The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl

by Awkward Black Girl

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    1. Sutota Dakota on

      This show should go on forever, and ever. Despite showing that its perfectly normal (and hilarious) to be awkward, it shows its perfectly okay to just be real. So for that, I will buy the future box sets/DVDs of ABG. Whoo.

    2. Casey Poh on

      Thank you for a hilariously entertaining & ever-improving show! Hope more pledges flow in as your show deserves and cross the $50,000 milestone. Keep up the good work, Issa & Tracy, you rock!

    3. Missing avatar

      April Guscott on

      I really want this show to get on network television. I can't wait until Thursday to see what Fred has to say about seeing J and White J almost kiss. CeCe messed J up on that date lo. Gosh this show needs to get on tv!!!!!!!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      queen kaye on

      you almost DOUBLED your GOAL!? You guys are BADASS!!!!! I swear i wanna be like you when i grow up~

    5. Missing avatar

      princess on

      Yay!! I wish I could've given more money!!(A little low on funds now) But you guys are awesome I love the show!!! Booty shawts booty shawts!!! love it!!