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A documentary in the making about the other side of the Merck's "One Less" HPV vaccine campaign.
A documentary in the making about the other side of the Merck's "One Less" HPV vaccine campaign.
549 backers pledged $42,458 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chloe on

      I reported it as well. My thoughts are that, like another backer said, that they received some influence to not release the project.

    2. Nicole Spagnuolo on

      To report this campaign, go to the main page, scroll to the bottom and report their failure to communicate

    3. Missing avatar

      Kim Rowan on

      I just reported them to Kickstarter and I encourage all donors to do the same. To have no explanation is inexcusable. I almost wonder if they received some influence to not release the video.

    4. Missing avatar

      Celeste Eden on

      Welp, I know I gave you the little money I had that I get from being disabled due to this vaccine. Yeah, poop happens and projects take longer than expected, personal issues come up but a lot of us had faith you would actually do something to help people like us who had nothing left but to give all they could to two total douchebags who claimed they were making a film that was going to help people.

      Seriously, a frickin update wouldn't go astray, you know to explain what's happened. Hell, even lie because right now, we all think you are lower than low and speaking for myself, I don't want to hold that opinion for anyone let alone people I believed in. $42, 458 wow. That could have gone to the most severely affected by this flawed vaccine.

    5. Tracy Wolf on

      I am so heartbroken!!!! We were all lied to �

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Ross Milner on

      Hi! We are all going to report you for fraud. Have a lovely day :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Chloe on

      What happened to this project?! I gave a lot of money to help see this through, yet nothing....

    8. Tracy Wolf on

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us an update. It has been 2 years since you have given anybody an update on this film. You had 549 people who backed this (actually more). I gave you money I couldn't afford and let you into our home to tape some of the saddest and heart breaking moments in our lives. Other families did that as well......we live this every day. If you guys had finished this project when you had promised to just think of how many lives it would have touched... PLEASE give everyone an update. I have helped to fund 2 other projects and I get weekly updates. PLEASE, I am begging you

    9. Anneliese Gimpel on

      This is looking more and more like a rip-off -- I'm really disappointed in you guys. I would be delighted if you could prove me wrong.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Ross Milner on

      Please update us!!! I understand that these projects take time, but an update after 2.5 years to those of us who donated might be nice ;) I do wish you guys tremendous success with this, but your site has no information about a release or what's going on. Some reassurance that you didn't take our money and escape to the Dominican Republic would be pretty cool.

    11. Rick Neubrander on

      Is there a date for release? So little info posted on the site. It seems strange that you would do so little to let your sponsors know what is happening.

    12. Missing avatar

      Pamela Haselow on

      As Kickstarter falls under scrutiny for perhaps helping to fund projects for those who have other options (Hollywood connections), I'm so proud to have been able to help you create your Documentary in a small way! I think all of you are fantastic, and thank you for looking out for us!

    13. Tracy Wolf on

      hello's it going? When can we expect to see the film. This is very very important to us. Please, let us know what is going on.

    14. Kristin & Justin Kauffman on

      Looking for some news on this documentary.... thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michele Bates on

      Any updates?? I agree with the Hallgrens... We've been telling everyone we know and several family members backed this project and are asking me for updates. Do you have any type of inforamtion you can share with us??

    16. Missing avatar

      Chloe on

      The 549 enthusiastic backers would like to know the status of this.

    17. Missing avatar

      James + Beth Hallgren on

      Hi, just checking for any updates on's now late June, has there been no update since last Sept? I, like other backers, have been telling everyone I know, would like to be able to give them any info on progress...thanks and may The Lord continue to bless you and your work...

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Aldington on

      Still no news!!! Time to let everyone know where you are at................

    19. Missing avatar

      Dee on

      Hi - Happy First Anniversary! What's going on with the documentary?

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Aldington on

      The trailer is looking good. Well done boys!

    21. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Hi Kim, I can't give a timeline right for when we can share this publicly. We have a lot work to do on the public trailer, on top of editing the actual documentary. The teaser that we sent everyone was more of a "look at what we accomplished so far" kinda thing. We just wanted everyone to get an idea of the quality and direction, so that they know that their support wasn't in vain. is a great resource for information, but without the eery soundtrack of coarse ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Kim Rowan on

      How soon can we have something to link to our facebook pages? I still have parents asking me about the vaccine and would love to link them to this. We want to prevent other families from having to go through what we have. The trailer was fantastic and we can't wait for the documentary.
      Mike and Kim Rowan, parents of Natalie, Gardasil victim

    23. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Newman Lauder on

      I love this trailer! Definitely brought some tears to my eyes. I can't wait to see the documentary. You both are doing an awesome and amazing job.

    24. Jennifer Lewis on

      I was just told 3 boys have died from HPV shot, have you been in contact with any of them? Hoping info on the boys is included in this documentary in hopes of saving more children.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    26. Karen DeVeaux on

      Wow, awesome trailer! So sad but it's so true and everybody needs to know this.

    27. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Hey Jennifer, right now we can't put it on our site. What we shared was a trailer "prototype." But if you'd like to share it with some friends thats not a problem. Send me a message on Kickstarter and I can send you a link to share. (For some reason I can't send backers messages individually unless they message me first.)

    28. Jennifer Lewis on

      Can you put the trailer on the site? Thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      M Welch on

      That trailer was awesome! It gave me chills and I found it heartbreaking to watch. Listening to the mother at the start and then seeing the young girl at the end brought tears to my eyes. Michele Bachmann is being raked over the coals right now over the Gardasil issue. I hope you can get the facts to her, and maybe even this video, so that she can defend her comment. People are not taking her comment seriously because she doesn't have any facts to substantiate what she's saying.

    30. Pamela J. Juhr on

      Thanks so much for the hard work and dedication! Great Job! Can't wait to see more!

    31. Jennifer Lewis on


    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Ross Milner on

      WOW!!!!!!!! AMAZING trailer!!!!!! I'm so happy to see how much progress you've made!!! Wow!

    33. Missing avatar

      Mary Bergeron on

      Sent chills and this is just the trailer. This is amazing work - cannot thank you enough on behalf of my own girls and the millions of others.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michelle Presley on

      The trailer prototype is very good. With all of the campaign-trail hullabaloo surrounding this issue, I sure wish this documentary could be released NOW, but am glad it will be soon. Keep up the good work.

    35. Missing avatar

      Melinda Kohn on

      The trailer is everything I hoped it would be --- Keep going and get it done!

    36. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Thanks for the links Jennifer! And we will have a very cool update soon for all the backers ;)

    37. Jennifer Lewis on

      For all the Gardasil victims (and I know there are many), PLEASE CONTACT and tell them your story and get $$$$$$$$… You might have to create a log in to see the article, please do so as it only takes a min. Here's who you contact, the two bio guys... & CAPLAN@MAIL.MED.UPENN.EDU…
      Aluminum hydroxide, the adjuvant in Gardasil, causes neurological damage, including deterioration of cognitive functioning.…

    38. Missing avatar

      jackie on

      Hi, Are there any updates. Haven't heard from you guys in a long time?

    39. Vivian Vukojevich on

      Congratulations on starting the project, and best of luck! I wish that I had a lot of money that I could contribute.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lori Okazaki on

      Good luck, guys! Be safe and we look forward to the finished product!

    41. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      If you are having issues trying to find the "Action Needed" button for changing your credit card info this link seems to work:

    42. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Hi Melanie, Thanks for the congrats! The billings on the 4th (should have been a charge on the 1st actually) have been refunded back to your account. Kickstarter had a glitch where it processed the pledges prematurely, and corrected the issue by refunding it on the same day. But please let me know if there was no credit or refund to you account so I can fix it.

    43. Melanie Stone on

      Congrats on making (and exceeding your) goal! however, i just noticed that my account was billed twice. Once on the 4th and then again on the 12th

    44. Roxie Fiste on

      So Awesome! Whoo-Hoo! This is so wonderful for our kids who've been suffering in silence for so long! What a triumph! Congratulations - spreading the word!

    45. Missing avatar

      Chloe on

      Congrats to everyone! We all made this possible!!!

    46. Kristine Nekomoto on

      Congratulations! I'm so glad you guys got funded! Go spread the word!

    47. Jennifer Lewis on

      Ryan - you've GOT to include this into the documentary. This poor family. My heart goes out to them.

    48. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Thanks for understanding Mark!

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Ross Milner on

      Thanks for fixing the billing issue! Looking forward to offering my support on the 11th and cannot WAIT to see your documentary!!!! Lots of love your way...and enjoy the whole ride, even the curve balls ;)

    50. ThinkExist Productions Creator on

      Hey guys, I will consider offering a bundle of bumper sticker as an alternative to all of the other incentives. I cannot guarantee how many would be included though as I have not started the quoting process for larger quantities (the cost and quantity would have to be equal to that of the original rewards offered). If it looks like a viable option I will include in the reward surveys an option to opt-out of the original reward and instead receive a bundle of the bumper stickers. I'll release images if the bumper sticker before or concurrently so that you can make an informed decision :)
      @Kelly: Nope didn't cost us anything to refund :) Thanks for the concern!

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