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Kam Kardashian is a web series about the day to day adventures of the long-lost lesbian sister from a very famous family.

Welcome to the world of Kam Kardashian!

Who Is Kam Kardashian? Do you mean Kim? 

Ahem. No. Kam Kardashian is a web series that follows Kameron, the long-lost lesbian Kardashian sister who was cut off, kicked out, and left to fend for herself. This sticky-fingered vixen loves whiskey and women, and most of all: yearns to re-insert herself into the Kardashian krown by any means possible (whether it be through petty crime, Photoshop, or her slightly unbalanced best friend, Mary Hollis).

That sounds great/terrible! Have you made any episodes so far that I can love/hate?

Yes! So far we have shot our first season of 4 episodes --  3 of which you can watch NOW on our Youtube channel, and the 4th episode will be ready in time for the New Year. 

When can I see more?

That's why we're here! We are gearing up for a full-fledged second season (a whopping 8 episodes with a ton of mini-episodes to tide you over) so you can have a little piece of Kam every week from Valentine’s Day to Cinco de Mayo in 2013. 

Why are you raising money for season 2? 

Our first season was out-of-pocket and a huge learning experience for us. Now, in order to make a second season and take the show to the next level and make the most of the gorgeous footage shot by our director of photography Amanda Clifford, we're going to need money to: rent better equipment for sound and lights, secure all of our cool Chicago locations, feed our cast & crew, and complete all the post-production magic that happens after we shoot (editing, sound design, music, color, and motion graphics).

How does Kickstarter work?

If we hit or surpass our goal, we get all the money. If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing. Tough love. You can help by donating and sharing our Kickstarter with friends.

What’s in it for me?

Kam Kardashian is fun for us to make and fun to watch. Win-win. There are also some groovy rewards, too.

Why does Kam exist?

We feel that we are making something that's not out there. There is still such an insatiable thirst for quality LGBTQ stories, particularly those portraying characters who are honest, imperfect, and as diverse as the world around us. Kam is an outsider without her family's support; so she makes her own.

Who are you people anyway?

We’re a group of good friends and artists who love to create, laugh, and tell stories. Collaboration works for us. Over the past few years we've made award-winning documentary, narrative and experimental short films. We've had such a blast making the first season of Kam and we're grateful that people are starting to take notice. The series has already been featured in Curve Magazine, Queerty and AfterEllen.

Through donating and sharing our Kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter – YOU can make a second season of Kam Kardashian possible. Thanks for your time!

Love The Kam Kardashian Team,

Fawzia, Ryan, Amanda, Mary Hollis, Deann & Jackie



Twitter: @kardashiankam

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like any web series or film, raising our funding goal is a challenge and is something that we need to do to shoot, edit and produce 8 great episodes of Kam Kardashian and release them with such a quick turnaround time (February to May 2013).

We also know that things happen, ie, people get sick, locations fall through and additional equipment may cost more than anticipated. We are prepared to deal with this because, having worked on so many other projects, we know things will change. And that's ok. It IS production, after all! And being in Chicago, we have a really talented and supportive community of people and artists we can reach out to for any resources we will need.


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