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Troll Baked Update #1

More News on TBR 20

Injury System

    The injury system used in the TBR 20 System is meant to produce a more dramatic combat scene than the standard back and forth hacking standard to the D20 system. We feel that the standard Hit Point system feels as though two warriors fighting just slowly carve each other like a turkey until one is unfortunate enough to realize it and promptly falls (unconscious or most likely dead at later levels).

    The TBR 20 Injury System is meant to produce hardier heroes at low levels and promote a more dodge and parry feel to combat. We also felt that the subdual damage system in the normal D20 system was lacking and redesigned it (which also fits into our updated magic system that will be featured later).

Evasion Points

    Evasion Points are meant to replace hit points. In TBR 20, a hero’s DEX modifier to armor reflects his passive ability to defend against attacks, while a loss of Evasion Points reflects the hero having to spend energy actively defending against the attack. A character that has lost all of his Evasion Points is effectively exhausted and unable to defend well against attacks. A hero gains Evasion Points for either a high DEX modifier or a high STR modifier.

Life Points

    Life Points represent the hero’s ability to take physical damage. Critical Hits automatically deal Life Point damage, but normally Life Points damage is only dealt after the hero’s Evasion Points have reached zero. A hero’s Life Points are based off of his Constitution Score and the number of hit dice that he has. Every time a hero takes Life Point damage he has a chance of becoming fatigued.

Stun Points

    Stun Points are our answer to subdual damage, and are based off of the hero’s Wisdom Score and the number of hit dice he has. Every time a hero takes damage to his Stun Points it has a chance of staggering him, and he must make Will saves to keep from going unconscious when he reaches zero or below. Like Life Points, Stun Points are only dealt if the hero has zero Evasion Points, or on Critical Hits (by subdual weapons of course).

Next TBR 20 Update

     On the next update we will cover the rules that we are playtesting that deal with Villains, Henchmen, and Minions and possibly a bit on the new Magic System we are working on.


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