

    21. Tristan Whitley on

      @Daniel Last I heard, the stick art is staying, but they have removed the stats (as they are on the monster card instead). Part of the reason behind this is in future expansions, they might have another "Grunt" class, and the "Grunt" card will represent that monster as well.

    22. Daniel Woltanski

      Here's a question from the trailer; the initiative cards for villains have "stick-figure"-like art, will that be present in the final version or will the initiative cards have full art?

    23. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      Changing your address in the CrowdOx pledge manager is the way to do it :) That's what we do when we are messaged with an address change.

    24. Gunnerpool on

      I was able to update my address in the pledge manager still so I hope that is good enough.

    25. Logan Johnston on

      @Gunnerpool - Message Panda Cult Games on Kickstarter and we can sort that out for you!

    26. Gunnerpool on

      How do I change my delivery address?

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      Just noticed that the pledge manager is still open. Have some money to spare and am able to get the game now. Thanks for keeping it opened!

    28. Logan Johnston on

      @Liam Blade - You'll just need to send Panda Cult Games a message on Kickstarter. From there, we can help you out. :)

      @Benjamin - Late pledges do not count towards stretch goals!

    29. Missing avatar


      Out of curiosity since the pledge manager has been opened for a long while do all these late pledges and changes in the 1$ pledges count towards stretch goals ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Liam Blade on

      I was out of the country for a while, and missed the pledge manager. What happens now?

    31. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      We will have a new update this Friday. Sorry for being quiet. We were waiting for our sculptor to finish the last of the sculpts so we can show you guys all the awesomeness. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Veryser Andy on

      So when’s the next update planned? It’s been quite a while now.

    33. Daniel Woltanski

      @Panda Cult Games: Thanks for the response! That is helpful information. I'm glad to hear that the High Tide enemies can be added into the base game scenarios.

    34. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      @Daniel The High Tide enemy pack also adds two new playable heroes. Bart the otter grunt hero and Chompy the bearshark brute hero. :)

    35. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      @Daniel. The High Tide Enemy pack adds the Garmadillos and Bloat Rat enemies. The Garmadillos block line of sight for heroes making heroes unable to shoot enemies in the same space as the garmadillo or past it. The bloat rats explode when defeated causing poison to all heroes that are close to it.

      The enemy pack comes with new spawn cards that list the new enemies that are shuffled into the Barnacle Bay base game spawn deck. This allows a mixture of the core enemies and the high tide enemies to be played in all scenarios.

      The new scenarios will be available digitally online as a pdf. These new scenarios add more options of what paths to take when progressing through the campaign of Barnacle Bay. I hope this answers your questions. :)

    36. Daniel Woltanski

      Could we have an update on how the High Tide expansion fits into the main game? How the enemies are added/how the scenarios work?

    37. Artorias on

      Panda Cult I sent you a reply, thanks again.

    38. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      @Artorias - The pm system is broken for some reason, as @Matt Groznik has stated. I've replied via my phone as best I can, please forgive us for any delayed response!

      Oh, and we should have some fun updates for you guys soon! :D

    39. Artorias on

      Okay thank you Matt

    40. Matt

      Artorias, I've been reading on other comment boards that the Kickstarter PM system is broken right now, and has been for quite some time. The best bet is to look for an e-mail address in the comments, campaign or updates.

    41. Artorias on

      How's the best way to contact Panda Cult Games. I private messaged them and they still haven't responded.

    42. Bryan Bledsoe on

      Do you have a valid email? Tried to contact you and it was rejected.

    43. Missing avatar

      Veryser Andy on

      When will we see a new update? I would like to know the status.

    44. Logan Johnston on


      The cards I listed below are for the base game only, sorry I forgot to specify that! Anything beyond that has yet to be officially counted/finalized yet. I'll see if a breakdown with all add-ons can be made. :)

    45. Kanrak on

      @Logan, with only 5 hero cards (not dashboards) could that total be for the base pre-stretch goals card count? Excluding optional buys I think there are 12 heroes. If buying a pack of sleeves for that size looks like there will be plenty to spare anyway.

    46. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 on

      Is there a chance that we could see more info or character sheets for some of the added heroes (Talia, Rayna, etc.)? It would be great to see what they bring to the table.

    47. Logan Johnston on

      @Megan Sanders

      Here's a repost of the rough estimations of card sleeve/count! Most are mini or tarot sized, hope this helps!

      103 x Item Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      15 x Initiative Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      32 x Spawn Cards, 44mm/67mm (mini card size)
      5 x Hero Cards, 57mm/87mm (poker card size)
      60 x Event Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3 x Enemy Stat Cards, 100mm/150mm (postcard size)
      3 x Boss Stat Card, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      36 x Boss AI Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)
      3x Boss Stat Cards, 70mm/120mm (tarot card size)

    48. Missing avatar

      Megan Sanders on

      Does anyone know if the cards in the game will be standard sizes? Thanks

    49. Panda Cult Games Creator on

      Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed responses. We are working hard at getting the game all laid out, edited, and sent out to china! :)

      In the most recent update, we've detailed what needs to happen if you missed the Pledge Manager. DONT PANIC, we'll get you guys taken care of! You can see all the details in the update link below. :D

      Here's a link to the most recent update:

      Also, @Daniel, the models will be Hard Plastic and pre-assembled!

    50. MrDabba

      I backed this game at the 90.00 pledge level and I tried to check my status on crowdox because I can't remember if I many kickstarters. I tried to login and it tells me I have no survey available. I do remember going through it when it first came out. I'm worried I won't receive my pledge now. Don't know who to contact regarding this.

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